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2 minutes ago

The AB saga continues Patriots cut Antonio Brown after the latest allegations of him sending intimidating texts to one of his accusers including pics of her . He was also dropped by Xenith and Nike.

4 minutes ago

Nah bruh what is you doing🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ AB NFL PATRIOTS

5 minutes ago

Hall of Fame Talent. With No Job! 🤦🏽 ⠀ ⠀ Loss income, burned bridges, sexual misconduct accusations and social embarrassment, are all tags affiliated with Antonio Brown right now. He was recently on the record saying he doesn't need football. Unfortunately, he very well may have predicted his own demise. 😭⠀ ⠀ We really hope Antonio figures things out. We also hope that the next generation of footballers learns from Antonio's mistakes. He is an absolutely amazing football player, with a terrible sense of public relations. 👎👎👎⠀ ⠀ Talent tolerance is real. And it looks like Mr. Brown's talent, isn't cashing NFL checks right now. And that's a shame!⠀ ⠀ BYGP NFL AntonioBrown NewEnglandPatriots Patriots Football SelfSabotage

7 minutes ago

‪BREAKING: The Patriots have released WR Antonio Brown. ‬

8 minutes ago

They doing Antonio Brown dirty 😂😂😂

8 minutes ago

🤷‍♂️ hate all you want you haters worry more about the pats then your own team. Living rent free in your minds 🎻 patriots

9 minutes ago

AB Cya later 👋 👋

14 minutes ago

La NFL le ha indicado a Antonio Brown que no contacte a la persona que lo acusa de violación Patriots NFL football

15 minutes ago

patriots cut antonio brown 😭😭😭😭

17 minutes ago

I’m sure everyone else is talking about it, but AB84 has been cut. Personally, I’m glad. Great talent, horrible ego. I bet the Raiders nfl antoniobrown patriots Patriots are somewhere smiling!

21 minutes ago

Patriots cut his ass lol ab 👎👎

23 minutes ago

I disagree w Patriots decision to cut AB bc of allegations. What happened to due process? What say you? NFL NFL100

30 minutes ago

Antonio Brown will be remembered as a Patriot more than Tom Brady and that's just facts

31 minutes ago

So it’s not okay for me to spy on people. But y’all getting paid for this?😡 nfl

33 minutes ago

Antonio Brown fora dos Patriots! Video completo no LINK na minha BIO! patriots

34 minutes ago

Realistic Trade That Could Happen ———————————–—— Earlier in the week, superstar CB Jalen Ramsey requested a trade, after a confrontation with the coaches on the sideline against the Texans. Another reason that he requested a trade, was that after a team meeting, he said "too many bad things were said in the meeting". The Jaguars are asking for 2 first round picks, but they won’t get that in return. A potential team that could trade for him is the Raiders. The Raiders could use a CB in their defense, Ramsey on one side and Conley on the other would make this team scary to throw against. Another thing to be mentioned is that Jalen Ramsey has expressed interest in playing for the Raiders. Let me know your opinion down below I read everything nfl cfb jaguars raiders jalenramsey football gardnerminshew derekcarr tyrellwilliams antoniobrown patriots touchdown mvp jalenramsey

35 minutes ago

No one knows who is guilty until a trial, in this country we have due process, unless you are a INDEPENDENT UNCONTROLLED black man who is working for liberal Democratic donors and sponsors, then you are guilty until proven innocent. Master will make a lesson on his Democrat plantation.