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🐾🐾🐾 Buona pappa a tutti! TAG | expopet2019 TAG | expopetpalermo ADMIN > manu_scu FOLLOW > expopet_ Sito Web 🌐 Info e collaborazioni: 📩 info 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 expopet2019 expopetct expopetcatania expopetpalermo expopetpa animali animals instaanimals instamoment dogfestival catania palermo vivendocatania pet pets puppy petstagram lovepuppies animallovers animals_photogroup instagram instapets picpet lifestyle citylife instalike instacat instapets instadog

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Três dias para a inauguração e uma palavra define: SURPREENDENTE! ⠀ ⠀ ➡ Agora são 2 Hospitais Veterinários: 🏪ARIZA 1 Praça Lions, 42 - Bairro Chafariz - Itu/SP - 📞Fone: 11 4023.2898 🏪 ARIZA 2: Avenida José Bruni, 158 - Itu Novo Centro - Itu/SP - 📞Fone: 11 2429.6739 / 99873.8088 ⠀ ⠀ pet hospitalveterinario cachorro gato amopet petlovers laboratoriopet itusp aves vempraariza

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♥ this edit is for teddy.mabel 🐰 hope you like it💕 ♥ Want an edit? ↓ 1. dm us a photo of your pet(s)📸 2. choose a background design🌼 3. tell us if you would like any accessories🎀 4. tell us their name (if u would like it on the edit) 5. tell us their breed🐾 ♥ I would appreciate it very much if you reposted the edit on your story 💞 if you have any questions pls comment or dm me them😉 ♥ bunny rabbit pet animal edit petsofinstagram edit editing furryfriends follow cartoon animalcartoons animaledits

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Solicite agora mesmo um orçamento sem compromisso! ⠀ ☎ (22) 2644-8970 | (22) 2645-6812 | 📱(22) 98806-4772⠀ 📩 atualrededeprotecao⠀ Visite nosso site 💻⠀ ⠀ crianças bomdia cabofrio instagram live proteção love pet segurança rededeproteção telasmosquiteras mosquitos telas proteção fechamentodepiscinas escadas sacada Janelas Piscinas Varandas Playgrounds segurança vida life love riodejaneiro coberturas quadraspoliesportivas dengue

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❤️ごま君のお誕生日🎂❤️ 保護猫なので大体の目安ですが、ごまにゃん、4歳おめでとう🎉 君は本当に小さな頃からビビリで人が苦手だけど、毎日「抱っこして〜❤️」と甘えて来たり、うめちゃんの遊び相手になってくれたり、うめちゃんのウンチにお砂かけてくれたり、面倒見の良いお兄ちゃん。 ご飯の音で2Fから起きてくる食いしん坊だけどそんなところも可愛い😍 ごま君、ママは君のことが本当に大好きだよ〜❤️ずっと元気でいてね(*^ω^*) 愛猫 保護猫 動物 動物愛護 鵠沼海岸 葉山 pet 猫部 猫バカ部 ニャンスタグラム catstagram cat 湘南 ニャンコ にゃん 猫好きな人と繋がりたい ごま君 猫2匹と幸せ生活 猫の誕生日

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Let’s take a 😴

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Daily Walks with Victoria 🐶 Use referral codes for booking discount ⬇️⬇️ petcloud madpawsau pawshakeau melbourne instagood instadaily instamood potd photooftheday tbt throwback pet pets petsitting petsitter petsofinstagram petstagram animals animal dog dogsofinstagram dogs dogoftheday dogstagram dogsofinsta instadog doglovers doglover greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram greyhounds greyhoundlove greyhoundcorner

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Yume e sua mamãe gata 💕 Pet Retrato e Pet Lifestyle 👉

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Please meet foster kitten number two! She (& her littermates) were only believed to be about 4-5 weeks old when they were rescued - along with the slightly older Adventure - and some other kittens from the Rockhampton pound's death row. They should not have even been away from Mum yet. 😔 Master 6.5 named this kitten "Cutie." (🤦‍♀️🙄😄) Please visit our friends: noosafifi molly_and_Kate good_golly_miss_ollie runningdogadventures troublesquad_inc sharon_c3 travelingwithpets queenslanddaytrips tongueouttuesday tongueout tuesday tot fosterkitten fostercat blackcat cat kitten blackkitten kittens cats catdog cattledog heeler dog pet pawprintfoundation instadaily instagood instalike instafollow monday cute instacute babyanimals bordercollie sheepdog love instalove

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세달에 한번 정기검진날 긴장해서 그런가 심장이 콩닥콩닥 빨리뛴다- 안돼안돼 얼른하고 집에가쟈-❤︎

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쭈니 몸무게재기 요새 좀마니먹더니 살쪗네 엄마랑 같이 다이어트 하쟈

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・    抱っこが大嫌い ご飯の時だけ甘えてちゅーする 極度の人見知りで甘え方知らず  こんな可愛い可愛いみつおたん 大好き、、❤︎    マンチカン 短足マンチカン  猫のいる暮らし 一眼レフ 我が家のアイドル camera  nikon d5600 animal  cat munchkin kitten pet cute love catsofinstagram catlover catstagram cats_of_instagram  instagood