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‪It’s all done but the wrapping things up. Find out about the deeper message of gameofthrones and why it’s changed Television forever.‬ ‪.‬ ‪.‬ ‪‬ ‪.‬ ‪.‬ hbo GameOfThonesFinale dadlife PeterDinklage emilia_clarke FireAndBlood Westeros DaenerysTargaryengameofthrones gameofthrones8 TyrionLannister jonsnow kitharington queenoftheashes hbo fantasy dadlife parenting tvreview tvblog singledad kingslanding ironthrone theironthrone abc7eyewitness finale

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‪It’s all done but the wrapping things up. Find out about the deeper message of gameofthrones and why it’s changed Television forever.‬ ‪.‬ ‪.‬ ‪‬ ‪.‬ ‪.‬ hbo GameOfThonesFinale dadlife PeterDinklage emilia_clarke FireAndBlood Westeros DaenerysTargaryengameofthrones gameofthrones8 TyrionLannister jonsnow kitharington queenoftheashes hbo fantasy dadlife parenting tvreview tvblog singledad kingslanding ironthrone theironthrone abc7eyewitness finale

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Repost richardphibbs with get_repost ・・・ Portrait of Peter Dinklage and my beloved Huck. I found Huck when he was a puppy. He was all alone on a beach in the French West Indies. He was by my side for 13 amazing years. Every love is different and this one was indeed incredibly special. I miss you Huck but you will always have the biggest place in my heart. Whether in your city or in your village or abroad, if you ever see a homeless dog or any animal suffering from neglect or in distress reach out and help. It just takes one person. Your actions and well intentions can create a force that could stop that animal and many others from further abuse. People seeing you help will also inspire and encourage others to be kind to animals. They are such gifts to us humans. nationalrescuedogday adoptdontshop bekindtoanimals peterdinklage gameofthrones hbo tyrionlannister

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No no no, sir, No George RR Martin, David Benioff, David Weiss, you donot develop character arcs through seven seasons only for them to turn abruptly in the series finale, Just For the Sake of Surprise Ending? This is not a Surprise ending it is a Stupid Ending. Yes you are the owners of these characters. But we are invested in them. We fight for them, we cry with them and laugh with them. Bran always said He was the Three Eyed Raven, he wouldn't ever be anything else. Summer and Hodor died for that.So now he is King!? Good for his councillors, a king who goes on abrupt vacations with blank eyes! Tyrion Lannister, drinks wine, and knows things What did he know exactly? That Daenerys is bad!? Took you seven seasons hiding behind ger skirt to figure it out bub? Wait, wait, aren't you the guy who always prevented Dany from going into active fight? Didn't you try to stop her from going to loot Lannister gold? Didn't you try to stop her from going to rescue Jon and co. From the Night Walkers? Aren't you the guy who told her, " if you are lost,we are all lost" !? So back then Cersei was baying for your head on a spike, and you ran to the nearest available option for protection. Now that Cersei's a goner, you figured it all out , huh big guy? Sansa stark is fit to be a queen for she has developed into a wise person? What is the wise decision she ever made? Asking Littlefinger for help in Battle of the Bastards? That was not wise that was desperation and self survival. The decision to kill Littlefinger? That was Bran with his vivid visions ! Doubting Daenerys? That is her only wise card! Only because of the whole Daenerys going mad arc Which is very stupid! Her whole character arc through all previous seasons have been Mother of Dragons , Breaker of Chains. She fought alone! She clawed out of the dark pit that was her life, alone! She wandered around a barren desert, hungry thirsty and tired with three baby dragons, only to be murdered in the series finale? Why??? gameofthrones gameofthrones8 branstark tyrionlannister hbo daenerystargaryen sansastark jonsnow sophieturner emiliaclarke kitharington peterdinklage

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queens for Hollywood Reporters ♥️

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Bugün de bütün karakter gelişimi çöpe atılan Jaime için yakıyoruz. movieograph 🎬

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GOT has ended. I don't know how to feel about it. Do I hate it like most people? Not really. Season 8 had some good moments. Do I love it? Not really. Its clearly not the best one compared to other seasons. Instead of trashing it I wanna talk about all the good moments GOT has given. I'm not someone who followed GOT for years. I binged watched it this January. I had some rough time and was super lonely during that period and GOT kept alive. It actually gave me purpose to wake up and do something. It broke me at times, made me cry, made me go WTF!, made me jump out of my chair, gave me goosebumps. Halfway through season 3 I knew GOT is hands down the best tv series ever. When Ned Stark was beheaded I was so speechless. I thought there couldn't be more shocking scenes anymore. Little that I know it was just a start. Red Wedding brought me tears just like it did to everyone else and I fucking loved it. GOT has given us so many great characters. Its hard for me to choose one favourite because every character is so well written. THANKS A LOT FOR ALL THE GREAT MOMENTS GOT HAS GIVEN US! Valar Morghulis Gameofthrones kitharrington jonsnow cerseilannister lenaheadey seanbean nedstark jaimelannister nikolajcosterwaldau daenerystargeryen khaleesi emiliaclarke sophieturner sansastark maisiewilliams aryastark robbstark theongreyjoy tyrionlannister peterdinklage joffreybaratheon robertbaratheon winteriscoming redwedding battleofbastards

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emilia_clarke and Regina Hall for Variety Studio "Actors on Actors" ♥️

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I'll take the ones who actually gave a fuck about the northern independence 😘 still love bb jon tho also this quality 😍😍 android is shaking 😩 . Tags: got asongoficeandfire gameofthrones gameofthronesfamily asoiaf cerseilannister lenaheadey tyrionlannister peterdinklage jaimelannister Georgerrmartin robbstark sansastark sophieturner aryastark Maisiewilliams branstark Nataliedormer margaerytyrell daenerystargaryen emiliaclarke jonsnow kitharington gotseason8 gameofthronesfinale

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friends night 🍒

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Ecco quello che Brienne scrisse veramente in quel librone P.S. sta a voi interpretare gli a ashtaggg **** inoltre era MANO D'OROscusate gli errori di battitura

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Deep conversation before the final Epcot gameofthrones got it got heated lol! Guess what, y’all were all WRONG 😂😂 I love how this show brought people together, with many discussion, theories and arguments lol I will seriously miss this show 😭😭

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New Blu Rays Picked up a few TV shows for super cheap. Seen all of these shows and wanted to add them to the collection for a while especially "Game of Thrones". I just love italian and UK imports because you can get them for so much less money. movies movie bluray dvd gaming gamer moviebuff blurayaddict moviecollection moviecollector bluraycollector bluraycollection steelbook funkopop GameofThrones breakingbad BetterCallSaul OrangeIsTheNewBlack sherlock EmiliaClarke KitHarington PeterDinklage LenaHeadey BenedictCumberbatch MartinFreeman netflix tvshow tvshows

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ОСТОРОЖНО СПОЙЛЕРЫ К 8 СЕЗОНУ ИГРЫ ПРЕСТОЛОВ Арья Старк против Короля Ночи 🔥🔥🔥 Как вам финал Игры Престолов? 🤔 Поддержи ❤️ Поделись 📨 Подпишись gikgr gikgr gikgr играпрестолов джонсноу драконы дозор дейенерис белыеходоки мертвецы китхарингтон эмилиякларк софитернер джейсонмомоа шонбин аквамен дракон таргариен старк кхалдрого gameofthrones jonsnow khaldrogo kitharington kingofnight emiliaclarke jasonmomoa sofieturner peterdinklage targarien stark dragon

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[8.06] d&d throwin away daenerys' character like tyrion throwin that badge thoughts on daenerys' ending?

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There it is! Parts of my last piece. Sad to know that GOT is over but what a journey =D! Check out my artstation if you want to see more : conceptart digital digitalart painting speedpainting speedpaint brush daenerystargaryen dragons dracarys motherofdragons tyrion tyrionlannister kingslanding valarmorghulis jonsnow emiliaclarke peterdinklage kitharington gameofthrones gameofthrones got hbo serie book medieval fantasy photoshop art artist instaartist

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*Introducing a new 3-Hand Chronograph from the Casio Edifice lineup of sport inspired timepieces. The EFR536 features 3D dial styling, a characteristic which Edifice has become well known for, and a neon illuminator. Stainless Steel analog watch with silver case.* *✅COD AVAILABLE✅* * EFR 536 * For men * 7A * Original model * Feature; -Date indicator -working Chronograph -12 hrs dial -Stopwatch ⏱ -Leather strap -Heavy quality *with Orginal box * **NEW IN STOCK ❣**

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. قسمت آخر فصل پایانی سریال Game of Thrones توانست بیش از 19 میلیون بیننده داشته باشد روز گذشته قسمت آخر از فصل پایانی سریال پرطرفدار Game of Thrones (بازی تاج و تخت) با نام The Iron Throne (تخت آهنین) از شبکه HBO پخش شد که با نقد های بسیار منفی هم از طرفت مردم و هم منتقدان روبرو شد. طبق اخباری که به تازگی منتشر شده، نقد های منفی باعث نشده که قسمت آخر این سریال با افت در بیننده روبرو شود و این قسمت توانسته 19.3 میلیون بیننده داشته باشد و رکورد قسمت قبلی خود را که 18.4 میلیون بیننده بود، بشکند. این رکورد شامل بینندگان شبکه HBO و سرویس استریم HBO Go و Now می‌ شود. علاوه بر این، قسمت پایانی سریال Game of Thrones رکورد تماشا از طریق تلویزیون و تنها تماشا از شبکه اصلی HBO را نیز شکسته است. حدود ۱۳.۶ میلیون نفر تنها از طریق شبکه اصلی این قسمت را در تلویزیون تماشا کرده‌اند تا رکورد قبلی که در اختیار قسمت آغازین فصل چهارم سریال The Sopranos (سوپرانوز) با ۱۳.۴ میلیون بیننده در سال ۲۰۰۲ بود، را نیز بشکند film filmphotography filmmaking filmcamera filmes filme filmfestival filming facts Hollywood GamofThrones EmiliaClarke PeterDinklage KitHarington SophieTurner MaisieWilliams

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Em participação no programa de Jimmy Kimmel, o intérprete de Jamie Lannister em Game Of Thrones, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau participou de uma paródia de Full House, imaginando como seria se o personagem da HBO fizesse parte da série de comédia familiar. O último episódio de Game Of Thrones quebrou recorde da própria HBO. Na TV, a conclusão de Game of Thrones foi assistida por 13,6 milhões de pessoas, quebrando o recorde estabelecido pelo primeiro episódio da quarta temporada de Família Sopranos, visto por 13,4 milhões em 2002. O que você achou? TAGS: AnatomiaNerd Noticia Noticias TV Video Serie HBO HBOGO GameofThrones GeorgeRRMartin DavidBenioff DBWeiss NikolajCosterWaldau LenaHeadey EmiliaClarke KitHarington SophieTurner MaisieWilliams PeterDinklage Netflix NetflixSérie NetflixSéries FullHouse DaveCoulier BobSaget Nerd Nerds Geek Geeks

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Peter Dinklage. That is all.

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What do you guys think about the 3 eyed Raven getting the throne? Hey guys I have developed the product line around the show for the last couple years I would love for you guys to check it out! Link in bio or swipe up story gameofthrones got daenerystargaryen motherofdragons khaleesi sophieturner johnsnow cerseilannister jonsnow dragons lenaheadey forthethrone daenerys maisiewilliams kitharrington season8 art sansastark aryastark dragon kitharington danaerystargaryen hbo peterdinklage targaryen khaldrogo nataliedormer emeliaclarke cute

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For those who don't know: Naath is kinda protected by its butterflies. They carry a deadly disease which protects its people from the invaders. Naathi are immune. Greyworm will die at least. Wanted to see him suffer but well This will do got7 got8 got GoT gameofthrones asoiaf asongoficeandfire winterishere stark housestark laugh funny georgerrmartin f4f like4like follow4follow friends westeros kitharington cerseilannister jonsnow emiliaclarke daenerystargaryen meme jaimelannister forthethrone peterdinklage tyrionlannister maisiewilliams aryastark season8

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I've been getting reports from several sources saying Rory has landed a role in new jumanji movie! So much about taking that well deserved rest after GOT huh? 😅 Apparently, he was filming in Atlanta in March/April which answers the question why he didn't attend the GOT premiere in Belfast too. How big his role is, remains to be seen! Let's hope for more screen time than usual ❤🍻 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ FOLLOW 👉 thehoundslair for daily pictures of The Hound / GOT / Rory McCann ❤ 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ Pictures by: thecraftycrewcraves 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ thehoundslair - your only source of Rory McCann pictures, that have not been stolen or recycled from other fansites ❤ 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ rorymccann sandorclegane thehound gameofthrones gameofthroneshbo got gameofthronesseason8 winteriscoming forthethrone thehoundslair aryastark maisiewilliams sansastark sophieturner emiliaclarke khaleesi daenerystargaryen jonsnow kitharington jasonmomoa khaldrogo cerseilannister lenahadley nataliedormer queenmargaery brienneoftarth tyrionlannister gwendolinechristie peterdinklage

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Um die ganze Review zu sehen, einfach auf die Sprechblase drücken. Hier ist meine Review zur achten Staffel von "Game of Thrones" : Es ist vollbracht. Die, für mich persönlich, beste Serie aller Zeiten ist nun zu Ende. Bisher hat mich jede Staffel umgehauen und ich war Jahr für Jahr begeistert über das, was ich da gesehen habe. Nun haben wir diese achte Staffel und da zeigte sich mal wieder, wie irrational fanatische Fans werden können, wenn man mal keine Perfektion geboten bekommt. Der Hate nahm ein absurdes Ausmaß an und man bekam fast den Eindruck, dass man eine grottenschlechte Serie sieht. Ja, die Staffel hat große Probleme und sie ist teilweise sehr ungünstig geschrieben, aber sie bietet trotzdem noch großartige Momente. Beim Serienfinale muss allerdings auch ich sagen, dass man die Serie sehr unwürdig beendet hat. Der Winter ist da! Winterfell bereitet sich auf den großen Angriff der weißen Wanderer vor. Allerdings müssen sie auf Cerseis Hilfe verzichten, die das Bündnis zerschlägt, um die restlichen Truppen ihrer Feinde nach der langen Nacht zu vernichten. Winterfell und ihre Verbündeten müssen sich also nicht nur mit den gefährlichen Wanderern herumschlagen, sondern auch mit Cersei und ihrer großen Armee, unter der Leitung von Euron Greyjoy. Doch zunächst müssen sie dem Tod selbst ins Auge blicken und die Frage aller Fragen bleibt immer noch : Wer besteigt am Ende den eisernen Thron? Damit wir uns nicht falsch verstehen. Game of Thrones bleibt für mich die beste Serie, die ich jemals gesehen habe und ich werte eine gesamte Serie nicht ab, nur weil eine Staffel nicht ganz so gut ist wie die Anderen. Auch die achte Season bietet spektakuläre Bilder, Szenen die einem den Atem rauben und hochkarätige Schauspielkunst. Das Problem dieser Staffel ist die Folgenanzahl, die viel zu kurz ist. Dadurch rast die Geschichte mit einem viel zu schnellen Tempo durch, wodurch viele Plot Elemente auf der Strecke bleiben. Die letzte Folge war in der ersten Hälfte großartig, doch was man dann in der zweiten Hälfte sieht, grenzt teilweise an einer Unverschämtheit und alles was man sich aufgebaut hat, driftet in einer unerträglichen Bedeutungslosigkeit ab.