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I first realized shells were like bones when Venus was in Scorpio. My father had just died and I was at the ocean staring at the tiny broken shells washing ashore. I could feel Venus communicating with me, sending me these beautiful broken little bones, saying something I’ll never remember. This poem was a revisiting of that moment. Wishing you a loving Pluto station. Venus Scorpio grief griefquotes astropoetry sunset pluto

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I don’t care if you’ve heard it a million times or if you’re a dedicated astrophysicist, what happened to Pluto was messed up

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Despite attempts to move forward, life can slow down over the next five months as transformative Pluto stations retrograde tomorrow, Wednesday April 24. In this cosmic pause, we’ll have the opportunity to remember, regurgitate and release what is no longer benefiting our individual needs – as we learn how to recenter and regenerate again. While we may wipe our hands of our surroundings to gain a sense of control – the real gem appears when we understand and destroy what lingers within our own individual darkness. ~Suzi ❤️⭐️🌀 Follow starcana and the link in my bio for my weekly cosmic horoscope & personalized intuitive readings | astrology tarot spirituality zodiac aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces pluto woods ohiopyle pennsylvania forest namaste om naturephotography tarotreadersofinstagram nature

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Đẹp troai là lỗi tại aiiii 🥺 pluto

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Pluto retrograde starts tomorrow! Don’t panic, I have a new Astro update for you! Karmic behaviour, healing the inner and diving into taboo interests is what we can expect. Read more at 🔮 Link is also in the bio

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Porque Disney no es sólo Mickey y Minnie Pluto El favorito de Simón

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retro disney . Retro vintage disney . Skønneste gammelt håndbroderet Pluto fra Walt Disney i gammel ramme formentlig lavet og sat i ramme i 60'erne udfra bagsiden . Måler 24,5 x 24 cm så fint samlerobjekt til samlere eller børneværelset kr 100,- / Retro børnebestik baby bestik fra DR Krea med Bamse fra Bamse og kylling ske og gaffel samlet 50,- /børne bestik den ene en grøn børnegaffel og disney ske med Peter Plys samlet 40,- waltdisney disneysamlerobjekter Disney pluto bamseogkylling børnebestik peterplys winniethepooh retro broderi

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Pluto is usually retrograde for about half the year. We'll go back and fix things. todayshoroscope Pluto⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ AND – Yes, for the foreseeable future the daily horoscope is Free! If you want it in written and 90-second video form, Color of the Day, Word of the Day, and Astrological Events (Full Moon, New Moon, Void-of-Course Moon, Mercury retrograde, and when planets are changing signs – all timed in your timezone), you can get it on the website. There’s a free android app too, so you can get direct access! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ilovetoday astrology horoscope happy bestlife spirit horoscopes coloroftheday enhance innervisions starsigns successfulday entepreneur smallbusiness love predictions nowIknow astrologysigns sunsign positivevibes astrological dailyhoroscope prosper lovesign todayscolor moonsign graphicdesign dailyinspiration

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Pluto Cake e Yoda Cake Essa dupla de bolos inusitada fez par no niver da pequena Beatriz! Desafio de decoração executado com perfeição pela Gabi theodoraparty que simplesmente arrasou docemani bolosdamani transformandodoceemarte chantininho bolosdecorados cakeart artcake cakelover bolopluto boloyoda plutocake yodacake yoda pluto wiltonlover wiltoncakes confeitaria caketopper scraapbook portoalegre festaportoalegre bolosportoalegre mamaesfesteiras mamaesfesteirasrs muitoamorenvolvido gratidao

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Mickey birthday favors

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"hello Im TMG's assistant helping hand Pluto aka toonkie ; toonk."

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Venus slipped into Aries a few days ago, and you may have felt a distinct shift in energy. Things went from, "I'll love you no matter what my sweet little snookumssoul mates for life" to, "WHO IN THE ACTUAL FUCK LEFT THE TOILET SEAT UP AGAIN???" real quick. Venus left her rose-colored glasses behind as she strode confidently into the first sign of the zodiac, ready to shake loose any residual sappy feelings she was having in Pisces. In Aries, she's passionate and fiery, for better or for worse. The good news is that you always know where you stand, and you aren't afraid to tell others the same! Venus here embodies the warrior princess archetype: Think Xena, or Wonder Woman. No "Damsel in Distress" vibes allowed. And to that end, she's also the eternal cheerleader, telling you that you can do it, you are capable, and that you've got this. We all get to be our own loudest supporter for the next few weeks, and can use her joie de vivre, especially with Pluto and Saturn going retrograde very soon! Her journey started with a conjunction to Chiron, softening the wound you have around your individuality, and giving you ideas to heal (hint: loving your own damn self is always the cure). This isn't Venus's favorite place to be, as she would rather be loving you up than yelling at you, but take advantage of this placement by showing yourself loyalty (don't let others take advantage of you!), initiating new plans that revolve around your self worth, and cheering yourself on. Right now especially, nothing is more important than loving yourself first! astrology venus aries pisces chiron pluto saturn alisonbrownellastro

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おはようございます! coffee PLUTOです☺︎ * 今日は、 少し蒸し暑いですね💦 * 本日のパスタは、、 「トマト&レモン」を添えた塩パスタ☺︎ * レモンがいい香り♪ あっさり食べれます☆★ * ご来店お待ちしてます♪ * 2016 12月17日 open コーヒープルート coffeePLUTO プルート PLUTO 茨城県総合福祉会館 福祉会館 移動販売 茨城カフェ 水戸カフェ coffee カフェ コーヒー 珈琲 パスタ カレー 焼きサンド ランチ ティータイム 自家製ケーキ ケーキ ラテアート エスプレッソ スチームミルク 牛乳 大人数でも大歓迎 塩パスタ レモン

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Although Pluto has been demoted to a "dwarf planet" in astronomy, it still plays a big role in astrology as the ruling planet of Scorpio and the planet of transformation. Pluto retrograde begins on April 24 — but don’t freak out. Pluto spends about half the year in retrograde, and this retrograde will continue until October 3. So unlike Mercury retrograde, Pluto retrograde probably won’t send your life into chaos…unless you haven’t dealt with your “shadow”. Unlike Mercury retrograde’s effects (which manifest as external forces), Pluto retrograde affects us on a subconscious level. Each year when Pluto retrogrades, we are given an opportunity to dive beneath the surface to encounter and deal with our darkest psychic material. We are not being asked, but pushed to search and destroy whatever is blocking our personal growth. As for the effects of Pluto retrogradewill it wreak havoc on our lives? It depends on how much each one of us has dealt with their own shadow material. Basically, if you have done the work, you will probably be okay. If you have not, you might be in for a ride! This means that the best thing you can do is face your dark side. Whether it means getting closure on an old issue, opening up about your darkest secrets, doing healing work, going to therapy…deal with it or it will deal with you. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn — which means desires, both sexual and not, will resurface. The sea-goat, while practical by nature, is an undercover freak in the sheets. Desires will be reawakened, as we are exploring past fantasies. Some may decide to manifest power, while others will opt to add kink to their stale routine. Pluto rules the underworld, often allowing us the option to embrace our devilish delights. During a planetary backspin, we can bring growth to areas where we are unsatisfied — relationships, sex, money, and work. Allowing oneself the chance to transform and awaken old yearnings will help soften the Plutonian energy. (continued 👇🏼)

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Future speaking on relationships for The Fader, w/ photography by ethan_holland. 🖤 ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ MT7 futurehendrix futurehndrxx futurehive pluto kingpluto superslimey thewizrd hendrixx hendrix hndrxx fbg freebandz freebandgang thefadermagazine thefader musicquotes quotesaboutlove hiphopnation hiphopnews hiphoplife trapmusic mumblerap codeinecrazy hiphopmagazine musicmagazine ForTheCulture portraits magazineshoot magazinephotography

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🌈🌈smamaデザインお客様我が子グッズ🌈🌈  👑画像データ  今回もありがとうございます☺️❤️   画像データも注文いただく方も 増えてきました☺️✨ 画像データどう使うの??と たまに質問受けるんですが いくつかご紹介\(◡̈)/ 💜年賀状に、、、 💜ポスターに、、、 💜額縁にいれて、、、 💜待ち受け画面に、、、  なにに使っていただいて 大丈夫です☺️👍 画像データは 正方形の形と待ち受け画面に 使える長方形2枚をお渡ししております❤️      💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜 オーダー受付停止中🙇‍♀️ 再開はストーリーと記事にて ご報告致します✋ 質問等はDMでわなく 最新記事にコメント よろしくお願いします🙇‍♀️ 💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚  我が子グッズ smamaデザイン 子供グッズ 赤ちゃんグッズ ミッキー ミニー プードル mickey Minnie Mouse Pluto ディズニー ディズニー レトロ アメキャラ 派手かわ レトロ派手かわ 画像データ イラスト art ハンドメイド オーダーハンドメイド 名古屋ママ 新米ママ 1歳6ヶ月

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Tomorrow Pluto goes retrograde until October 3, 2019. • This distant outer planet beyond Neptune rules sex, death, power, money, secrets and vices (YA all the GOOD STUFF). He’s been moving through Capricorn since 2008 and he’ll stay there until 2024, so he’s been activating big transforming in the realms of work, government, and yes - toxic masculinity, these past 11 years, and that work isn’t done yet! • As with all outer-planet retrogrades, we don't need to worry too much about how this will affect us on an individual level - actually, since Pluto's work is so intense, this retrograde period could offer some relief from the deep work of transformation, according to some astrologers. Regardless, it's an opportunity to look inward at our personal, intimate relationship with power and change and bringing our shadow to the light. • What have we learned about Pluto's deep work since 2008? What lessons are we still incorporating? Where are we transforming or adjusting? Now's the time to think about those big things, friends plutoinscorpio plutoretrograde retrograde retrogrademedicine plutovibes plutonian pluto plutoisaplanet astrology starguidance

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Destruct 》 change 》 grow 🌬 Pluto goes retrograde today, just like mercury retrograde, it matters too. We now have Jupiter and Pluto in retrograde. Wow I can feel the hit of this energy shift. The astrological importance of Pluto is pretty significant. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, that alone is enough to grasp lol. Both the planet & sign is about major transformation. It is looking deep to find your power & evolve. We are finding the core truths of ourselves. Some say it's a matter of cycles, life & death analogy. An end to an area, love, job etc & then being reborn & starting something new. Sounds exciting for some, for some it can be daunting. It's a big ask to look within & some may be confronted with their "demons". You will find this time to be destructive, but with higher purpose. Your foundations will be shook, but letting go & surrendering to become a whole new person. Massive shake up in time for the coming new moon.🌜 What you will be feeling & also releasing is the major control & manipulation you feel from others & also substances that cause destructive behaviours. Regaining your personal power & taking control of your life is key here. Get your life back & DETOX the fuck out. With Saturn conjunct Pluto also - this means that it will be hard work but well worth it. It may be a slow process, things may feel like shit is going south & never ending "failing" feels but it's apart of the process of growth & evolution. Alot of spiritual growth will happen at this time. Take the time to be by yourself. Seek help from like minded people & energy healers. Regain your personal strength. I honestly felt this energy shift coming yesterday & now it's here - becoming aware & ready to make changes is the first step. Happy healing peeps.🙏

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Pluto y Jacqueline 🤗

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L'amour balant L'âme de coeur des êtres partagés Il y en a partout pis là pis labas encore, Mais Il est là le tiens , il t'attend tout le temps À travers les portails d'univers existant, lequel existe, lequel est le plus important, dans combien vis-tu et comment est-ce d'être tout. Il est fort ton âme d'avoir choisi d'être ici malgré tout ces épreuves, puis qu'est-ce qu'il est au bout du chemin. Que trouve t-il à la fin de la plage après cet course entre le sable mouillé et l'eau salée. Il court vite pour te rattraper par l'arrière, te prendre par surprise, te balancer dans ces bras, te serrer fort comme le plus grand des cadeaux divins. Prend moi , ne me laisse plus, je ne veux pas chercher un autre univers