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🤴SKILLSQUOTES🤴⠀ 💭Mi raccomando ragazzi sempre mettersi in discussione e cercare di dare il meglio di se stessi.🦁⠀ •Fateci sapere se ti vi piace questo format 🤗⠀ —————————————————————⠀ 💬 Il tuo parere è importante per noi!⠀ 🗣 Tagga un amico !⠀ 🔔 Attiva le notifiche per i nostri post!⠀ —————————————————————⠀ basketballskills_official / basketball⠀ —————————————————————⠀ magicjohnson lakers knicksnation porzingis knickstape kristapsporzingis knicks joakimnoah carmeloanthony derrick newyorkknicks anthony rosegarden msg michaeljordan nyk kobebryant chicagobulls citazionifamose citazionivenete citazioniimprobabili citazionilibri citazionivere citazionitaliane citazionipallacanestro citazionitop citazionibasketball

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🚨TRADE🚨 Chris Paul ai Dallas Mavericks per Tim Hardaway Jr. e Courtney Lee. Al duo Luka Dončić e Kristaps Porziņģis si aggiunge anche Chris Paul. Fino ad oggi Paul può vantare di: ▪️Rookie Of The Year ▪️Convocazione All-Star x9 ▪️Mvp All-Star Game x1 ▪️All-Nba Team: ▪️First Team x4 ▪️Second Team x3 ▪️Third Team x1 ▪️Nba All-Defensive Team ▪️First Team x7 ▪️Second Team x2 ▪️Miglior Assit-man x4 ▪️Migliore nelle palle rubate x6 I Mavericks, quest'anno, possono competere per un posto ai playoff? Fatecelo sapere nei commenti 👇👇 chrispaul dallasmavs doncic porzingis okc usa basket basketball newseason cmon clippers cp3

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週六出清 adidas球衣 真網眼球衣 週六出清兩款 - Adidas 真網眼球衣 價格都還不錯 Porzingis 尼克 Team Au XL+0 全新含掉 Booker 太陽 黑色 單標 M+0 全新無瑕疵 有興趣把握下囉 - - - - - Porzingis New York Knicks NBA 2015/16 Road Blue Adidas Team Authentic XL+0 Booker Phoenix Suns NBA 2016/17 Alternate Black Adidas Game Issued / Team Issued M+0 nba nbajerseys nbajersey nbajerseysforsale nbajerseyscollection newyorkknicks knicks phoenixsuns suns porzingis booker adidas adidasjerseys teamauthentic gameissued gameissuedjerseys procut procurjerseys teamissued teamissued authentic authenticjerseys forsale forsell

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It’s funny cuz both use excessive force

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"One of the new updates in 2k20 is adding advanced dribble moves including the Luka Doncic fake stepback. Mavericks fans know and love the move. It will be fun to be able to re-create it while playing 2K." Are you excited for this? 💯

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🏀Round'DaAssoc'n-off-season edition🏀 Kristaps porzingis has been in the gym while recovering from his ACL injury. Recent images have surfaced and they show a chiseled porzingis. It is a scary thought as the other player of his size and skill that has gone through a similar transformation from the time he entered the league is Anthony Davis. If he can maintain his shooting ability and defensive energy - the sky is the limit kristapsporzingis porzingod kristaps porzingis unicorn theunicorn dallasmavericks dallas mavs mavericks lukadoncic dynamicduo workout buff jacked anthonydavis AD thebrow nba basketball ballislife thisiswhyweplay nbanation ballgod instahoops texas latvia . 👇Hit up the comments and like below

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This is for all my Knicks fans ;)

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14 Dallas Mavericks . Starting Five: Mit Luka und Kristaps haben die Mavs 2 der besten jungen Spieler der NBA. Trotzdem muss man bei Porzingis erstmal schauen wie er sich nach seiner schweren Verletzung wieder in den NBA Alltag einfügen kann. Den Rest der Starting Five seh ich ähnlich zum letzten Jahr Bench: Vor allem in der Tiefe haben die Mavs sich verbessert. Mit Delon Wright und Seth Curry hat man sich auf den Guard Positionen zwei richtig gute Backups geholt und auch Boban Marjanovic wird den früher schwachbesetzten Frontcourt der Macs bereichern Outlook: Mit Luka und Kristaps hat man in Dallas eine neue Ära eingeleitet. Wenn beide zu ihrem Potential aufleben können wir in Zukunft noch viel von den Mavericks erwarten. Für die nächste Saison aber seh ich sie noch nicht mal in den Playoffs und das aus einem ganz einfachen Grund: Der Westen ist einfach nur krass Ich hoffe euch hat dieser Beitrag gefallen und würde mich freuen wenn du einen Like da lässt LukaDoncic timhardawayjr kristapsporzingis Bonbanmarjanovic Curry DallasMavericks Mavs NBApowerranking Powerranking FreeAgency NBA Kyrieirving KevinDurant Klay Kembawalker  porzingis Juliusrandle Khrismiddelton demarcuscousins alhorford Deandrejordan malcolmbrogdon NBADeutschland Kobebjoern Maxxsportz BasketballDeutschland

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These are my favourite players in each position. My 6th man would probably be Lauri Markkanen. I like each of these players because they are smooth and are "Jack Of All Trades" types of players. My favourite out of the 5 would be Pascal Siakam. ⁣ Follow me at⁣ the.basketballstar⁣ ⁣ Tags (ignore these):⁣ nba basketball ball hoop lebron curry kawhi kyrie raptors lbj warriors laclippers clippers sga shai donovanmitchell utahjazz pg13 paulgeorge pascalsiakam siakam torontoraptors porzingis

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New York Knicks All Decade team for the 2010’s 😐🤔😶 🔘Do you agree or disagree? 🔘Tag & share with a Knicks fan 🔘Leave your Knicks all decade team for the 2010’s below👇🏽 Via: nbacenterr

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Can't wait to see those three play together 💯

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Like, it wasn’t the right move. At all 😭

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kporzee definitivamente esta roca, está ha sido su evolución al 2019, ¿Así se verá en 5 años? 😳 NBA Porzingis

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Mamma mia Un altro che quest anno potrebbe dominare. NBA porzingis

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Ivan Porzingis

2 days ago

E ele está errado? Tem q treinar muito mesmo pra não atrapalhar o menino Dončić em quadra. Só quero ver o Esloveno descendo bola de 3 de todos os cantos da quadra não dando nenhum rebote pro Porzingão. Tem que suar mesmo e fazer valer esse contrato máximo aí. Respeito para esse time do Mavericks. Pode n ser próxima temporada, mas o potencial que o time tem de bater em 'n' bundas futuramente é muito alto. Quero ver esse entrosamento fluir. Próxima temporada vai ser animal! nbamemes nbabrasil nba porzingis dallasmavericks lukadoncic

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Kristaps Porzingis with the gains 💪

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Se segura, Apollo. 😂 (via ballislife)

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But Will this help KP play a full season for the first time in his career? 😐😶😭 🔘Tag & share with a Knicks fan 🔘Leave your thoughts Below👇🏽 Via: knicksfeed

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Nel mentre, Kristaps Porziņģis continua il percorso di riabilitazione verso il suo ritorno in campo. A quanto pare il fisico del cestista lettone si è leggermente ingrossato in questa Off Season.🤯 • • nba porzingis

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Luego de haber perdido la temporada completa 2018-2019, kporzee se prepara para su regreso y se ve en muy buena forma. dallasmavericks porzingis

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Are We Sleeping On Porzingis? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ The Doncic Porzingis Pick and Role is Going to be Leathal 😤 Go to TheJerseyCenter.com for $35 jerseys. Link in our Bio 🔥

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We see you Kristaps 💪🏽👀 [📷: kporzee]

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I FIRMLY believe that the Luka/Unicorn duo is going to be awesome

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👀👀 Kristaps Porzingis ( kporzee) esta entrenando y de que manera. ¡Miren sus músculos! 😱 Esta enfocado en dejar la flacura atrás y venir más fuerte que nunca. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 ° ° ° ° NBA Mavs Porzingis OnTimeDeportes

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⁉️⁉️⁉️ He is going to be a problem next year, change my mind He is coming back healthy and strong, and is going to have Donić with him. Adding Seth Curry to the team is HUGE. Dallas will make a run next year, heard it here! Drop opinions ⬇️ Follow letstalk_ball ! basketball hoops nba nbanews dallasmavericks porzingis