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Ummmm this is about to show my age but I just found these CD’s at a vintage shop and had to buy them I mean I was in high school when I listened to Papa Roach so I had to get it and if you know Enigma you are my new favorite person😎😎And Every Breath you take by The Police 😍❤️😍❤️ imold CDs paparoach music pictureoftheday enigma thepoliceband cdsrock postoftheday enigma

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Sitting in front of the Limmat River and Fraumunster Church in Zurich. Such a beautiful city 😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ fultonfemme

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Habt ihr heute das gute Wetter☀️noch mal richtig genossen🤙🏾 ?? Für mich stand heute Vormittag ein stabiles Bauch ,Beine und Schultertraining🏋🏽‍♂️ auf dem Programm. Am Nachmittag war ich dann am See den Sonnenschein ☀️ genießen 🤙🏾 fitfamgermany fitness fitnessinspo fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel fitnessfun fitnessaddict ausliebezumsport muskelaufbau muskeln nopainnogain noexcuses gym💪💪 gymlover gymoutfit gymshark gymjunkie gympic bodybuilder bodypositivity bodytransformation positivevibes summervibes postoftheday instalike liketime selfie

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How cool is this Yugoslavian expandable Slat bench? Great condition, very sturdy and an awesome wood color When expanded extends to 71", unextended is 52" . 🔥$495 obo🔥

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🌟💥Вот такое интересно питание на день , с разной калорийностью 💥🌟 💞Сохрани себе , чтобы не потерять 💞 lightbladderleakage homeworkouts gymsharkwomen fitness pregnancy abworkout personaltrainer 2019 tips best pretty info inspiration gym protein postoftheday trainworkout спорт диеты похудение перевоплощение новаяжизнь фото инстаграм мотивации для начала новой жизни

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Riff/chords Just a short riff from a song I'm working on. what are we doing to eachother? Asking something for nothing.

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Oh Sophie I love that she loves to be close to me, especially when I'm working. 🐾⁣ .⁣ When I saw her like this, I thought "How can that be comfortable?" and it reminded me of times when discomfort was normal for me, even if it meant I was unhappy.⁣ .⁣ Often you forget you're uncomfortable because you're so used to it. You don't get this birds-eye view of your discomfort until you're ready to rise above and see it! It takes courage to face reality and see what is. And once you do, and you see your discomfort, it's hard to un-see.⁣ .⁣ Wisdom is in the knowing. When you can't un-see, you need to shift. Because when you know better, you have to do better. Or you will feel the dis-ease.⁣ .⁣ No matter how small or big, start the shift now and before you know it, you'll be comfortable.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ authentictransitions empoweryourdivorce atcommunity divorce divorcecoach divorcesupport awareness empowerment truth postoftheday⁣ ⁣

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Head Up Big Way in the tunnel (17 ft) - 20 of us 😮 at the awesome camp the freefly_family laid on last weekend at the hurricanefactoryberlin - just a little clip - it’s moving alive breathing 😎 love these guys - and big thank you to sky.tarantino for organising it all so awesomely 🙏🤟💪🔥photo by maratdaminov 🙏 welovetunnel tunnel windtunnel tunnelfun tunnelflyers tunnelflight tunnelfliegen extremeflying extremesport extremesportsvideos bodyflying indoorskydiving headupflying headup sportphotography extremesportphotography postoftheday iflygoldcoast iflydownunder iflydownunderperth skydiving windtunnelfliegen windtunnelflying glasstube flyingfun funflying flyingforfun

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Why suffer being without the one you want ? Get them back now ! Has he/she Block to you on social media ? Are you losing hope ? Reunite with lost love and repair your broken relationship ! Contact Lauren 🔮dm for more information on booking a reading or text 941-840-4060 International callers use WhatsApp psychic love Couplesgoals twinflame Spiritual healing soulmate Happiness Relationshipgoals universe Positivevibes Spiritual Goodvibes Dubai art reunite Happiness sad Travel Givingup instagood Heartbroken bae london Lovequotes florida Hawii hope Motivation Postoftheday Energy

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• technicolor friday • 🍭•

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It’s Friday! Learn from Cher and don’t stress. 🎊

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Hold firm to what you believe in, because if you believe in nothing you will fall for anything. I’m finding an importance to NOT always have a neutral stance. Neutrality basically (in context) is a hairline from silence, and silence 🤫 is just as much at fault. holdfirm belief photography charlottenc nc fashionphotography malefashion inspiration red suitandtie formalphotography motivation city cityphotogrpahy urbanphotography malefashion inspirationalquotes instagram postoftheday like comment Model: _tameron_canner_ Photographer: iamrenanjayce

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This week hasn't gone exactly as planned but it has shown how much I rely on this chica. She's my mental support and understands me more than most thank you for being there beela1805 💕 potd photooftheday postoftheday photography samsunggalaxynote9 instagrammer instalike instapost instaphoto instapic instagood instagain gainpost bestfriend likemypic likemyphoto likemyrecent likemypost designereyewear rayban rosegold reflection hike healthylifestyle landscape nature dartmoor nationaltrust filtnerneeded farmlife

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☀️•Walks with Momma•☀️ . 👶🏻 . 👩🏻 . This momma is taking a break from school finally. Spring break is here. And let me tell you this school year has been my most challenging. But yet my most favorite experience because of the outcome that I’m accomplishing.I would have never imagined being a mom and being able to kickass in school. I knew it was going to be a hard but I also knew it wasn’t going to be impossible Anything is possible ❤️ Now Time To enjoy this Spring Break / Summer Vacation ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ momma mommalife baby babyfever walks park schoollife goaldigger student newmomma mommapower mom mommafirst collegelife nevergiveup positivevibes only springbreak sunshine postoftheday

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Winter Is Here ❄️❄️❄️ adidas y johnniewalker se juntaron con gameofthrones para traernos una colección especial y limitada para el último season de la hbo leading series. Season 8 de gameofthrones estrena el 14 de abril, no se lo pueden perder. Aquí les dejamos la imagen oficial de los Adidas Ultraboost x Game of Thrones “White Walkers”. H🏝 PRtienesalsa adidas blacklabel got hypebeast hypebeaststyle kicks hypebae hype sneakers sneakerhead sneaker kicks streetstyle streetwear postoftheday

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65 [CLINICAL STAGING OF CKD] How does your doctor know how far along you are in your CKD journey by just a quick glance at your blood test reports, even before checking your kidneys with image scans or a biopsy? . It's all about finding out how efficiently your kidneys have been filtering the blood that reaches them. This is technically called the "Glomerular Filtration Rate" or more conveniently, the GFR Normally, kidneys filter between 110-125 millilitres of blood every minute (mL/min). In other words, healthy kidneys have a GFR of 110-125 mL/min In Chronic Kidney Disease, as most of us here know, there is gradual worsening of kidney function. This basically translates as a reduction of GFR over time So where am I leading you with all this information? See, renal physiologists have toiled really hard in the past few decades to help us come up with precise mathematical formulae to estimate the GFR of an individual.These formulae simply require the patient to get their blood (serum) levels of a biomolecule called Creatinine measured. (Creatinine is a waste product eliminated exclusively by our kidneys via urine and is a good estimate for kidney function.) . Once labs have the Serum creatinine value with them, they apply it to the GFR formula along with the patient's weight, height, age & ethnicity to obtain an estimate of the patient's GFR at that point of time Based on the Estimated GFR calculated above, your doctor is able to get an idea about the extent of progress of your Kidney Disease ( ckd). [This classification solely applies to Chronic Kidney Disease and not on any of the other conditions affecting the kidney] . The Carousel Post today is a comprehensive Guide on CKD staging for your reference. Swipe through the images if you wish to learn to "get into the mind of your Nephrologist" on this crucial aspect of diagnosing & monitoring CKD Hap-"pee" learning! ☺

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Homemade with Love for you my MOM ❤ Its a delicious chocolate nutella cake covered with Marzipan dough and wafer flowers 🌼 ما صنعت يداي بالحب لك يا أمي ❤ كيك شوكولاته بالنيوتيلا الشهي مغطى بعجينة المرزبان و ورود الوايفر 🌼 postoftheday pictureoftheday instachef mothersday cake dessert wafer flowers marzipan dough chocolate nutella instablog delicious tasty lebanoneats food foodie mother mamalife family love passion lifestyle life instagram instafood instagood instamood instadaily