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1 month ago

Attention U.K. & Euro-based friends Repost spacetoonz ・・・ NOW AVAILABLE IN THE UK! rendezvous_la and spacetoonz present REELCINESOUND The brand new Video DJ mix collaboration from CINEMA THERAPY & RENDEZVOUS. 6 DJ’s, 19 Cult Films, 19 Soundtracks available now psilowave on an all new Standard Edition Region-Free Blu-Ray soundtracks filmmusic cultcinema horror eurohorror giallofilm blaxploitation speghettiwestern eurocrime postapocalyptic rendezvousla cinematherapy ukhorror eurohorror

1 month ago

It’s back but probably not for long. Standard edition of Reel Cine Sound available to order now. Repost rendezvous_la with get_repost ・・・ 🚨REPRESS ALERT🚨 . Due to high demand, we have repressed REEL CINESOUND in standard packaging! A direct link to our web shop can be found on our profile page Dearest friends, we are very proud to present REEL CINESOUND - a brand new video mix collaboration between CINEMA THERAPY ( spacetoonz) & us! 6 DJs, 19 cult films, 19 tracks reelcinesound cinematherapy rendezvousLA cultfilms poliziotteschi giallofilms horrorfilms grindhouse

2 months ago

🙏 damnfinenetwork for the love on spacetoonz & rendezvous_la reelcinesound vdjmix blurays LISTEN TO THE NEW EPISODE OF damnfinenetwork ・・・ The cuts featured on Ep 122 of The Damn Fine Cast. With thanks to - _terror_vision_ spacetoonz twoheadeddogmusic lakeshorerecords mondonews warnermusic . Episode 122 is available to enjoy here 👇🏻 . iTunes - . Libsyn - . Stitcher - . TheDFC TheDFN Soundtrack Podcast SoundtrackPodcast OST Vinyl FilmScore FilmMusic

3 months ago

Have you added our latest releases to your collection? We have several copies of our latest audio-visual mix (REEL CINESOUND) left in our web shop! Go to our profile page for a direct link Repost jaime_a_p ・・・ Rendezvous collection REEL CINESOUND available rendezvous_la web shop, limited to 100 copies, very few left rendezvousla cinematherapy reelcinesound

3 months ago

🚨UPDATE🚨 . Thanks to everyone who’s placed an order so far! All orders are en route We’ve still a few copies left on our web shop (link in profile) reelcinesound rendezvousLA cinematherapy

3 months ago

NOW SHIPPING REEL CINESOUND - a brand new video mix collaboration between CINEMA THERAPY ( spacetoonz) & us! 6 DJs, 19 cult films, and 19 tracks, presented on blu-ray, and packaged in a super cool mini film reel canister! This is basically RENDEZVOUS in a canperfect for late night get-togethers with your demented friendsor self! Limited to 100 numbered copies and available at our web shop (link on our profile) reelcinesound cinematherapy rendezvousLA cultfilms poliziotteschi blaxploitation eurocrime postapocalyptic spaghettiwestern giallofilms horrorfilms grindhouse

3 months ago

Tonight the lucky ones die first! rendezvous_la 11 year anniversary party hyperiontavern . Torso screens at 8 pm. spacetoonz video dj set immediately following the film. Tons of merch available such as Suoni Della Paura IV Vol. 1, Reel Cine Sound Blu-ray, and that new Broken Lamps album Kaleidoscope. Better run your ass down there quick. Giveaways, $5 beers, and no moral character anywhere close by. See you tonight. 💀 rendezvousla onlyanalogisreal cassette soundtracks librarymusic twoheadeddogmusic brokenlamps suonidellapaura reelcinesound cinematherapy hyperiontavern torso giallo filmscreening losangeles silverlake