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I thoroughly enjoy having my existence humbled by massive plants. 🌲 norcal redwoods

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2019 is half gone. let go of negativity. keep the ones worth holding on, like a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream with sprinkles on top • • • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ castateparks columbia1938 canonusa merrell ospreypacks thinktankphoto ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RoadTrip WeekendWarrior Lakwatsero Canon70D Hiking NotSponsored Outdoors CAStateParks LateGram SupportOurParks Redwoods AllTrails LeaveItBetter LeaveNoTrace InventYourAdventure IdHikeThatCrew ExploreCAResponsibly OneStopHiking LifeHappensOutdoors ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Ceremony set up ✔️

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There's a lot of bad puns I could make here For example, "If you love girls and bagels so much, do you call them BAE-GALS"? 😂🤔🤨 we got frankiesnybagels on the Shopping Show! At a discount too, and that's NO joke! Hit our bio for the link humboldtstate humboldt bagels bagel bagelicious newyorkbagels eureka eurekaca california redwoodtrees redwoods arcata arcataca norcal northerncalifornia northerncali oregonborder lostcoast redwoodacres localfoods localresturant breakfast

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Summer is here, and I am out of smudge fans! Sold or traded every one that I had at Spirit Weavers and I am about to create a whole new line of sacred ceremonial fans for you all to enjoy! So excited to be back at my work bench and creating again! leather leathergoods purse backpack smudge smudgefan feathers ceremony handmande shoplocal localartist sacredcedarleather yoga sisters sistercircle supportlocalbiz arcata california redwoods naturalmedicine eathmedicine witch witchyvibes magic earthmagic gatherings circle leatherwork art artist

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Redwood sprig wedding band for Nick, who married his sweetheart in his hometown of Mendocino this last weekend. 🌲Congratulations Nick and Michelle!

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Take me to the forest! 🙌🏼 . Is there anything better than the redwoods? It’s fun to be back hiking among these amazing giants! Have you ever visited a redwood forest? If not, you should add it to your list!🌲 sanfrancisco botanicalgardens california redwoods traveltogether travelbrood wildandfreechildren runwildmychild outdoorkids optoutside wildernesskids naturelovers familyadventures californiadreaming visitcalifornia familytrails wearethewild tinybigadventure outmakingmemories greettheoutdoors itsbetteroutside exploremore takeyourkidsoutside goodtimeoutside kidswhoexplore adventureswithchildren

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Woody Wednesday

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Wide-eyed. Mouth agape. Humbled. At peace. That’s how I would describe myself in the redwoods last week. IG won’t accommodate the full vertical pano of this tree, but I think this version begins to convey the impressiveness of these quiet giants.

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Minus tides refer to low tides that drop below the "Mean Low Water" level. This generally occurs around the full and new moons when the tidal changes are greatest. This is the best time to explore the intertidal zone, providing the best opportunity to view sea stars, abalone, chitons, urchins, anemones, and all the strange and interesting critters that are normally just below the surface and out of view July 6th is when it all comes together with a morning minus tide and guest expert Georgia Martel leading a special Minus Tide Interpretive Tour where the intertidal zone will be our focus Space is limited. Visit to book now! themoreyouknow

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Had a pretty great weekend with this nerd! Thanks for exploring one of my most favorite places with me!

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🌲 Forest bathing tree nymph. Feeling tiny in the presence of the giant redwoods in the magical forest esalen This is the healing way of Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy, the medicine of simply being in the forest. Shinrin-yoku is a term that means "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing." It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine🌲 To learn more about my offerings and to create a life of True Self Mastery follow the link in my bio🌲

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Sierra Nevada resident

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🇺🇸 The scenery on our way to Giant Tree😍. Due to flooding, we weren’t actually able to see it, but it was an awesome drive. ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ humboldtredwoodsstatepark optoutside Redwood redwoods norcal wanderlust adventure coastalredwoods coastalredwood redwoodforest redwoodtrees adventures redwoodtree california adventuretime vacation travel californiaadventures statepark californiastatepark traveladdict findyourpark adventurenthusiasts trees forest iphone avenueofthegiants iphonex iphoneography

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Behind the scenes filming in the Redwoods for a whiskey distillery commercial with guruproductionsllc.

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Tree 🤗 💕✨

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This is the bottom of a redwood tree. It was so massive we put Nick on the other side of it to show the width. Just goes to show how your roots play an enormous part of how tall you stand. There's no escaping where you came from. So ground yourself and reach the stars from where you started. The only limitation is when you decide to stop growing, so keep at it. Grow taller than you were yesterday. Use your experiences, dig down deep and let yourself soar to new heights that have never been seen ↕️

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Tip Date: 20 June 2019 Location: Glen Ellen, California Thanks to bishopbarron & jacklondonpark for today’s tip inspiration & location. Today’s tip of good: Pray with the intent to reconcile differences, with persistence, & in the name of the son. In doing so you give your prayers power & conviction. It’s good to pray well. Good 2b Good® G2bG® good2bgood good onemillionactsofgood noh8 photography purephotography straightphotography nikon nikkor nikonglobal doinggoodeveryday doinggood pray praywell prayhard prayiften prayinthenameofjesus wolfhouse jacklondonpark jacklondon ruins redwoods cincinnati ohio usa unitedstates unitedstatesofamerica america

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Sierra Redwoods produce both male and female cones; however, evidence suggests some Coastal Redwoods rely on significantly less exotic reproduction techniques redwoods guerneville sonoma

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Passion is energy. We’re absolutely made of memories, experiences and emotions undoubtedly I’ll remember the vibes I felt in this place, one of the most breathtaking places, even more after having run thru these majestic trees somehow someone I appreciate a lot signed me up to this race and I couldn’t be more grateful because he wasn’t maybe conscious of how happy he was making me during the race people asked me about the race and I had no idea about anything, I told them I was a tourist who was passing by it was funny! Then the best moment came when I reached the end and these people who signed me up were waiting for me so happily with their arms opened! I cried of emotion Photo of me taken by travelpholk documentaryphotography documentaryphotographer travelphotography travelphotographer traveladdict travelpicsdaily instatravel travelgram filmphotography filmphotographer streetphotography streetphotography theusa instadaily redwoods santacruz california racethrutheredwoods redwoodsnationalpark landscapephotography

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Did you know that Humboldt Redwoods State Park is home to the world's largest expanse of ancient old-growth redwood trees? The park itself spans 53,000 acres and is almost twice the size as the city of San Francisco! The tallest tree in the forest measures over 112 metres tall and is the 4th tallest redwood in the world. Being in the presence of these giant trees was surreal and uplifting. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying some peace and quiet has been sorely missed this past year while living abroad redwoods humboldtredwoods treestagram mothernature treescape landscape_lover naturediversity landscapes naturephoto naturewalk naturelove nature_prefection naturegram trees tree forest woods hiking wilderness wood hike outdoors

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Discover, explore, and have fun everyday! 💗 Especially with those you love most! 💞 Took this video while at the Redwoods with my Daughter and Dad! 🌲 This tree we went inside was called the chimney tree and you will see why in the video 😊 livelifetothefullest live love life redwoods awesome awesomeness amazing cool view wild nature forest forests cute adorable fun familyfun beautiful ca cali calilife caliliving california positivevibes positivevibesonly goodvibes goodvibesonly videooftheday instagood

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• W O R R Y • These past few weeks have been as if I am dreaming. I traveled along the coast, to the redwoods, got engaged, and it is the last bittersweet weeks of school. The other morning though, as all the amazing things buzzed around in my mind, I found myself worried. Worried there wasn’t enough money in my reserve for all the lovely events that just passed and for the future events yet to come. Anxiety filled every bone, causing my mind to stumble into “what if’s” that no daughter of the King should explore. I wish I could say that the moment I recognized the often too familiar feeling of anxiety, I turned to God. But instead, the sickly comfort of negativity grasped me longer than I want to admit. But God, in His wondrous kindness, crashed through without my efforts to find Him. He began to flood my mind with who He thought I am. And suddenly, money didn’t matter more than His voice. The assault of His thoughts of me were almost violent. He demanded I know who I am, even if I felt more comfortable criticizing myself and my decisions. I was brought to my knees in thankfulness. I was humbled by the sovereignty of the Lord of the universe. He never once denied that money matters in this world. Because it does matter. But it doesn’t matter as much as the moments it has helped to build. In a moment of anxiety, I told my fiancé how worried I was and he said, “darling, your Father wants to lavish you with His goodness.” So who am I to take that away from the King of kings? Who am I to declare how He should love me? And oh, does He love me These past few weeks have felt like a dream because they once were dreams. God, in His love, has made my dreams become reality. And isn’t relishing in that more important than worrying about fleeting money? • • • money worry thefather sovereignty kingofkings anxiety reality realstgram everydaylife whatif redwoods goodness god bittersweet