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7 minutes ago

Sunday was definitely t-shirt weather, finally! I was surprised that I didn’t bump into a single soul on this peaceful hike. Hike 3 of 7 of the Santa Clara County 2019 PixInPark Challenge. If you want to extend the hike, Long Ridge Open Space Preserve is literally right across the street.

14 minutes ago

Let’s bring back some green.

43 minutes ago

Throwback from a few months ago to one of the most epic trips ever. Scroll thru the photos, and you may or may not see me hugging a tree 😉 Btw I would like my future wedding to be in a forest bc ummm hello 🌲🌲🌲🐿🐇🌲🌲 redwoods

1 hour ago

Amazing day in the redwoods with the beautiful ashleyniccoleyoga I am obsessed with the shot she got of me with a rainbow and ray of light beaming directly on me 😍 always follow the light especially when you get lost in darkness love light rainbow redwoods yoga yogaeveryday yogaeverydamday yogi yogisofinstagram yogagirl yogainspiration thegreatoutdoors greatoutdoors freshair yogapractice yogafitness progress progressnotperfection growing shinedown goddess woodland goodvibes goodvibesonly

2 hours ago

Its official! Next big trip is planned! 2 weeks of hiking, camping, backpacking, and lots of photos in Banff, Jasper, and Glacier National Park! There's even a helicopter trip in there 😉 Summer cant get here fast enough! 📷: the redwoods in New Zealand in Rotorua. travel newzealand nz visitnewzealand womenoutdoors outdoornation adventure alltrailsconnect getoutside getoutstayout trees  rei optoutside  womenoutdoors adventurelikeyougiveadamn exploremore explore forest GLT wander sheadventures freshairmovement photography redwoods planttrees vacation summer rotorua hiking camping

2 hours ago

A quiet stroll through the redwoods

2 hours ago

Enjoyed hiking, lush greenery & redwoods this weekend. Thanks to richdibella and blade1317 for pounding down my door, rousing me from snoozing and urging me to get out and let’s go Exactly what I needed and I appreciate the oomph. Even my craving for siphon coffee was humored. 😆 Mini psa of huge apologies that I’ve been awful with meetups & catchups. Devoting lots of time to ponder and reflect at this inflection point of my own life. Also ever since Slovakia, the crowds, noise, dirt, traffic and hustle of SF totally overwhelms me. Definitely more nature chick now, one change of a great many these last two years. So grateful for every last bit. 💓

2 hours ago

📍Niagara Falls, Canada 📸 shot by: paige_tingey ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ————————————————⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🇨🇦 Follow canadianvisits for the best canadian locations and join our photographers community! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ———————————————— 🍁Tag / DM canadianvisits for a feature!

2 hours ago

Walking through the redwood forest.

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3 hours ago

My first ever proper mushroom hunt In an area devastated by wildfire 18 months ago. Signs of new life are everywhere. Nature is amazing. Thank you amenmonkey and kelliesf7 ! It was everything I wished it would be, right down to the white-bearded old “fun guy” mycologist with no shoes. The best. mushroomhunt afterthewildfire redwoods oak phoenix

3 hours ago

Some education and some fun views of beautiful places :)

3 hours ago

I pray you grow so much that you're not scared to look down. I pray that you're strong enough to push your roots down deep to hold on to what you believe in. I pray you drop seedlings of kindness and inspiration wherever you go. But most of all, I pray you stand tall. 📸 shaunzzy_670

3 hours ago

perhaps in the waiting you are doing more than merely waiting but you are growing in the way you were meant to you are finding that Light shines on you strengthening you for this season you are in reminding you over and over again life can be beautiful in the waiting. - Morgan Harper Nicols One of my plants looked nearly dead today. I gave it a little water and within a few hours it was completely restored. Sometimes I feel like that—all the hardness of life can wither me—but sometimes, all it takes is a bit of life-giving water: a kind word of courage, feedback from a friend that you are making a difference, or the resolve to finally just let go. • In this photo is my sweet friend, Sid. She doesn’t know this (yet), but her determination and presence online has inspired me for many years. Meeting her a few weeks ago was incredible.

3 hours ago

Coyote just looking for some chow. I find him/her to be quite handsome.