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1 week ago

My pleads go out to the 2 police officers who were injured in the Riverside shootout 🚫 I pray & hope that they recover from their injuries. I also pray & hope that our hard working officers apprehended the criminals. Our society is tired of crimes and gang activity and vandalism. I hope none of the criminals made it. Their useless existence doesn’t deserve our hard earned tax dollars for them to go back to commit more crime and murder more innocent lives. Thanks to every police department who have the toughest job. And a great thank you to the paramedics too. They both save lives so thank you again police policeshooting riverside riversidecalifornia riversideshooting goodcop goodcops isupportthepolice supportyourlocalpolice paramedic paramedics firedepartment california usa

7 months ago

WHY NEW YORK TIMES REPORTING MIMICS SOCIALITES PARADING NUDITY ONLINE. Disclaimer : I am writing this article, more than 24 hours after New York Times published a sensational and insensitive article about riverside terror attack with gory images on it. Hours after they were given a chance to pull it down but they have not. On 15 January 2019, there was a tragic terror attack at Dusit D2 Nairobi. Hours later, New York Times, an American magazine published the story of the attack. In their article dubbed ‘Shabab Claim Responsibility for Deadly Assault on Nairobi Hotel-Office Complex’ the magazine used graphic photos of the victims showing dead bodies in a restaurant, injured people bleeding and other gory details of the scene. I am wired in such a way that my preference is for a diplomatic approach to things. I like cutting people some slack, especially if there is a lot of heat coming from other reactionary quarters. Most Kenyans who were still on edge following the attack were angered after reading the article because they felt the reporting was more sensational than objective. I knew they had the right to be angry, but as a trained journalist who prefers to come up with a more detailed and informed response, I decided not to join the deportkimiko band wagon. When such horrific events happen, there is intense deadline pressure to be the first to report and many times under such circumstances one might find it hard to balance between objectivity and sensationalism. The article that was done by incoming bureau chief of East Africa Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura showed gory photos of the dead and wounded. The article, published hours after the attack, did not take into account the fact that some relatives of victims had not known their fate. Those who worked at the complex and its surrounding buildings were at the time frantically sending distress messages on social media. It was a time when one feels a strong impulse towards defending humanity and the values of one’s faith. The photos published on the magazine appeared to drift away from humanity’s values by Link on my bio ☝ newyorktimes dusitattack riversideshooting aluochoitoonthemove.