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• three of the coolest(!) directors working today !😍 • which one of these three is your favorite ??🤓 I love them all and they‘re all big role models for me !❤️ • Do you like their movies ?? • robertrodriguez eliroth quentintarantino

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Robert Rodriguez et son film à 7000 dollars à la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2019 RobertRodriguez Red11 Quinzaine2019 Cannes2019

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Séance 44 : Alita : Battle Angel. James Cameron avait envie d’adapter Gunnm de Yukito Kishiro, un manga prépublié entre 1990 et 1995, sur grand écran. Mais trop occuper à réaliser les suites d’Avatar, il décida de confier le projet à Robert Rodriguez, tout en gardant un œil sur le film. Si les références pleuvent (La cité de Zalem situé au dessus en apesanteur rappelle le film Métropolis de Fritz Lang), l’histoire n’est pas sacrifiée, mais bien, adaptée ; aussi les libertés prises dans cette adaptation font sens avec un sacrifice minimal sur le fond pour un résultat plutôt satisfaisant. La relation entre Yugo et Gally est étonnamment respectée, vectrice des motivations et émotions de la jeune cyborg. L'action est sèche, parfaitement lisible et à l'énergie ultra communicative, où les démembrements et autres décapitations de cyborg s'enchainent avec un vrai plaisir, notamment lors d'une séquence de Motorball, qui bien que n'ayant pas la maestria visuelle d'un Speed Racer des Wachowski, est dirigée avec un très grand soin. Rosa Salazar joue parfaitement le rôle de cette Cyborg amnésique déterminé à découvrir son identité et comprendre ce qui lui est arrivé. Elle marie la maturité à la crise d’adolescence. Ses grands yeux lui permettent de faire passer un plein d'émotions. Christoph Waltz est égal à lui-même avec son charisme inégalé. Son interprétation d’Ido passe vraiment bien tout comme celle de Mahershala Ali qui est sans conteste un des acteurs les plus en vogue en ce moment. La fin du film se termine sur un cliffhanger qui laisse la place grande ouverte à une suite qu’on attend impatiemment et qu’on espère du même calibre . Le film est un bon cocktail d’action , de science fiction et de thriller futuriste. lecinemadethibault2019 alitabattleangel robertrodriguez christophwaltz rosasalazar jenniferconnelly mahershalaali edskrein jackieearlehaley keeanjohnson lanacondor jorgelendeborgjr elizagonzalez edwardnorton michellerodriguez caspervandien derekmears sammedina markozaror leonardwu ellelamont jorgeajimenez idaravictor keiloakleyzepernick billyblair nealkodinsky liztabish alexlivinalli michaellovetoliver gregoryalexanderwight

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Rodriguez Season: El Mariachi (1992) - 🤘🤘🤘 Robert’s feature length debut was made for just $6000 and it’s a perfect example of how to get your start as a filmmaker and make something really entertaining with a small budget! The first of his Mariachi trilogy, we follow the titular character (Carlos Gallardo) who is mistaken for a murderer and then becomes most wanted by a gang intent on killing him. It wears its love of the western genre on its sleeve and is very well performed; Gallardo is really likeable in the central role which has a lot to do with the rewatchability of the film! It’s a very basic plot and it does feel a bit stretched over a feature length duration but it’s nevertheless an impressive debut that made a huge impression and enabled our main man to venture forth onto larger pastures robertrodriguez robertrodriguezseason elmariachi carlosgallardo western guitarplayer filmreview

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Daily Cinematic Shot: Sin City (2005)

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Inglorious Bastards (2009) • Directors - Quentin Tarantino, and Eli Roth Screenplay - Quentin Tarantino Cast - Christoph Waltz, Eli Roth, Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Mélanie Laurent, and Michael Fassbender • Gorlami • movie autogramtags movies instamovie cinephilecommunity filmbuff movielover filmproduction cinematographer filmmaking filmphotograph undefined filmography undefined cinema undefined undefined joepesci cultmovie jamesmcavoy timroth willemdafoe robertrodriguez jamescameron jenniferconnelly

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Grindhouse double feature Only my second time watching these ones. I had a lot of fun with them the first time! Which one is your favourite?

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Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Jon Landau, Rosa Salazar, and Keean Johnson at an IMDb event for Alita: Battle Angel (2019) . Keep up the support, the sequel will come. ALITA FOREVER! - Follow: alitabattleangelmovie alitaposts alitamovie rosasalazar jamescameronofficial keeanjohnson rodriguez jonplandau For more alita alitabattleangel posts and news. - battleangel jamescammeron rosasalazar robertrodriguez art movies film star moviestar clip alitamovie best actors actress cinema director draw photo alitabattleangelmovie picture gunnm imax action alitasequel video artist artistsoninstagram character

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An Absolutely Beautiful concept artwork of Alita at the URM ship crash site done by artist: [_Dylan_Cole_] 👌💯 Outstanding and Marvelous Work👏 Follow: alitaposts alitamovie rosasalazar For alitabattleangel posts and art🎨 ☆ battleangel jamescammeron rosasalazar robertrodriguez instaart alitamovie art movies film star paintings artwork best actors actress cinema alitaart draw drawings fanarts picture arts sketch sketching sketches sketchbook artist artistsoninstagram

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Better late than never in Iron City. Here for a late review, darrenjdef and I review jamescameronofficial and rodriguez’s alitamovie. We delve deep into the film’s plot, character and social relevance. We hope you check out our review of “Alita: Battle Angel”! ENJOY Be sure to like, share and subscribe for more! alitabattleangel domestictheatre 20thcenturyfox robertrodriguez jamescameron rosasalazar christophwaltz jenniferconnelly mahershalaali edskrein jackieearle mrodofficial lanacondor eizagonzalez film movie anime manga mahershalaali edskrein jackieearlehaley michellerodriguez lanacondor eizagonzalez alita

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FOUR ROOMS オープニングのアニメが可愛い。 そして面白い。 When we investigate about four rooms〜"The role of Ted was originally written with Steve Buscemi in mind."😳 Tim Roth was very good but Steve wanted to see(o^^o) フォールームについて調べてみるともともとテッド役はブシェミを念頭に書いていたようで。 ティムロスももちろん良かったですがブシェミファンとしてはブシェミのテッド役も見たかった😭 fourrooms timroth quentintarantino alexandrerockwell robertrodriguez allisonanders フォールームス スティーブブシェミ

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CineBliss | Vol. 97 • 1. ISLE OF DOGS (dir. Wes Anderson | dp. Tristan Oliver) - 🔖Chief: "You'll meet a bitch named Nutmeg. Tell her Chief says, "I'll see you in Megasaki."" • 2. PLANET TERROR (dir. rodriguez | dp. rodriguez) - 🔖Tony Block: "I'm gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge." • 3. LOGAN (dir. James Mangold | dp. John Mathieson) - 🔖Logan: "Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long." • 4. IN BRUGES (dir. Martin McDonagh | dp. Eigil Bryld) - 🔖Ray: "Maybe that's what hell is, the entire rest of entire rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges."

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Rodriguez Season: Bedhead (short film in 1991) - 🤘🤘🤘🤘 Rodriguez’s first foray into cinema is a pretty sweet and fun one! It’s a nice simple set up focusing on two siblings (Robert’s real life siblings Rebecca and David) who constantly get on each other nerves and fight. Suddenly when one develops psychic powers, the whole thing gets a lot more interesting It has a delightfully playful tone to it mainly due to its home video camera aesthetic and the inspiration there in which someone made something hugely entertaining for hardly any money at all and with family. Definately worth seeking out, you can find it either on the bonus features of Rodriguez’s feature length debut El Mariachi or on YouTube rodriguez robertrodriguez bedhead elmariachi rebeccarodriguez davidrodriguez filmreview shortfilm robertrodriguezseason

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"Invasion of the Body Snatchers Meets the 1990's" - - Review: Keeping with the theme of obsure yet mainstream horror films, 'The Faculty' is a byproduct of 90's horror film phenomenon. The film feels like a modern retelling of "The Thing" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" with the Robert Rodriguez flair. Rodriguez keeps the film at a great pace and well crafted characters that do admittedly follow the 90's character tropes. The screenplay also has great character moments and interactions, developing these character tropes as much as possible. A well directed and well paced homage to classic horror films, "The Faculty" won't let you forget its teachings any time soon. - - bluray bluraycollection bluraycollector blurayaddict blurayjunkie bluraymovies bluraydisc hometheater physicalmedia movie moviecollection film filmcollector filmcollection - - thefaculty robertrodriguez horrorfilm horrorhound horroraddict horror horrormovies 90s 1990s miramax elijahwood thriller movie moviereview filmreview review

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Recently picked these movies up! I know one of them does not really fit in with the others, which is prehysteria a movie from my childhood! I remember the dinosaurs from that movie just like the ones from the Jurassic Park movies, which were honestly my favorites to watch multiple times (besides Godzilla)! Anyways, there’s also one of my other favorites, Cujo! Idk how, but someone let me watch that one as a kid too, so that could somewhat explain why I like these kinds of movies! horror scifi comedy stephenking robertrodriguez mnightshyamalan bramstoker cujo dracula planetterror creepshow piratesofthecarribean glass split unbreakable stressrelief bluraycollection

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영화스타그램 내일까진; 기본적으로 시간이 남아돈다. 해서 90's 비디오홈시스템 시절 나를 빠져들게만들었던 영화 목록을 정리해봤다. 당연히 오락영화 위주일수밖에 없고, 순서는 개봉일과 무관하게 본인이 봤던 순서(헷갈리는 영화들은 개봉일 순) 국내개봉명과 원제가 다를 경우와 감독, 현지개봉년도 정도 표시 1. 스피드 ( jandebont '94) 2. 더록 ( michaelbay '96) 3. 데이라잇 ( robcohen '96) 4. 세븐 ( davidfincher '95) 5. 12몽키즈 ( terrygilliam '95) 6. LA컨피덴셜 ( curtishanson '97) 7. 스크림 ( wescraven '96) 8. 다크시티 ( alexproyas '98) 9. 메리에겐뭔가특별한것이 있다( peterfarrelly '98) 10. 스크림2 ( wescraven '97) 11. 딥블루씨 ( rennyharlin '99) 12. 패컬티 ( robertrodriguez '98) 13. 노팅힐 ( rogermichell '99) 14. 쉘로우그레이브 ( dannyboyle '94) 15. 청춘스케치, reality bites ( benstiller '94) 16. 칼리토, Carlito's way ( briandepalma '93) 16편 꼽아야되는 편집땜에 뒤에 3개는 어거지로 붙인감이 있음ㅋㅋ(정말좋아하는 90's 영화긴한데 처음 본게 21세기여서😅) 글도 취향불문, 시간많이날때 p2p 사이트에서 화질나쁜 700m 2장짜리 avi파일 다운받아보면 후회는 안할거라 생각 덧. 검색하다 알았는데 커티슨핸슨, 웨스크레이븐 감독은 이미 고인이 되셨더라는 (안소니밍겔라, 마이클니콜스 역시)

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🎬 Alita: Battle Angel 🇺🇸 2019 🎞 Una película visualmente espectacular con jamescameron en la producción y aportando el guion, estuve esperándola y cuando la vi no me defraudó. alita alitabattleangel alitabattleangelmovie angeldecombate movies movie film films cinema cine pelicula peliculas 🎬 🎥 🎞 📽 Director: robertrodriguez Protagonistas: rosasalazar christophwaltz keeanjohnson mahershalaali edskrein jackieearlehaley jenniferconnelly lanacondor eizagonzálezreyna markozaror caspervandien