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On this day last year my mind & my body was in a different place. I am slowly getting my stride & confidence back and Getting to a place where I need to be. I am now 45 lbs down from a year ago and 60 lbs down from a year and 4 months. Working on myself slowly 🙏🏽 Sacrifice thankyou🐾❤️ Stillhavealottogo LakotaWinyan

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They didn't know us. But they died for us. Enemy was unknown but they still fought. Their life was in danger but they didn't care. Their families were waiting for them but they sacrificed their life for us. Yes they are the Indian Armed Forces, they die for us and they kill for us. "A Salute to them." इतनी सी बात हवाओं को बताए रखना, रोशनी होगी चिरागों को जलाए रखना, लहु देकर की जिसकी हिफाजत हमने, ऐसे तिरंगे को सदा अपनी आँखों मे बसाए रखना jaihind🇮🇳 jaibharat IndianArmy IndianAirForce IndianNavy indianparamilitaryforces sacrifice supremesacrifice soldier surgicalstrike martyr army jaihind vandematram🇮🇳 India story

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DEVOCIONAL "E eis que certa mulher, que havia doze anos padecia de uma hemorragia, chegou por detrás dele e tocou-lhe a orla do manto; porque dizia consigo: Se eu tão-somente tocar-lhe o manto, ficarei sã." Mateus 9:20-21 Pensamento: Durante uma caminhada, uma mulher que sofria doze anos de hemorragia irregular aproxima-se de Jesus em busca de cura. Doze anos de hemorragia! Por isso, ela vivia excluída, pois naquele tempo o sangue tornava a pessoa impura. Marcos informa que a mulher tinha gasto todas as suas economias com os médicos e, em vez de ficar melhor, ficou pior (Marcos 5:25-26). Ela tinha ouvido falar de Jesus (Marcos 5:27). Por isso, nasceu nela uma nova esperança. Dizia consigo: “Se ao menos tocar na roupa dele, eu ficarei curada”. Graças a Deus! A mulher aproximou-se por de trás de Jesus, tocou na roupa dele, e ficou curada. Oração: Pai querido, assim como o Senhor libertou e curou esta mulher, eu peço que o Senhor também traga liberdade para a minha vida, se ainda houver áreas que o inimigo atua em minha vida, se ainda houver prisões que nem sequer eu conheça, laços de alma, maldições, obras de bruxaria, enfim, que seja cancelada agora toda ação do inimigo em minha vida, em nome de Jesus. Amém. vidas lives salvacao salvation god deus jesus faith fe animo takeheart metanoia sacrifice sacrificio cross cruz souls almas forgiveness perdao bible biblia prayer oracao share compartilhar church igreja

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One gospel that has received more negative perception for the longest time of human existence is nothing else but SACRIFICE. Even from the Bible, “for God so love the world” But till date, this topic has either been completely misconstrued or pushed to the extreme where others are been exploited. Meekness taken for WEAKNESS. Benevolence taken for granted. Nevertheless, the reality remains the same despite all the misconceptions. The question ain’t just about the sacrifice nowadays. It is about finding that one person that is worth your sacrifice. Remember, the Sun love the Moon so much that he dies every night just to let her breath. Above all, do not be deceived. Do not be conned. Never let anyone ride you for your kindness and great heart. Don’t waste it where it does not belong. Remember, God is not MOCKED! officialinspiredwisdom kindness goodheart sacrifice meekness dontbefooled besmart bewise

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Success is NO ACCIDENT💯 . SUCCESS IS: . Hard Work✅ . PERSERVERANCE✅ . LEARNING✅ . STUDYING✅ . SACRIFICE✅ . PASSION for what you’re LEARNING to do✅ . LOVE of What You Are DOING✅ . If you’re with this, drop the CraftWork emoji 🤞in the comments . Stay Hungry and Committed To Your craftwork craftworkathletics . success successiskey work perfectyourcraft masteryourcraft whatissuccess perserverance learn study sacrifice learning studying studentofthegame teacher teach letswork tuesday tuesdaythoughts coach coaching trainingmotivation workhard hardwork basketball indianapolis greatness indiana indianabasketball competitivegreatness

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Today one of the decisive steps we made was to work on downsizing and minimizing our possessions. Dan is selling his fitness equipment. This was a big step for us and especially Dan. The equipment brought us so much joy. We have fond memories of building our garage gym, training clients, and working out together. But, now we're making way for new experiences and memories. debtfreejourney gazelleintense livesimply crazydreams sellsomuchstuffthekidsthinktheyarenext sacrifice makewayforthenew minimalism

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Out of all the things he could have written about, he chose to write about me! Those words written on this page by the person I hold dearest in this life, brings me more happiness than one can imagine! I could never ask for more, than to be the one to inspire my son! In this life I haven’t been too successful. But in this life, this is the only success that I need! I love you Gavin and I will keep on working unlit we have achieved that dream and I will prove to you that dreams really can come true! Thank you for believing in me because I will always believe in you teach learn inspire father son dream love chef nevergiveup happiness insperation food foodie cook live sacrifice badashbbq gavdabeast307

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breath . after a rough patch we’re coming up for air last week during the midst of the storm we had a conversation like we usually do, checking on everyone’s heart in the home, but afterwards this spoke up, “mom, give grace. we can’t give up on them when it gets hard just like God doesn’t give up on us when we haven’t listened.” . will fostering affect your bio ? yes. in ways that you could never imagine. ❤️ is it hard? yes. is it worth it? 10000% yes fostercare fosterlove fostermomma raisingarrows largefamily livingonmission makingdiciples presentoverperfect grace truth adaywithlane sacrifice unconditionallove

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Dont Lie To Me Bro! 😤

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🎥 When you HURTING and in PAIN, try use it for MOTIVATION as best as you can. It wont be easy but just know you're doing it to BETTER YOURSELF.💶 Aint nobody gonna do it for you. So you gotta put the TIME in, the EFFORT in. Trusss me if you wanna see RESULTS spiritually, emotionally and mentally. 💸

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"Recipe for Success" Story: Success doesn't come easy for most people. Hard work, Persistence & Patience are a must! Smart work and Focus gets you even better results. You must take risks and discipline yourself to stay on course. Success means different things to different people. You may fail many times on your path to success. Just remember, as long as you keep moving forward you are destined for Greatness! In today's society: Wealth, Health, & Happiness are all considered to be forms of Success. Which word defines Success for you? I would love to hear from you Success Keystosuccess Hustlehard SelfFocus Persist Fearoffailure Risktaker Patienceisavirtue Tenacity Accomplishment LifeChallenges RadiatePositivity Visionnaire Wealth Happiness Sacrifice Health Love Mommypreneur Autismmommy Autismmum Businessmotivation Lifegoal Entrepreneurmind Entrepreneur101 TheUltimateMotivationalMama

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Mamba mornings! My Olympic track and field memories start with one man smoking folks Carl Lewis! Whether relay race or 100M. I knew what it was when you hit the track Thanks for the inspiration! ———————————————————————— trackandfield race gold silver bronze medals win shareblackstories inspiration fast olympics nbc sports training sacrifice sweat tears joy california art gallery dreamteam718 mambamornings legend work bk bedstuy bushwick brooklyn foreverhome