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New baru release saus buldak spicy (baru releade udah banyak yg mauthanks lovely costumer 🤓😎😘😘 yang doyan pedes mana suaranya??? cocok banget buat kalian yg suka pedasdibuat dg bahan asli korea yg selektif dan halal selain itu juga mengandung madu dan sari pati rumput laut yummy and delicious mau?? order aja langsung di aninghe dongmin wa 08990875252 for serious buyer only available on go food in frame : buldak spicy sauce idr 40.000 (uk 40 ml) buldak sauce halal authentic koreanfoodies authentickorea halal juragankimchi aninghe_dongmin yum delish bestselling sauce bestseller trusted kr id instagreat instagood makanankoreadijember hobbymakan jemberhitz

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What’s cooking?! Tonkatsu for Lunch! When it’s Monday and you still have time to explore the kitchen! What a nice feeling So happy that the hubby loved the TonkatsuSauce, despite me doing some homemade ingredients. I realized too late that I didn’t have any Mirin, so I just made one, the closest substitute actually. I promise to make a separate post soon just on how to make the sauce JapaneseMeal JapaneseFood iCook MariposaCooks MariposasKitchen MondayMotivation QuickRecipe EasyToPrepare RebelChef BossBabe Food ChroniclesOfABossBabeWife EatRight HealthyLiving ChroniclesOfABossBabeMom WorkingMom WorkingWife WomenWhoWork iLoveToCook

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Selamat hari Senin Angie's Friends semua Siapa yang suka makan gorengan? Gorengan bisa dibilang sebagai makanan yang kurang sehat karena mengandung kolesterol yang tinggi, sehingga beresiko terjadinya stroke dan serangan jantung. Nah, untuk menekan jumlah kolesterol dalam tubuh, berikut tips menggoreng agar lebih sehat dan rendah kolesterol: 1. Selalu gunakan minyak yang baru setiap kali menggoreng makanan. 2. Selalu goreng makanan dalam minyak yang benar-benar panas. Agar makanan cepat matang dan kering, tidak menyerap banyak minyak dan kolesterol. 3. Segera angkat gorengan ketika warnanya sudah kuning keemasan. 4. Tiriskan gorengan diatas tisu atau kertas penyerap minyak. Itulah beberapa tips yang bisa kamu lakukan untuk mendapatkan gorengan yang sehat dan bebas kolesterol. sauce homemadesauce homemade instafood foodie tempegoreng simplerecipe teriyaki kulinerjakarta makanenak jktfoodbang jktfoodies doyanmakan resepmudah angieskitchen angieskitchenjakarta masakjadimudah

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Dead ass b sauce

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This shit is way to funny sauce

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Who else misses old nudah sauce

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Scenarist: The writers wrote a pilot screenplay today bts 420 Friendly web series I'm dabbing at end of the writers meeting, while they finish up. I hoping every indie project I'm directing uses Scenarist the open source screen writing software for all platforms. It's free. And it teaches you how to write a script by writing. I dead tired. Nite. producershit wax liveresin crumble shatter sauce  diamonds 710 710lifestyle 710community  seattlestoners wastoners pnwstoners washingtonstoners smokeweedeveryday 420girls 710girls 420models 420society 710society girlswhosmoke weedwomen weedstagram madelinecouture

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A pasta dish we like to eat every summer is inagarten summer garden pasta . We love it so much! You need good quality cherry tomatoes for this dish! We had some bread with oliveoil & balsamicvinegar dipping sauce on the side! To drink I tried the barsottis strawberrylemonade and it is SOOOO good For dessert, in honor of nationalicecreamday , we had Tillamook caramel butter pecan icecream ! costco costcofinds basil parmesancheese garlic italian food yummy tasty lemonade strawberry delicious spaghetti

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The best creamy vegan cheezy sauce yet! Made with veggies, so it is light yet creamy and filling. Served on brown rice pasta (with olives and peas from the garden) with a side of baby bok choy and broccoli cooked with onions, and beets (boiled and tossed in apple cider vinegar, served cold). The sauce (see recipe below) would make a great queso for nachos, would be delicious on a baked potato, etc. Nut-free vegan cheese sauce: 2 c. cut potatoes, 1 c. carrots, 1/4 c. onion. Boil all until very soft. Drain and put in blender along with 1 juiced lemon or 1 T apple cider vinegar (I used a bit of both), 1/3 c. nutritional yeast, 1 t garlic powder, 1 t paprika, 1/2 t. turmeric, 1/2 t. salt, 3/4 c. water (I used a bit less to make it thickerI also added 2 raw cloves of garlic. And I used half potatoes and half sweet potatoes). Blend until smooth and creamy. foodislife❤️ foodismedicine healthiswealth wholefoodyumminess wholefoodplantbased

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Being able to get out of town for a couple days with my extended family, makes everything worth it Still not sure how I got so lucky. To health and wealth. or “ sauce” - timdemo24

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Unser heutiges Abendessen waren Rinderrouladen 🤗 Rezept 4 STK Rinderfilet klopfen, mit Salz & Pfeffer würzen & mit scharfem Senf bestreichen Karotten & Sellerie in Streifen schneiden Zwiebel klein hacken Schinkenblätter auf das mit Senf bestrichene Fleisch legen Sellerie & Karotten dazugeben Alles zusammen einrollen & mit 1-2 Zahnstocher fixieren Rouladen in Olivenöl anbraten In der Zwischenzeit 1/2l Wasser und einen Schuss Rotwein mit der Knorr Basis Wild- & Rindsbraten glatt rühren Rouladen in eine Ofenform geben Zwiebel und restliches Gemüse anbraten & mit der Sauce ablöschen kurz aufköcheln lassen und über die Rouladen gießen bei 180 Grad 35-40 Minuten auf Ober- Unterhitze backen und immer wieder wenden Als Beilage wurden heute Vollkornnudeln aufgetischt Mahlzeit 🙂 werbungwegenmarkenerkennung