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EVACUATION: Air Peace Crew Rejects Allowances, Offers To Work For Free Taking a cue from their boss, Allen Onyema, the 18-man crew of Air Peace which evacuated Nigerians from South Africa have returned their allowances, saying it is their sacrifice to their fatherland in the ongoing mission to evacuate Nigerians from xenophobic South Africa. The Chairman of Air Peace Airline, Mr Allen Onyema, confirmed this development while commending the crew for imitating him in selfless service to their country and for the sake of their countrymen and women. Crew members of any flight are paid allowances for their service but in this instance, the concerned staff of Air Peace rejected the allowances due to them, opting to work for free just to ensure the evacuation of Nigerians. “They deserved the allowances they got. It is their right but they returned it. They said if our boss can make the sacrifice of using his plane to evacuate Nigerians, they too will follow in his footsteps to make similar sacrifice,” he said vaclovefest saynotoxenophobia saynotoxenophobicattacks allenonyema naijacelebrity nollywood nollywoodmovies owambe owambe_9ja iyaboblog gossipmillnigeria goldmynetv pulsenigeria BBNaija tundeednut bellanaijaonline olorisupergal takipcikazan chuvadelikes chuvadelikes30k autolike sdv sys gainz

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"No, there is nothing for me to apologise about," Mashaba said on CNBC Africa's Political Capital on Tuesday. "What do you expect me to really apologise for?" Nigerians and other foreign nationals were attacked earlier in September by irate mobs of South Africans who blamed them for spiking unemployment and drug-related crime rates. But Mashaba, the mayor of Africa's richest city (Johannesburg), is unfazed by the violence although he insisted that he was not xenophobic. His stance mirrors those of former South African deputy police minister Bongani Mkongi, foreign affairs minister Naledi Pandor and former president Thabo Mbeki. South Africa has had an alarming increase in crime rates, especially femicide. The South African leaders accused Nigerians of being the ringleaders of drug and prostitution cartels in the country. “We are not going to turn a blind eye on such evil crime happening under our watch," Mashaba said, adding that "the country [South Africa] also owes an official apology to the 10.2 million unemployed South Africans who are today without jobs as a result of billions of counterfeit goods being brought illegally into the country, killing local manufacturing.” 36news 36television southafrica nigeria saynotoxenophobicattacks XenophobicAttack xenophobia johannesburg

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A peace walk led by South Africans, to apologize to other Africans (Nigerians especially) for the xenophobic attacks. SayNoToXenophobicAttacks

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Kindly tag teknoofficial betterchallenge teknobetterchallenge There is a lot of story to be told,this was brought to life because of teknoofficial betterchallenge saynotoxenophobicattacks cc: brodashaggi falzthebahdguy demmieveeofficial iammohbad kayodegram emini_kabex zlatan_ibile nairamarley poco_lee bankywellington lifeofthemoon martins_feelaz_ _ official_lyta oxladeofficial fireboydml official2baba oluwadolarz iamkizzdaniel 🎥: d_wallsphotography let me share my little experience with the police True the police are our Friends just take things calm with them no need to argue cause arguements can degenerate into something else So on a faithful day I was going to work and I wore black black,hair well combed,looked well kept, looking fresh as usual 😊😊, carried my bag and boarded a bike on getting to the front of the police station this police man stoped us and told us to park, we cooperated and parked So the policeman told me to step down which I did, the man looked at me and the next thing I heard was enter the station, omo I thought he was talking to the bike man not knowing it was me, the man said I and the bike man should enter the station and the bike man was just saying OGA OGA abeg OGA, on hearing enter the station It then occurred to me that I didn't have credit to call anybody, no data to message and I was close to the office. Then I realized that if I should enter this station have entered it nothing to get across to my people, that how I just said OGA see me I no carry anything ( thank God I didn't take my laptop that day cause they would have thought am doing something else) The man now asked where are you going I said am going to work. where do you work I stated where I work what is in your bag sir just my wallet and my comb, where is your ID card gehn ghen ID card I just told them in office that I needed the previous day, the God that would save me just made me have schools ID card (saying everything so calm cause I didn't want to enter station) the God that entered the man that was forcing everything on me just said be going, the joy in my heart was extraordinary See we all have one life live right