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Roasted, packed and ready to deliver! 😎🇿🇦

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Eking out every last bit of fun from our impromptu family vacation tacked onto the end of a brilliant conference! Jabberwockeez are not to be missed if you’re ever in Vegas! But I am ready to get home a bring all these new products to you live in person! 💥💥💥 As predicted, the Strawberry Fizz is already SOLD OUT! (It’s possible I may have a box or or two 😏) There are a few other products that are backordered until Mid-late June but I definitely have those available for you! 🔥🔥🔥HMU arbonne arbonneconsultant vegas goals seattle fizz veganmakeup veganprotein vegancollagen skinelixir botanical veganskincare antiaging fit fitness gymrat joinmeorwatchme

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The way back home is always long, it was a tiresome journey, but I did it Было очень круто! Спасибо, мои дорогие, за теплый прием! 🏡🌞🌳 nofilter красота внебе mountains seattle Washington evergreenstate travelusa ilovesky ilovemountains sky inthesky somewhereinthesky perfectview pictureoftheday горы видсверху видсверхулучше viewfromthetop сша russianinusa usa myvacationisover mountraineer

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READ THIS BOOK! As Miss Washington’s Outstanding weekend comes up I am finishing this amazing book. Her intentions as an advocate are spot on! Go Chessy! And with the help of the maoteenorg I hope to do just as much as Chessy has and make a ’s movement for girls and boys to share their stories. ihavetherightto_ paveinfo thejhf safehousecenter read that last sentence. I need your help to make this s reality. I believe it will happen soon. Once again, GO CHESSY! gochessy ihavetherightto platform thanks puttingtheworkin share showthemwhatyouvegot missemeraldcityot2019 mecot2019 teamseattle seattle maot services missamericasot misswashingtonot 52weeksofservice

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•Saturday May 21st 2011• - Christian lies next to Ana in bed at the Heathman hotel while she’s comatose. He’s never slept in a bed with a woman overnight before. He later goes for a run before returning to the suite. As he proceeds to take Ana home, he kisses Ana for the first time in the Heathman Hotel elevator, proclaiming ‘fuck the paperwork’, before doing so. When arriving at Ana & Kate’s old apartment, he & Ana catch Kate & Elliot on the couch, where Christian swiftly moves the conversation along telling Elliot they have to go. Turning to Ana, he uses for the first time what will become one of his staple catchphrases of the trilogy, ‘laters baby’. Later on when in the company of Christian, she is taken to Escala in Seattle via Christian’s helicopter, Charlie Tango. After a brief discussion of his go-to style of sexual performance & a quick NDA signature from Ana, Christian gives Ana a tour of the apartment, including introducing her to the ‘Red Room of Pain’ for the very first time. Ana not long later clarified that she’s had zero sexual experience what so ever, to which Christian replies with rectifying the situation. Cue ‘Salted Wound’ by Sia 🖤 || grey darker freed eljames fiftyshades fiftyshadesofgrey fsog grey fiftyshadesdarker fsd fiftyshadesfreed fsf fiftyshadestrilogy jamiedornan mrgrey latersbaby seattle vancouver anastasiagrey fsfdvdcountdown

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Esto es Franco. Franco es 51. Franco es un veterano de guerra quien fue adicto a comiendo rocas. Ahora, Franco es en clases de salud mental y lo conseguimos una casa. Franco trabajo a un clínica de veteranos de guerra como ayudante. seattle

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One girl can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one girl cannot make a team! If you can, write this in your journal. Let these words take up an entire two pages. This is a true reflection of the sisterhood. Looking forward to a sweet reunion. ❤️ maoteenlibertylake maoteenseattle maoteenwa missauburnot misspacificcoastot misscapitalcityotwa maotcolumbiabasin.wa mboteenwa jessica_hanson815 mwaoteenclarkcounty maoteenspokanevalley missspokanesot maoteenlacenter mtcoteenwa mwaoteengreatervancouver maoteencolumbiariver mwaoteenmasoncounty mavoteen_wa misstwinharborsot motgraysharborwa mwsoteenwa sisterhood love mywhy missemeraldcityot2019 mecot2019 teamseattle seattle maot services missamericasot misswashingtonot 52weeksofservice

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It's a small-ish city with a big-city feel, seattle

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Her majesty, in a majestic tree. ♡

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다 노잼이다

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Breakfast via single guy paper plates😉. Eggs with grated Gouda Cheese-Gouda has more Sodium than most cheese so it’s perfect to offset the creaminess of the Eggs. Avocado-the most perfect food on Earth. Orange Slices Pecans Do Not skip Breakfast 🍳 or your Metabolism will slow down. Starvation never works and, keep in mind, your body has been without food all night so it’s imperative you fuel your body. The only time I don’t eat breakfast is if I am over by 20lbs and I wake and go directly to the gym without eating so I can immediately burn stored fat. Healthy Fat is the best Energy Source and provides your body with 2x the energy of protein or Carbohydrate. Include Protein, Healthy Fat and Carbohydrates from Plants not a Box in your Lifestyle. No such thing as Diet on Team Pitfit, it’s a Lifestyle. What you eat determines everything. Follow me and you will never use the word “diet” again. Have a Great Day. KG💪🏼🐾💪🏼🔨☘️ personaltrainer fitness nutrition food healthy healthyfood japan brussels belgium oslo seattle norway london uk phoenix greece england puertorico mexico spain germany berlin russia moscow poland warsaw austria japan us