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3 days ago

I am a journalist and when i joined this field till now I have faced gender discrimination alot. And i literally don't understand WHY ? Kuch na kuch bolna zaroori hai especially ke yeh larkon ke kam hai larkiyan itni nazuk hoti hai pressure nahi leysakti. Shifts manage nahi karsakti etc And most important thing yeh larki ho ke agy kese barh sakti hai? Humse zayada kam kese karsakti hai? humse zayada pay kese leysakti hai? Matlab Hello bhai sahab apka masla kya hai??? workingwomen womenfashion womenempowerment womensupportwomen workingirl genderdiscrimination genderdisappointment professionaljealousy professionally professionalbehavior menswillbemens hate hatersbelike hatersgonnahate worklife workoutroutine journalist journalism lifestyleblogger passion Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

4 days ago

Phopho - I thought this term is specifically used for Girls/ Ladies who interface in your life out of nowhere but now my point of view is changed Boys/ Men are more capable of being phopho nowadays. Bilawaja criticize aur taunt karna mardon ki bhi khaslat hai mujy samaj nahi ata jab koi apse baat nahi karta, na apki dosti hai, na professionally koi lena dena tu phir apka masla kya hai???? Have you ever face a Male Phopho? PC: anum_anu_ professionally phopho phophoaway taunt criticism lifehitshard lifehitslikeabitch praise hate hatersgonnahate hatersbelike Karachi lifestyleblogger passion love hope failure sucess instafashion instalife Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

6 days ago

I wish i have superpowers so that I can change things around me, go back to time or see future. Have healing power, can disappear from one place and appear in a new city new place or I can fly far away. I know these all are just my imaginations but i just wish ke asa hojaye. Have you ever got these random thoughts ? PC: munirrahool future past present fly timemachine far disappeared superpower random thoughts powerpuffgirls power throughmyeyes thoughtoftheday lifehacks lifehitshard lifehitslikeabitch fashionblogger foodblogger lifestyleblogger futurediary Superstar superpowerstoys Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 week ago

Nothing is more beautiful than having siblings around you. No matter what they will always hold your hand tight, make you laugh and will love you unconditionally. I love you to the moon and back and I will stand by your side till my last breath. ❤ nationalsiblingday growingupwithsiblings siblinggoals siblingslove siblingsbelike siblingphotography loveyoutothemoonandback familygoals familycomesfirst familyphotography familie lifestyleblogger familylife relationshipmatters relationshipgoals Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 week ago

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings ever and knowing that you’re going to spend your entire life with that person, is a feeling you cannot define. You want to embark on a beautiful journey as soon as you can, without wasting a second. MASHALLA ❤ relationshipquotes relationshipmatters relationshipmanagement couplestyle couplequotes couplestuff relationshipgoals couplething relationshiprules familygoals familylife instafashion loveatfirstsight lifestyleblogger inspiration loveyoutothemoonandback instalife familycomesfirst Karachi Pakistaniblogger couplelove Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

I love my long hairs, especially when I open them wearing Saarie but it's very difficult to maintain and carry them. I usually straighten or curls my hairs at occasions and I think that's the best hairstyles I can make. I seriously need some tips to pull off my hair in different styles. All the suggestions are welcomed. hairstyles hair haircolor haircut hairy hairgrowth hairgoals hairextensions hairoftheday hairstylist hairdresser hairstyling hairclips haircare hairtutorial pulloff maintain carry curlyhair curlyhairstyles curls straighthair straightened straighthair straighthairstyles straightup Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

I often want to run away from everything around me. And i literally think that i know a perfect place to run. A place far away from the hassles of life. But the next through i have is that is it even possible for me? Have eve life depressed you this much ? lifehitslikeabitch lifehitshard running dissappoint disappointment harddays hardluck hate failure passion inspiration inspirationalquotes instagram loveyourself depression depressionhelp place hassle talent expose instalife lifeisstrange lifehithard Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17 lifestyleblogger PC: anum_anu_ Shirt changeclothings

2 weeks ago

Every relationship has ups and downs. There are times that you will fight and have few misunderstandings. But despite everything, you will always find a way to make it work and falling in love with each other again and again. relationshipquotes relationshipgoals couplesgoals couplething relationshipmanagement marriedatfirstsight loveatfirstsight couplequotes couplestuff relationshipmatters relationshipadvice love fight mood familygoals family familycomesfirst familylife Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

Ever since i came into my senses till now i never ever smile while saying 'Cheese' because i know i doesn't look good flashing my teeth while smiling. But recently I took this picture and i think i doesn't look bad at all. Thori si dil ko tasali howi. What do you think guys? smile believeinyourself believe lifehacks lifehitshard smilemore fear saycheese teeth teethgoals cheeks passion lifestyleblogger lifehitshard lifehitslikeabitch motivation inspiration Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 weeks ago

Sometimes in life, you get sick of everything and you want to run away, no matter how far you have come because of your struggles. No matter how hard you have fallen for your loved ones, no matter how long you have been running towards your destiny. Sometimes you just want to stop and disappear in the middle of nowhere. But then magically a good luck happens and no matter how dishearten are you, you look up and thanks to ALLAH for turning a new leaf. lifeisbeautiful Allhamdulliah lifehitshard lifestyleblogger foodblogger flowergoals flowering flowerlove struggle challenges passion destination goodluck hardwork hardluck magically life love failure flowerstagram flowery loveones Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago has launched their new Exclusive perfume for both male and female. The perfume has pleasant fragrance and stays for long time. Price: 4100Rs Thankyou WBbyHemani for inviting me and for the goodie bag. Check out more videos of the event on my Instatory and do visit their store to grab one for you. wbbrand WBstores hemaniherbal wbbyhemani perfumes exclusive WaseemBadami frangnance fragnancelover fragnanceofnature fragnanceoftheday perfumecollection perfumelovers forhim forher flowergoals flowering Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17 LuckyOne

1 month ago

Just because I am talking to you doesn't mean I am flirting with you. This is very common in our society people think that if a girl is talking to a guy it definitely means she is flirting with him. Thankyou edenrobe for giving me a platform to raise my voice! I nominate thegentlewoman_anny zarasinspirations ohmymascarapk grammedbyroo msmadihasheikh to support the cause! edenrobe edenrobewoman LetWomenBe edenrobeXsana womenempowerment womenintheword womensupportingwomen womenhelpingwomen sheislight sheisbeautiful sheisnotlost Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Me along with my family went to secondwife restaurant to celebrate my Parent's Anniversary. We ordered Chicken Makhani Karhai and Malai boti the food was really delicious. But before having the food we have to wait one hour outside (In waiting area) coz they don't have enough space to accommodate us. Which was quite irritating. Have you visited SecondWifeResturant ? food foodies foodinsta foodchallenge Foodforlife foodforthought foodforfoodies foodinsta foodstagram fooddrink foodlife foodlover foodparty foodiesofinstagram karhai chickenkarhai malaiboti parathas garlicnan foodisfuel foodporn Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Wedding season is on peak so my sister decided to colour her hair and whats better than garnierpakistan hair colour. The 1st picture is Before colouring her hair and the second is After the colour. Believe me the shine and softness of her hair after colouring was absolutely Amazing. Have you ever coloured your hair? Garnierpakistan haircolorist Garniercolornaturals MeraFavourite hairgame Favouriteoccasion hairtrends hairsalon hairbrained haircut hairdressing haircare hairgoals hairoftheday hairstyles hairday hairgrowth hairstyles hairideas hairtransformation hairartist haircolorideas Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

ہر شعبۂ سماج میں ترقی کے یکساں مواقع۔۔۔ A few words of mine on this Womensday Published on Express Newspaper womenempowerment womenhelpingwomen womensupportingwomen WomensDay womenshistorymonth womensdaycelebration womensmarch womenintheword internationalwomensday internationalwomensday2019 sheisnotlost sheislight powertoher sheisbeautiful Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17 motherdaughter sisterhood sisterfromanothermother

1 month ago

It's my Jhait and Jithani's wedding anniversary today. We brought Cheese cake from pieintheskycafe and it was absolutely delicious. The cake consists five different layers and it was too heavy to eat at once. Do you like Cheese cake ? cakedecorating cakephotography cakeoftheday sweetnesscake sweetness sweettooth sweetlife sweetnessoverload sweettreats cakesofinstagram cakelover cheesegoals choclate chocolatetreat choclatechips choclatecake choclatelove chocolatetreat Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

She always stand my by side, treat me like a sister and leave to leaf turn to help me. And yes she is my Jithani uroojjj87 . In my family all the Bahu's are friend more than typical dewarani jithani relation and now we are also in the same track together. Do you have a Jithani like this? Or any Bahu/ Bhabi in your family who is your Bff ? relationship relationshipsbelike familytime FamilyGoals familylife familycomesfirst dewarani jithani relationshipsmatters familyphotoshoot bffsforever friendsforlife sistersquad sisterfromanothermother Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

It's a stress to think what to cook daily but now i got the solution. malkafoods are offering wide range of masala for a new dish everyday. Thankyou soniyapervaiz_ and malkafoods for sending me this i will surely make one and review them as well. food foodies foodstagram foodinsta Foodforlife foodparty masala biryani redchilli dehlinehari spices KuchNayaPakao MalkaFoods biryanilove biryanirice biryanitime spicegirls cookingtime cooking cookingtips cookingvideo Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Although my niece's birthday is on 26th and my Nephew's birthday was on 19th February but we decided to celebrate on this weekend. The cake was from pieintheskycafe and it was absolutely delicious. Are you a cake lover ? cakedecorating cakeoftheday cakesofinstagram cakelover cakestyle cakephotography sweetnesscake sweetness sweettooth sweetlife sweetnessoverload sweettreats desssert dessertporn dessertpic desserttable delicious choclatecake foodstagram food foodies foodisfuel Foodforlife foodforthought foodlover foodilicous foodintheair Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17