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2 days ago

I am in love with thebodyshoppakistan Clearly Glossing Conditioner. I am using it from past few days and the results are good. My hairs are shinny and soft. And apart from everything I have fallen for its fragnance. The conditioner is especially for Dull hairs. If you have dull hair then give it a try. haircare conditioning conditioner dullhair dullhairnomore hairgrowth hairgoals hairdorables haircolor fragrancecollection strawberries shinnyhairs thebodtshop shinninghair softhairs hair hairstagram hairdresser hairdressing hairideas Karachi hairlooks hairlove Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 days ago

Went to dthaliland yesterday and had an amazing expirence of Thali food. If you are a fan of Rajasthani thali then you must visit them. Swipe ➡ to see the chef explaining What's inside Thali. Detail review comming soon. PC: amaanhaiderofficial bigblogbox mkabirkx bigflagmedia dthaliland dthaliland bigblogbox bigblogboxbykk mkabirkx bigflagmedia thali food foodies foodiesofinstagram foodslime foodfoodfood khausay thalifood thalilover foodporn foodiesofindia foodforfoodie foodstagram foodforthought foodpornshare Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

4 days ago

I am trying to learn different eye makeup these days. So yesterday I went to family event and created this eyelook. It took me more than half hour to create this look from rivajcosmetic palette glitters. Suggestions and tips are welcomed! Also kindly recommend me some good eye palette and things for brows. eyemakeuplooks eyemakeuptutorial eyemakeup eyelinertattoo eyelashes eyeliner eyebrows eyeshadowpalette eyemakeupideas beautylover eyemakeuptips beautyhacks beautyproducts beautybloggers Karachi eyemakeupgoals pakistanilooks pakistanitalent Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

5 days ago

Went to attend an event today and they gave a box to all bloggers as a thankyou gesture. When I opened thr box it was filled with all my favourite jelly, biscuits, candies etc which reminds me of my childhood memories. I still buy boxes of chocolates, jelly, biscuits, bubbles etc in my monthly grocery. And why not I am always in love with candies 😊 Thankyou candylandpk and walnutpk for the yummy goodies box. candy goodies biscuit chips jelly bubble toffee choclate chocolatelove food foodies sweetooth sweetnessoverload sweetlover sweettreats sweetlife dessertporn yummymummies foodiesofinstagram foodgasm foodforfoodie foodforthought foodporn Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

6 days ago

Sometimes you doesn't need words to express your love to those who are your lifeline. My siblings and my husband I don't know how I will survive without you guys. Who will bear my madness, my stupidity, my anger and all the silly things I do. In this world full of people who are with you just because unka koi kam nikalraha hai apse, wahan apnon ki qadar karein. Coz whatever happens they will always stand for you and will love you unconditionally ❤ Bs ab bohat tarfein hogai. This picture taken at a farmhouse near baqai university. I will soon share the review about this place. How many siblings do you guys have? Obviously I won't ask about husband/ wife coz wo tu Ek hi achy 😜 loveyoutothemoonandback siblingsbelike sisterlocks siblingslove sisterhood siblingsday siblinggoals sistergoals brotherandsister husbandwife couplestuff couplestyle relationshipmatters relationshipmanagement relationshipposts appreciatewhatyouhave appreciationpost marriedatfirstsight marriedwoman marriagegoals relationshipgoals relationshipbelile Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 week ago

I can't control myself when it comes to Limca. You all must be aware of limca flavoured drink mixed in soda. Lima comes with alot of flavours but my favourite is peeach and pakola. I always find limca refreshing and it's better than coldrinks. Have you tried limca? Which flavor do you like? limca limcalove flavor peeach pakola blueberry cola flavours food foodies drink drinking drinkup instafashion instalife coldrinks lifestyleblogger refreshing Karachi islamabadbloggers karachibloggers lahorebloggers rose orange pineapple apple mango Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 week ago

I saw a lot of beauty bloggers using tartecosmetics concealer so I thought why not give it a try. I brought Trate shape tape contour concealer in biscuit shade. Used it twice and so far I liked it. Before this I used a local concealer and my experience wasn't good. I am still up for more good concealer suggestions. Have you used tartecosmetics ? concealer concealers makeuplooks makeupparty eyemakeuplooks eyemakeup eyeliner eyemakeup makeup makeupoftheday makeuptime beautyproducts beauty contouring contour correcteur beautyhacks beautylover products glamour style fashion Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 week ago

This post is specifically about my feelings nowadays. I felt like everyday is like a circle for me, I woke up and repeat same routine literally every single day, like a loop, I want things to end to change but nothing is happening. People say time passes very quickly but for me it's stuck. I count every minute, every hour till the next day starts. I have lost my Purpose. Everyday I am loosing hope, I feel bound by unknown forces, shattered, exhausted, depressed. I want to runaway from my surroundings. I praying to Allah to guide and direct me to the right path of my life. I think every person in his/ her life comes to this point. Have you ever felt like this? lifehacks lifelessons lifehitshard lifeproblem lifehitslikeabitch lifestyle lifestyleblogger passion love hope sacrificed lifeisstrange depressionhelp depression stress stressrelief guide pray day loop helpwanted purposeoflife Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 week ago

My day sums up with cooking and serving Fried rice and Manchurian. I love to cook for my family but sometimes it requires alot of efforts and time. I live in a joint family system, four families together so khana ek hi jaga banta hai for everyone. So you guys can understand the amont of cooking we do daily. But when everyone loves your food tu khushi hi alag hoti hai. Are you a Chinese lover? What did you cook today? friedrice manchurian chinese chicken chinesedish chinesefood food foodies cookingtime cookinglover cookinglife marriage householdhacks housewife householdaffairs householdbundles foodporn foodpost foodiesofinstagram foodblogger foodbeast foodslime foodforthought foodforfoodie foodfoodfood Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

I had a chit chat session with my maid today. She not an aged woman she is a girl with alot of ambitions and dreams. She is learning stitching, cooking and taking Makeup classes. She said Api I want to change my life, we don't have enough money so i can't study after 10th class but I am doing courses and learning new things so I can change my life. I am working to pay my fees, I don't want to overburden my mother. I really appreciate her. She didn't gave me the excuses for not having money or she is not educated isi liye wo yeh kam majboori mein karahi hai. I was very happy and I said jab seekh jao tu meri Mehndi lagadena. We need to appreciate these people around us. Jis tarhan hamari zara sakti inka dil dukhati hai usi tarhan hamare chand alfaz inki hosla barha sakty hain. womensupportwomen womenempowerment womenhelpingwomen womenempoweringwomen made hardluck hardwork passion love hope dreamer sacrificed lifelessons lifehacks lifehitshard dreams lifehitslikeabitch lifeproblem Karachi Pakistaniblogger motivation inspirational Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

pakistanlifestylefurnitureexpo was one of the biggest home and office furniture expo. There were so many distinctive attractions like lamps, crystal showpiece, rugs etc which was eye-catching and you would love to buy them without giving a second thought. Swipe ➡ to see the beautiful decoration pieces. plfe2k19 thebloghouse furnitureexpo decor furniturerestoration furnishing furnituredesign decoration furnituremakeover furnishings decorationideas lamp lamps showpiece rugs carpet crystal Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

What's better than having a cool glass of sugarcane juice in hot summers. Me and my mom was going for shopping when we saw a cart of sugarcane and we stopped. It was just 20Rs per glass. Also mujy theley se cheezein kareed kar khane mein koi masla nahi hai 😜 Do you like sugarcane juice? sugarcane sweetooth sugarcanejuice sugarcanejuice juicewrld juice juiceworld juices cane sugar sweetenertour sweetnessoverload sweettreats sweetlover summervibes summerstyle summers summersgoals juicelover Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

If you want to buy good branded furniture with reasonable price then you must visit pakistanlifestylefurnitureexpo You will find 50 furniture brands each with unique design. So if you want your furniture to standout In front of all your relatives then you should rush now! From furniture to wedding, office to home you will find furniture for every place with up to 50% discount. Isn't it Amazing? Swipe ➡ to see a glimpse of these beautiful bedsets. It is the biggest home and office furniture expo, held at Expo center Karachi from 28th to 30th June. thebloghouse plfe2k19 furnitureexpo furniture furnituredesign instalife furnituremakeover furniturerestoration expo furnituremaker weddinginspiration home office Karachi design furnishing designlife designerfurniture designer lifestyleblogger unique Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

Hum hazaron khuwab sajaty hain, unhi khuwabon mein apni dunya basaty hain, un ke liye mehnat karty hain, likin yeh dunya kisi bhi haal mein jeene nahi deti, sab kuch cheen leti hai. Yeh koi umar hai khuwab dekhne ki? Yeh sab karne ke kam hai kya? If people around us will try to push us down then what else matter? But on other hand I have seen people have lived their dream and sacrifice their lives for it. And now they are living a perfect life. So why do we need to listen people around us, why do we care, khul ke jiyo and khuwab dekho kyu yehi khuwab ek din tumhein dunya ke samane surkhuro karwaengy. Have you face trouble living your dream? lifelessons lifehitslikeabitch lifehacks lifegoals lifehitshard lifeproblem lifeisgood motivation instafit instalife inspirationalquotes lifeisstrange dream dreams dreamcatcher dreamer passion love hope sacrificed Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 weeks ago

How to you pass you free time? I literally wanna know guys, I am free at home these days and mujse waqat nahi kat raha. Even after doing all household chores, like cleaning room, dusting, cooking and choty choty kam, poora din kya karun ? Days have never been so long like this, I don't have any purpose right now, I just have to kill time and it's getting difficult day by day. Pls books read karne ka koi na boley mujy shoq nahi hai. Any suggestions guys ? Shirt beechtree_pk Jeans hilter_pk Shoes stylopk lifelessons lifehacks lifehitshard lifeproblem lifehitslikeabitch purposes timeless time killingtime bored boredaf boring boringlife lifeisstrange suggestions instamusic instalife inspirationalquotes motivationalquotes marriedlife householdhacks cookingtime housewife marriagegoals workingirl Karachi worklife Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 weeks ago

I went to Alladin Amusement park recently. I was surprised to know that they were charging 50Rs instead of 10Rs. When I asked them why then the guys said Baji 10Rs is entry and 40Rs for utility. I thought pata nahi maintainance hogi bhi ya nahi because I went Alladin after years, but surprisingly it was all clean even the bathrooms were also cleaned. If you are the one who loves to ride then you must purchase wrist band of 300Rs it includes 10 -12 rides which is very reasonable. We went on weekend and were expecting it a family day but it wasn't. Everyone was welcomed, alteast the management should restrict weekends as family days. Rest everything was good and we enjoyed. Have you ever been to Alladin Amusement park ? alladinamusementpark parks rides weekends familytime familyfun clean bathrooms ticket wristband parktime parksandrecreation greenery fun funtime cousins cousinsforlife ridesafe Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 weeks ago

These days I have taken off from work due to some personal reason. And everytime I stay at home I realise that being an housewife you work 24×7/365 as compare or working women and men. Their is a list of household chores you have to do and it will never ever comes to end. And if you don't have a helping hand such as a made/ massi then it becomes more difficult to manage everything. Being a working and married women I can imagine the amount of work and stress we go through. We want or not kam tu karna hi hai. This post is all about appreciating housewives all around the world. Every women diserves a medal for dedicating her life serving her family and not getting any reward or salary In return. Hats off 👏👏👏👏 womensupportwomen womenempowerment womenhelpingwomen householdbundles housewife household chores worklife workingirl workingwomen marriage marriedforlife marriedlife marriagegoals workhard householdaffairs householditems householdhacks women womanlikeme housewives marriedcouple lifehacks karachibloggers Karachi islamabadbloggers lahorebloggers lifestyleblogger Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 weeks ago

Kabhi asa time aya hai life mein when you realise no matter how many people are standing with you it doesn't matter coz in the end it's your own fight. You have to take the decision, you have to overcome all the obstacle of life and you have to make a choice for yourself. Everyone is fighting for something, money, power, love or even life. In short humein khud hi larna parta hai bus Allah pe bharosa zaroori hai so he can direct us to the right path. lifehacks lifestyleblogger lifelessons lifegoals trust lifehitshard lifeisgood passion lifeproblem lifehitslikeabitch hatersbelike hatersgonnahate believeinyourself believe motivation inspiration hardluck hate love hope loveyourself Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 weeks ago

Went to howdykarachi yesterday with my Miyan ji. We order 'Son of the Bun" double beef patty and 'Fandango' stay mild double chicken patty with cream white sauce along with curly fries. Mine was Fandango, I was full after eating half burger and 2 curly fries. Taste was amazing but because of the sauces both burgers were soggy and it was difficult to hold them. Over all it was a good expirence. The manager also gave us complimentary fries. howdypakistan has opened their first brand in luckyonepk and second in DHA. Have you tried howdykarachi yet ? food foodies foodfoodfood burger foodbeast burgerholic foodiesofinstagram foodgasm foodforfoodie foodlover foodlife foodgasam foodforthought lahorebloggers islamabadbloggers karachibloggers foodporn foodpornshare Karachi foodblogger Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 weeks ago

If you use facepowder daily then I will definitely suggest you guys to use glamorous_face_makeup Perfect Natural UV Oil Free Foundation. It contains SPF 35, it's won't give you a heavy look, it blends with your skin and last but not least it's very Cheap, I guess only 300Rs. I use number 01 it matches my skin tone. It have six more shades. Have you ever tried glamorous_face_makeup products? facepowder face faceproducts facetime foundation shades products glamoursface makeuplooks makeupparty makeupideas makeupartist makeupfixing makeupoftheday uv oilfree spf35 perfectnatural karachibloggers instamusic lahorebloggers instafashion islamabadbloggers Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 weeks ago

When you are trying to click a Eid picture and you ended like this 😁 iamaqsaaayyyyyyyyyy remember these precious moments, when we were so happy together! Professional life without your supportive Bff is literally nothing. These people are gem. They always stand with you no matter you right or wrong. They will always be on your back. friendsforlife friendshipgoals👭 friendshipquotes friendswithoutbenefits friendsday friendships friendshipgoals💯 officestyle officedairs officedecor officeday Karachi karachibloggers islamabadbloggers lahorebloggers Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

3 weeks ago

One of my friend said, "Koi tumhare hath se cheen sakta hai likin tumhari Qismat se nahi" And he was absolutely right. These days some people are hitting on me, they are trying so hard. So yeah the reason is they want me to Quit. I also want to quit but not because of their cheap tricks but with dignity and my own choice. What should I do guys ? lifehacks lifelessons lifegoals lifehitshard lifeproblem lifehitslikeabitch lifeisstrange cheappeople passion life hatersbelike hatersgonnahate hatemyjob choice people lahorebloggers snakes fakepeoplebelike fake islamabadbloggers karachibloggers peoplepower Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

4 weeks ago

It's not easy to stay in a situation you hate a lot. Especially when you know you have to face that situation every single day, yes I mean everyday. I am in this situation and I just have two options left. 1- I should continue hating my surroundings and blame people. 2- I should accept it. Think how to solve it and it might be Azmaaish from Allah. But choosing second option is very hard. I am not good at Sabar, I just want to run away or wake up next morning and say what a bad dream. But asa nahi hai. I am so pissed off these days. Have you ever been in this situation? lifelessons lifehacks lifegoals lifehitshard lifeproblem lifeisgood lifehitslikeabitch lifeisstrange hatersbelike hate hatersgonnahate hatemondays everything everyday situations hardluck harddays hardtimes lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

4 weeks ago

I went to nearby park with my Jithani and her . I usually don't go to nearby parks, but these taught me that it's not necessary to go at Lavish parks and other places, you can also find peace and get refresh at unknown places. And this little cutie posing behind me is my nephew. Have you ever being to nearby parks ? parks parktime familytime familylove familyfun familyfirst greenery grass grassilakes grassisgreener swings naturalbeauty naturelovers natures nature_photo Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

My father was working at Muscat, he came at my birth and went back again. In a year me and my mother also went to Muscat. Me and my father wasn't friends because I have never seen him after my birth so I wasn't use too of his presence. So my father used a trick, when he came back from work he take my out to beach and buy me a juice. This happens daily and literally after few days I started waiting for him so we can spend time together and that's how we became friends. Happy Father's day. Abbu I love you unconditionally ❤ This picture is taken at a Mehndi function. I am so blessed to have parents like you. Love you guys 😘😘😘😘😘 How is your relationship with your father? fathersdaygifts fathersday fatherslove parenting familytime familylife familylove familycomesfirst familyphotography familyfirst parentsbelike parentslove loveatfirstsight fatherbelike fathersdaughters love daughterfather daughters relationshipmatters daughterlove daughtergoals relationshipmanagement fatherdaughtergoals Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Celebrated Father's day exact at 12:00 AM last night. Abbu doesn't like chocolate cakes so we decided to order coffee cake from pieintheskycafe and he absolutely love it. The cake was rich, moist and not heavy at all. Sweet and bitter it got both the taste. Have you tried it ? fathersday fathersdaygifts sweetooth sweetenertour sweetnessoverload sweetenerworldtour sweettreats desserttable dessertrecipe dessertpic dessertporn desserttable desserttables food foodies cakedesigner cakedecorating cakephotography cakesmash coffee coffeecake foodblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Being a married and working women I am very active. I wake up early for office and after returning home I cook and do the rest of households chores. I never wanted to give up on anything never ever. But as the time passes I am getting tired. My energy is slowing down. I know I am getting older and that is the only reason I am getting tired. Sometimes I think Kash mujy super powers miljaye and I can do wonders because their is still a long to-do list People are suggesting me to start hitting gym and walk. Is this the only way out ? Suggestions needed! marriedforlife marriedlife marriedatfirstsight workingirl workingwomen workoutroutine housewife householdbundles household chores gym gymmotivation gymlife workout energy time Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

We don't have same working hours, we don't do breakfast lunch or dinner together nor we have same department, we literally get just few minutes to talk to eachother and sometimes we don't even meet for days but still we are connected to eachother with a bond of friendship. So blessed to have you guys around me 💕 Btw this picture is from 1st day after Eid. Eidulfitar2019 eidmubarak friendsforlife friends lunch friendswithoutbenefits friendshipquotes dinner breakfast friendshipgoals👭 officedecor officedairs Bolistan eiddays eidoutfit eid2019 officestyle gathering people girls girlsquad girlstyle instafashion instalife lifestyleblogger Blogging blogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

It was too hot today. I went outsite for a meeting around 3:00 PM and return on 5:00 PM and literally I was about to fade. When I returned home I got headache, dehydrated and my head was moving round. Heard the news that heatwave will continue till 16th of June and temperature will feel like 47 to 50 degree Celsius. Allah hum sab pe Rehem kare. Pls stay safe, drink water and hydrated guys! heatwave weather headache environment hot heat temperature celsius degree hydrated hydratelike safe drinkwater lifehacks waters hotweather☀️ lifehitshard lifestyleblogger lifelessons heathen weatherford met news Karachi Pakistan Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Thank you pondspk for sending me this White Beauty Kit. The kit includes my favourite Ponds white beauty facewash, white beauty cream, darazpk voucher and a Boarding Pass to fly Dubai (Only of I will be shortlisted). Hope to win this trip ✈ TENsionfree PondsPakistan ponds whitebeauty fairness fairnesscream spotless spotlessskin facewash deadskin glowingskin massage skincaretips skincareregime skincare skin skingoals skinhealth skincareroutine lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Let's talk about crtisisism and taunt we hear in our routine life. There are alot of people around you who are not happy with you or either anyone else at all. They love to poke their nose in every situation. Matlab kisi bhi baat se koi lena dena ho ya na ho bus muft ke mashoorey dena zaroori hain. Yes sometimes it's hard to deal with these types of people but I prefer to ignore them most of the time ya jab pani sir se guzar jaye tu I clap back. How do you guys deal with these people ? Shirt 👚 gulahmedfashion PC: anum_anu_ lifehacks lifelessons lifehitshard lifeproblem lifehitslikeabitch people criticism passion love hope hardluck hate deal instalife blogger lifestyleblogger hatersbelike hatersgonnahate instafashion pokeyournose clapback taunt Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

I brought this three earnings set from SalmaSuperMart few days before Eid! Opened it on Eid and just wore for a day and it's colours was completely gone. Even I was feeling pain in my ears when I took them off. I am not brand conscious at all I buy whatever I like. I have brought jewellery from Chaseup and Imtiaz, their quality was really good. I am completely disappointed with the quality of products and I will never recommend anyone to buy Jewellery from Salma Super Mart. jewelleryaddict jewellery jewellerydesign Eidulfitar2019 jewellerymaker jewellerylover earings earingslover goldencolour eidmubarak earingswag Karachi eidcollection eidmubarak Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

May this Eid brings Allah's endless blessings, happiness, and good health. I pray that these and other blessings of Allah Kareem be with you and your family today, tomorrow and always. EID MUBARAK to you and your family. Outfit 👗 bonanza.satrangi bonanzaofficial How is your Eid going so far ? Eidulfitar2019 eidcollection dresses eidmubarak eiddays bonanzasatrangi redandnlue shades instamusic instafashion fashionblogger lifestyleblogger dressing eidoutfit eidoutfit eid2019 eiddress Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Eid is incomplete without a good hair colour. So why not colour your hair this Eid ? I coloured my sister's hair with Garnier Colour Naturals garnierpakistan to gave her a new look. Swipe ➡to see before and after pictures. No filter is used. Garnierpakistan Garniercolornaturals MeraFavourite eid LotusPR haircare haircolor hairlook colours hairstyles dye black brown hairclips hairstyling haircut hairgoals hairgrowth hairoftheday hairextensions colouring instafashion instafit instalife Karachi Eidulfitar2019 eidi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Went to regentplaza today for Iftar and dinner. Their were Chana chatt, fruit chatt, dahi bondi, roll, samosa, pakore and even gol gappy in Iftaar. Main course includes fried rice, biryani, live karhai, fish curry, malai boti, kababs, fried fish, pasta and much more. Can't remember names now. Their was a salad and dessert bar as well. Over all it was a good experience. We were sitting in open area near pool side and Shukar Allah it was not hot at all. food foodies foodfoodfood foodlife foodforthought foodiesofinstagram foodtruck foodforfoodie foodlover foodpornshare iftar iftaari dinner regentplaza chat saladrecipe fruits salad environment instafashion foodblogger instalife instafit Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Fragnances are my weakness especially sweet and flowery one. When I received 'Roma' from edenrobebeauty I fell in love with it. The cute little bottle in pink shade contain sweet and flowery fragnance. Once you will smell it you will feel like walking in a garden full of flowers. Do you like flowery and sweet fragrances? perfume fragnances fragnanceaddicted Insta fragnancelover lifestyleblogger fragrancecollection perfumería perfumecollection perfumista frasesmotivadoras Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

I went to lnhmc hospital today due to some family emergency I have to stay their for Ifaar. I was all alone and was missing my family badly. Suddenly A Hindu lady (we communicate early today in morning) gave me a box of Biryani and said ap Roza iftaar karlein. I refuse her but at the end I took it. She was like meri ghar qareeb hota tu khud Iftaar bana ke lati yeh tu sawab ka kam hai. Then just before Azaan A Afghani family called me to have Iftaar with them. And they were so happy that I joined them. I was really happy that people are so generous in this Holy month. They don't even bother what Religion, cast or sect you belong we all were sitting together and having Iftaar. Their were a bunch of guys as well who were serving Iftaari and dinner for every single person. And yes I didn't miss my family then. My heart was filled with alot of respect. Like this Holy month please hold eachothers hand, forgive and forget bad things. If we will stand together no matter what we can't fail. ramadandecorations ramazan🌙 ramazanmubarak ramazani liaquatnationalhospital people hindu muslim afghani hospital generously familycomesfirst familytime hospitallife familylife hospitalbed celebration hatersbelike hatersgonnahate people unite food foodies iftar iftaari holymonth Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

repost sidrastic17 ・・・ I always have a loving relationship with cookies. I still remember my childhood when I ran into supermarket and grab boxes of Cookies. Thankyou bisconnicraving and doubleclickpk for sending me these delicious Craving Cookies as an Eid Gift and sending me back to my childhood memories. Also I love all the five flavours Peanuts, Zeera, Coconut, Butter and milk and I am going to eat them all. MehaktiYaadonKaMaza CravingCookies cookies cookiesofinstagram cookiesart peanut butter milk zeera coconut childhoods boxes Eidgift Eidulfitar2019 eidmubarak childhoodmemories childhoodlove cookielove cookiedecorating cookiedough Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Actually it's was an Arabic dish Murtabak, which contains beef qeema and egg but I have modified it. My Murtabak contains chicken, cheese, capsicum, carrots, green onion and macaroni. And believe me it was delicious. Have you heard about Murtabak or ever tried it ? Murtabak murtabakcrackers food foodies foodforthought foodiesofinstagram foodography foodforfoodie foodlover foodporn ramazan🌙 ramazanmubarak cookingvideo instafashion healthyfoodrecipes foodtruck cookingtime healthyfood foodpornshare cooking foodblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Reposted from sidrastic17 - I always have a loving relationship with cookies. I still remember my childhood when I ran into supermarket and grab boxes of Cookies. Thankyou bisconnicraving and doubleclickpk for sending me these delicious Craving Cookies as an Eid Gift and sending me back to my childhood memories. Also I love all the five flavours Peanuts, Zeera, Coconut, Butter and milk and I am going to eat them all. MehaktiYaadonKaMaza CravingCookies cookies cookiesofinstagram cookiesart peanut butter milk zeera coconut childhoods boxes Eidgift Eidulfitar2019 eidmubarak childhoodmemories childhoodlove cookielove cookiedecorating cookiedough Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17 - regrann

1 month ago

I always have a loving relationship with cookies. I still remember my childhood when I ran into supermarket and grab boxes of Cookies. Thankyou bisconnicraving and doubleclickpk for sending me these delicious Craving Cookies as an Eid Gift and sending me back to my childhood memories. Also I love all the five flavours Peanuts, Zeera, Coconut, Butter and milk and I am going to eat them all. MehaktiYaadonKaMaza CravingCookies cookies cookiesofinstagram cookiesart peanut butter milk zeera coconut childhoods boxes Eidgift Eidulfitar2019 eidmubarak childhoodmemories childhoodlove cookielove cookiedecorating cookiedough Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

I went to in Sehri and believe me I fell in love with their pizzas. We order Creamy Ranch and Fajita. Ranch is always my favourite. There crush was so crispy and fresh. Have you ever being to for Sehri ? food foodies ranch foodforthought foodbeast pizzaporn foodfoodfood pizzalove pizzaparty pizzaporn foodiesofinstagram foodforfoodie creamy foodstagram crispy foodgasm foodblogger pizzapalette pizzatime lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

I am blessed to have my both Jithani's they are like my sisters. Even sometimes I wonder what if they were not part of this family. I literally can't survive a day without them. They both are very helpful, take care of my silly mistakes and always being helping hand for me. And meri fuzool batein bhi sunti hain. I love you both 😘 Do you have Jithani? And how is your relationship with her ? relationshipquotes relationshipmatters relationshipmanagement relationshipbelile relationshiplove jithani jithanidewarani dewarani relationshipgoals familytime relationshipadvice familylife familygoals familyfirst jointfamilysystem familyfun instamusic instafashion lifehacks lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Time is flying Few days ago it was 1st Roza and tomorrow it will be 20th. We awaits for Ramazan whole year and now it's coming to end. I am not a good person when it comes to anger. I become outspoken, harsh and rude. So this Ramazan my goal is to control my anger. What'syour goal /resolution? ramadandecorations Ramazankareem harsh rude happy sad ramazan🌙 human passion love hope goal resolution lifestyleblogger humanity kindness food foodies ramazanmubarak Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

I am addicted to wax strips. They are easy to use and hassle free. I went to imtiazsupermarketofficial and came across Lubna's Wonder Wax strips. I really like them first of all they are super cheap like 20pcs for Rs150 only. Also they comes with different colours and fragrances. This time I brought Rose. It also have Lemon and Alovera strips. Have you tried wax strips ? waxing bodywaxing wax hairremoval lemon rose alovera naturalremedy waxstrips unwantedhairs facewaxing wonderwax lubnas easy salon depilation lifehacks hacks lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

Being A married women I have realize that it's a blessing if your husband stands by your side. There are a lot of ups & down in a relationship and believe me it's not easy to deal with them. You get hurt, depress, cry and there are times when you are pissed off of everything. But you know what is important among all, your husband understands you, he care for you and no matter how difficult and stressful things get, he hold your hand tightly and say I am here for you. I just wanna appreciate and say thanks wajii9211 for always being there for me. I love you to the moon and back 😘 relationshipmatters couplething loveatfirstsight relationshipmanagement relationshipgoals couplestyle couplestuff couplelove couplegoals marriage loveyoutothemoonandback marriedlife marriedforlife maritalbliss maritalife relationshiprules lifelessons lifehitshard lifeproblem lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

This little one has a piece of my heart. He is my Nephew Bilal 😘 Kuch bachy ase hoty hain ke wo kuch bhi karlein apko unpe bilkul gussa nahi ata and you love them unconditionally. In fact sometimes I think mera beta hoga tu asa hi hoga. How do you feel about your niece and nephew ? family familytime familylife familygoals familycomesfirst nephew nephewlove instalife nephewsrock familyfirst instamusic relationshipmatters relationshipgoals chachi lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

I love blue eyeliner but it's not easy to find anything according to your desire. Finally i came across to Christine EY style waterproof eye liner. The colour is exactly the Blue I want but it is not waterproof as it said. If you will was your face it will remove with water. Can you guys suggest me a good waterproof and long lasting blue eyeliner? eyemakeup eyemakeuplooks eyemakeuptutorial eyelashes eyeliner eyelashextensions eyelinertutorial eyelinertattoo blueeyeliner blue waterproof makeuplooks makeupideas makeup makeupparty lifestyleblogger Karachi longlasting Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

1 month ago

You should compromise, you have to compromise or you should learn to compromise. Why Women ? Like why should we? Hamesha, har dafa, har bar, har muskil mein, har khushi mein KYU? I think every single women have listen these words in their life once or twice. Or more than that. If you are a women Is that necessary that you have to compromise on your dreams, goals, passion even your thought? People say things have change but I say nothing is changed! womenhelpingwomen compromised compromise womensupportwomen womenempowerment insta womenfashion passion love hope lifelessons lifegoals lifehitshard lifeisgood lifeisgood lifehitslikeabitch praise hope Karachi lifestyleblogger Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 months ago

چند روشن چہرے ترقی اور تبدیلی کے تاثر کو تقویت نہیں دے سکتے (my few words) مزید پڑھئے: womenhelpingwomen womensupportwomen womenfashion dailyexpress womanempowerment womanlikeme workingirl workingwomen passion lifelessons lifehacks inspiration lifehitshard womenempoweringwomen motivation article urduliterature writing writer lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 months ago

I love sweet and flowery frangnances. Brought this one 'Champagne Life' from minisopakistanofficial and it won my heart. I love it so much that I just use it occasionally. But the frangnance is not veryyyyy long lasting. It was around 700Rs. Which kinda frangnances do you like? perfume perfumecollection sweet flowerpower🌸 flowers perfumería fragnances fragnancelover miniso fragnanceaddicted champagnelife luxuryfragrance perfumery lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 months ago

Let's talk about households chores in Ramazan. Being a working and married women my Ramazan routine is very hectic. And daily at the end of day i am very tired. Ramazan is the month of Ibadaat but I feel the precious moments of Dua before iftaari is wasted in kitchen. Whether you are a Wife, Mother, Daughter or Sister I feel women become overburden in Ramazan. Do you feel the same? Ramazankareem ramadan2019 womenhelpingwomen womenempowerment womensupportwomen women morepowertoyou household householdbundles workingirl workingwomen lifelessons marriedlife familylife familygoals familytime lifestyleblogger Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17

2 months ago

I am really thankyou to Allah for giving me the best siblings. I don't know what it feels like being a single but i surely know that siblings are the best thing Allah have gave me and this Ramazan I am missing them alot😥 Sath Sehri Iftari hansi mazaq no matter how happy are you with your In laws you will always feel a gap and itni shiddat se yaad ati hai ke mat poocho Do you miss your family in Ramazan? familylife familygoals familycomesfirst siblingsbelike siblingslove siblingphotography familyphotography relationshipquotes lifestyleblogger lifelessons relationshipmatters siblingsday lifehacks lifegoals foodography happysiblingsday growingupwithsiblings Karachi Pakistaniblogger Sidrastic17