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3 weeks ago

Don't speak. Now mind your manners. And be respectful. You better keep it steady! Don't be jealous cause they like what they see. You say I'm devilish but it's not what it seems. It comes so natural, can't take it from me. Like a lady! Act like a lady! So traditional (Traditional) ~ { zodiac capricorn blackmilkclothing velvet metalgirlsdoitbetter alternative skirt demoniashoes attitudeholland killstar attitudeclothing blacklikemysoul givemecoffee witch metal archenemy rock pagan laceyevans sotraditional classy}

4 months ago

Styling rehanshahdesigns Repost justrohitmaggu ( get_repost) ・・・ A L I S H A N ———————— 1 9 9 0 Sometimes Things Are Not The Way You Think Just Like I Found Today That I Look Good In Traditional Wear😁👍🏻 Pc By The Genius: haiderkhanhaider Styling By The Fashion Mika: rehanshahdesigns Mua: pradeeppandey_makeupart arifayadav_makesugeorges Brand: alishanmensethnic1990 • • • • • alsihan campaignshoot nagpur beautifulattire sherwani indowestern suits classyoutfit sotraditional indianculture indianmodel malemodel fashionmodel swag dapper traditionalman haiderkhanphotography rehanshahdesigns thankstowaheguruforeverything justrohitmaggu rohi

5 months ago

Best seats in the house!

5 months ago

I don’t think people realize just how Pinoy I am Seriously what other kid do you know takes pictures in a Baro’t Saya? I totally love both my halves, but I’m such a Filipino, there’s no denying it It’s HOME🏝🏠❤️😊 Mabuhay SoTraditional barotsaya iAmFilipino 🇵🇭 TBT

6 months ago

My valentine works 12-hour days on Thursdays, so today he plied me with a book of WIlliam Butler Yeats’ early love poems, some unicorn bookmarks and a bar of dark chocolate at breakfast. WBY apparently had it awfully bad for Maud when he was 23. She didn’t reciprocate though, so the pages of this book are filled with unrequited longings. This poem is ♥️ thatsecondstanza yeats sotraditional