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1 day ago

This Sour punch packs a sweet pungent smell when I pop open the jar!🤩🥶 • • • • • • • I’ve been enjoying smoking flower a lot more than wax lately! 🤔 Do you guys prefer flower or wax?🍁🍯

2 days ago

First up GG4s1 orange pheno. Next is Sour Punch. Then Inzane in the Membrane. And finally GG4s1 glue pheno. 🔥🔥🔥GG4s1 and Inzane are from theethosway and the sourpunch is from inhousegenetics_official . I Appreciate all the hard work they did breeding to produce such great seeds. As always its feed on that floraflex 💦💦💦 ethosgenetics inhousegenetics growyourown grassachusetts gg4s1 hightimes edrosenthalsbestbuds rbfam budporn weedporn inzaneinthemembrane sourpunch terpsonterps terpinator beastcoast

6 days ago

Did someone say FREE candy? RedVinesCandy and sourpunchcandy are hooking you up with free candy at Dessert Goals! Whether you like to Share Kindness with Red Vines or Embrace Your Punch with Sour Punch, we guarantee these nostalgic treats will have you feeling like a kid again! omgdessertgoals

6 days ago

Introducing a zesty taste of Mangosteen and Pineapple that’s sure to kickstart your day with a tangy twist Filled with vitamins, fibres, and digestive properties, this drink is sure to give you a SourPunch to your mood Grab your drink only on Amazon! (link in bio) fruitjuice healthydrink freshflavour foodofmumbai delhifood bangalorefood drinksofinstagram drinkoftheday drinkblogger mangosteen amazonindia newlaunch nosugar runfuel nutritional tangy zesty cocktailoftheday mumbaifoodie foodhall foodblogmumbai fruitpunch healthykick fooddrink electrolytes sourdrink

1 week ago

My tongue is acid burnt by this point

2 weeks ago

Ding, ding, ding! Get your mouth to your corner and get ready to face off with the heavyweight sour champion of the world, Sour Punch Twists! They have enough citrus spike to roundhouse kick your taste buds into the ropes and put your mouth down for the count. sourpunch sourpunchstraws sour candies candy sourpunchbites sourpunchstraw sourpunchcandy sourapple sourstrawberry blueraspberry blueraspberrysourcandy blueraspberrysourpunchstraws applesourpunch applesourpunchbites applesourpunchstraws strawberrysourpunchstraw🍓😌👌 lovesour

2 weeks ago

‪I am an adult. And I am drinking drpepper through a Strawberry sourpunch Straw. Go ahead. me!

3 weeks ago

Have you made e-juice from scratch before? ⚛️ We've got another MotW and it's for Sour Power & Fruity Blast to make a sweet and yet Sour Punch! Send over your creations to get it featured on our page as we're always looking for cool mixes to try ⚗️ Thanks to bryson_bee for the mix!

3 weeks ago

I have a problem. Loves me some sour punch sourpunch

1 month ago

Some sourpunch that I missed watering a day a week or so ago. 10 more days of flush

1 month ago

We are so excited to be working with omgdessertgoals this year! If you are in the NYC area, this delicious dessert festival is something you definitely don’t want to miss. GA tickets are now on sale - and don’t wait because they will sell out! Visit to get yours NOW reganclient rcgnyc nyc foodfestival dessertgoals sweets dessertfestival omgdessert dessert sweettreats nycfood nycbakery nyctreats dessertsquad sourpunch boxedwater candy candyanimal nycfoodie pr nycpr clients clientsuccess