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✨🥀™️✨ stayclassy model: the always magical gypsyone ⏪swipe⏩

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⚔️ When brothers meet ⚔️ My brothers paddy_the_swede and iefvdm at beardsterdam beardedvillainsflemish beardedvillains beardedvillains_europe fatlegendscrew beardedvillains brothersforlife brotherhood villaintothecore loyalty honor respectisearnednotgiven ⚔ ΒΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛΙИS ⚓️ 🦁 FLΣМISН CHΛPΣЯ 🏴 •ЯISΣ OF THΣ BЯOTHΣЯHOOD• STΛYLOYΛL 🍻 STΛYΒΣΛЯDΣD 🎩 STΛYVILLΛΙИ 🔪 The Fundamentals as stated by von_knox President & Founder of beardedvillains •The Beard •Brotherhood •Family •Respect •Loyalty •Charity These are our foundations, we are many, we are diverse. We are ONE. We may focus on different parts of our Fundaments, but put together, we all stand united. Love, respect and loyalty! beardedvillains beardedvillainsworldwide beardedvillainseurope beardedvillainsflemishchapter fatlegendcrew beardedlife staybearded stayclassy stayvillain stayloyal riseofthebrotherhood unitednotdevided beardsofinstagram noshavelife villainsalute fatlegendcrewsalute instabeard beardedforlife onebrotherhoodoneship beardsofinstagram beardsterdam

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I am single because God is busy writing the best love story for me… stayclassy stayblessed RJ 21

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818 Steph is taking me to the shire tonight. She's got a new job and I can work with her too. I don't like the shire. It's hard for me to understand what people see in this area. We are on the train. "Liz, everything is fucked up. I'm so confused. I don't know what to do anymore. I can't find my mum. Her phone has been switched off for weeks", Steph is struggling with her words while looking passing suburbs and train stations with emptiness in her eyes. She's got the window seat. "Why don't you go to the police? Seriously!? What if something has happened to her?!", I ask her. I cannot believe she tries to find her mum on her own. "You don't get it! My mum, she's a drug addict Noone cares, least the police They'd be happy if she was gone. Everyone would be Everyone She's my mum but, look, nobody gives a shit if something happened to her Noone but me", She starts getting upset but sadness never leaves her face. "What about Richard? Doesn't he care at all?", I'm surprised. "That's another thing. He seems to know something. I've got a feeling. But, no, he would have never hurt mum. He's been so nice to me these last couple of days. We went to this restaurant last night", She continues. "But, never mind, let's talk about you!" "You better tell me about R! How the hell he managed to escape?", I change the topic. Sometimes is better not to bring some subjects up. Sometimes it's better to live your own life and think your own thoughts. Because no matter how much you try to help someone, they make the final decision. What if they want to be where they are? What if they have different living standards? What if their world is smaller than yours? What if it's their faith to do what they do? What if it's all meant to be and who am I to come and try to change the future? What if ThousandDaysOfUs analog film stayclassy shootfilm staybrokeshootfilm doubleexposure 35mm photography art canonae1program colours mca thoughts travel dreams streetart abandoned stories mca australia mca lomochromepurplexr dreamersmagazine cheadsmagazine

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Nothing like winding down in this cozy lit fluffy nook with some sweet red. Thanks Mariah & Lani for being so welcoming and making me feel more at home (away from home) in a shared space, more than ever. I'm glad we all share a similar philosophy on life, as far as creating (& holding space) and making sure friends feel welcome. I respect the hell out of both of you. The space is coming along SO fantastic. Nicely done 👌. Cheers! 🍷 homesweethome kailua hilife toast cheers comingtogether oahu cozy nook ambiant classyaf smile mindfulness stayclassy livingmybestlife itsthesmallthings thankyouuniverse grateful blessed wishyouwerehere gypsy poet wanderers

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“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” stay stayclassy

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I’m the camo freak still in love with this OG red camo addict jacket, this jacket can storage become a mini bag so good design never get old ,also they have some item for DJ gear too high street wear never will make the DJ bag for DJ tho ,for me street wear always come from the street , camo game strong addictclothing always have the best camo from UK 🇬🇧 ever😎 ootd wduwt addictclothing camo todaykicks sneakershead streetwear 90s 90shiphop og lowkey og sneakerpimps design kicks crossover sofly art streetart shinning ballin kicksonfire goodvibe bitchdontkillmyvibe hatersgonnahate idfwu stayclassy 852

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REAL women EMPOWER one another, not put each other down! 🙌💯 Sometimes all it takes is a smile or a random compliment to boost someone's day. 😉 Stay CLASSY ladies! 💁‍♀️👑 _ LIKE if you agree❤️ _ SHARE to spread the word 🙌 _ FOLLOW for some more female motivation! 💜💪💁‍♀️ _ _ _ realwomenempower stayclassy  stayhumble  realqueens  dontputothersdown  classyladies  classywomen  womenofclass  bekind bekindtoothers  quoteoftheday  dailyinspiration  femalemotivation  femaleinspiration realqueensfixeachotherscrowns inspirationalquotes motivationalquotes  empoweringquotes  womenempoweringwomen  empoweringwomen  empoweredwomen  womenempowerwomen  womenempowerment  womensupportwomen  womensupportingwomen inspiringwomen femaleempowerment bossbabe bosschick bosslady

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Hum Back Benches ke baat he alag hai ya bolo humara TALENT ka jawab nahi hai Bas heading dekh kai 2 page ka answer likh ke aata hai hum log 😂😂😂😂 Hai koi hum jaisa Meme credit nusta.sarcasm exam copy anser talent Acha lage to Post notifications ON kar . Aur Share kar sab ke saat What'saap| Facebook| Instagram| snap chat |etc pai staysuper kool Like / comments / share / share like comment share apun ka page ek dum jakass hai. staytoon staycool stayclassy schoollife backbencherslife school love fun friendship chutiyapa happiness

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Freddie, Live Aid 1985.🎙| 🌍🌎🌏 Follow us 👉 TheLifestyleInc