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Buổi sáng cập rập không phải lúc nào cũng có thời gian để chuẩn bị bữa ăn. Vì thế 1 ly ntn đúng là cứu tinh cho những ngày ngủ nướng và bận rộn như thế. Chỉ cần 10p trươc khi đi ngủ là sáng dậy có ngay bữa sáng ngon lành😋😋😋😋 Chiapudding + oatmeal mix cùng hoa quả, sữa chua, granola nhà làm ( thơm phết😝😝) overnightoatmeal healthybreakfast activehealthylifestyle enjoylife happylife bebossyourlife positivethinking stronger

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Be a walking contradiction. Be strong and soft. Be deep and lighthearted. Be beautiful and intelligent. Be confident and humble. Be someone with quick wit and a cheap sense of humour. Be content climbing a mountain and enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing. The world may try and classify you as one thing because that is far easier to understand than a person who has a little bit of everything in them. And you may feel misunderstood for a while, but just remember your people can only find you if you’re brave enough to be yourself. There are parts of you that you have yet to discover. There is greater love that you have yet to find. There are experiences that are far beyond your imagination. And it’s all waiting for you. Life is waiting for you. So set aside your expectations and go explore it 💕💕 - - lifequotes life lifestyle healthylifestyle quotes quotestoliveby quotesaboutlife quoteoftheday beconfident confidence behumble love loveyourself lifeyourlife liveyourtruth brave explore happy happiness nevergiveup stronger lifeexperiences beach sunset sunsetbeach friends

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Day dreaming about summer if we ever get there🙄 This year I’m so excited to acheive my goals of competing with my horse at a level higher than I would have in the past. Since I’ve become healthier it’s made me a better rider. I went from being incredibly weak and no stamina to having great core strength and improved cardio. It’s also boosted my confidence. This is a game changer for anyone who knows me and my horses history. Can’t wait to spend lots of time in the saddle this summer as a stronger me! bringonsummer showseason stronger equestrian strongnotskinny

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PAGIIIII GAIS CIKIDAUT IG STORY KAMI JOGGING SEPANJANG SUNGAI MELAKA Wehuuuuuu Anyway gais, pendaftaran Kurus Online Coaching Edisi APRIL dah di buka: . 🔰Personalize and group coaching. 🔰Basic, Advance, Expert combo. workout di rumah. 🔰Meal plan sedap dan sihat selama 25 hari. 🔰Daily topik emas kurus sampai bila bila. 🔰Balance and complete Nutrition support 🔰 Weekly body weight monitoring ➰100% ONLINE ⛔ LIMITED SLOT . Coach Fizaidi Klik link di profile IG coach untuk details program Coaching coachfizaidi meletop jubahbesar loseweight stronger nakkurus nealofa nakfitness plussize tipskurus eatclean jk1m gemukisawesome gemuk Herbalife shaklee pamoga Dherbs scklm bazarpaknil batucaves pilkurus ubatkurus lelakikirimantuhan pujaanhatikanda mirafilzah

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📣FISHTOWN BUYERS: Want to take advantage of the lowest interest rates since 2017 before it’s too late, but not in a rush to move in right away?? 📣FISHTOWN INVESTORS: Want to find an opportunity, tenant occupied, at close a 7 Cap?? ✅ I have the perfect house for both of you! Contact me for more details or to schedule a showing. justlisted 538Cabot forsale fishtownlisting fishtown realestate phillyrealestate buy sell invest wegotitcovered youdeservequality letstalk stronger successful winning together ATGrealestate yourgoals yourinvestment yourfuture abethomsongroup yourhomeourpassion kwphilly

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After all the makeup and holding in your abs for hella long after a show, this is what you get. Extra skin that I don’t think will go away unless I have surgery. I will try some non-invasive stuff but if it doesn’t work. It is what it is. You either accept it or don’t and do something about it. God gave me this body and I’ll work with what he gave me. I’ll still compete regardless of the extra skin and my tiger stripes. I produced two beautiful babies with this body and proud of all the hard work I put into it and I’ll do it all over again, BUT in another life because no going back to square one for this mama LOL This baby factory is closed! LOL maesjourney maelevelsup fitspiration fitlife fitfam befearless fitness vegasfit fitlifestyle fitfamily fitmom healthiswealth fitspo riseandgrind beastmode npcbikini npc gymlife workoutaddiction focused determined passion loveyourselfie stronger pinaystrong bodybyjengaleng jengaleng jjbikinisquad

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SIAPA TAK PERNAH GAGAL? . Tipulah kalau kata tak pernah gagal kan. Semua orang pernah. Tapi dengan cara macam mana dia atasi kegagalan tu? . Duduk termenung TANPA FIKIRKAN PENYELESAIAN? . Duduk sambil MEMIKIRKAN STRATEGI LAIN untuk berjaya dan fikir apa yang menyebabkan dia tak berjaya sebelum ini & BERTINDAK untuk mengubah kegagalan itu menjadi KEJAYAAN 💪🏻 . Korang yang mana satu? . motivation motivationalquotes quotesoftheday TeamMafiz success stronger

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Ya’ ll it’s working ! Showing up every day and doing what I CAN, I am getting STRONGER! You can do it too! You just have to start ! It’s a build! It’s a constant unending journey! You will get derailed along the way by many things, but when you are determined and have a supportive community behind you, it’s easier to keep pressing towards your goals ! Are you ready to get stronger, healthier and leaner ? We need to talk you need to be in my virtual boot camp starting 4/1 we’ ll have your back with nutrition, fitness accountability and support. Send me a message don’t wait only 10 slots are available stronger healther ican 2boys1girl autoimmunedisease histamineintolerance earlymenopause raynauds workingmomof3 busymomlife addmom adhdmom madeformore southernmomma 40something forgettherest

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Hi neighbors, we are a brand new family kickboxing fitness center here on the west side of NB. We are not a fighting gym, we are a fitness gym that also teaches you to kick and punch, and have fun doing it! No class times. Workout changes every day. Trainer always included. 30 minute full body workout that fits into your busy schedule! 830-214-2814 fitness kickBoxing workout newbraunfels newbraunfelsTX gym beauty healthy stronger New Braunfels, Texas

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Pictures from yesterday workout with mom stronger gym

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Working on our synchronized partner box jumps and rowing! Nice work!

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“Faça o bem, fale o bem, pense o bem. Perceba que cada ser que encontramos é um ser iluminado, disfarçado a nos mostrar o Caminho. Alguns nos mostram como não devemos ser. Outros, como devemos ser.” Monja Coen monjacoen nyc centralpark newyork winter2019 goodvibes resilience stronger wanderlust travelgram instagood instatravel selfie sunny travelphotography travelers prefiroviajar sheisnotlost wearetravelgirls goabroad usa park destinosimperdiveis beautifuldestinations shotoniphone evolucaoespiritual queroviajarmais travelblogger globetrotter travelholics

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Any form of exercise daily is better then nothing, just keep moving feeling healthy stronger physically and mentally🧘‍♀️ 💪🤸‍♀️

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🎉 Birthday Celebrations 🎉 😍Join for only $10 plus get your first month FREE 😍 The first 5 to join the club today will also receive a Backpack and Waterbottle 🎁 👇🏽 Jetters don’t forget TAG your buddies and if they Join you go in the draw to WIN a $250 Travel Voucher ✈️ fitness fitspo fit birthday fitnessmotivation fitfam fitlife cardio weightloss fitnesslifestyle gymtime gymmotivation motivation inspiration jetts gym workout workoutdone workoutmotivation strong stronger toowoomba toowoombaregion toowoombabusiness toowoombaliving toowoombasmallbusiness darlingdowns

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Wind speeds will increase throughout tomorrow. Winds will start around 10 mph in the morning (not that windy), then strengthen to 20 mph by the evening hours. Winds will gradually ease on Thursday. Clouds will increase as high temperatures reach the lower 50s, and a few rain showers are possible late Wednesday and early Thursday. Alpena Michigan weather news clouds rain showers warmer temperatures strong stronger winds

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"A alegria da vida vem de nossos encontros com novas experiências e, portanto, não há alegria maior do que ter um horizonte infinitamente mudado, para que cada dia tenha um novo e diferente sol"☀️"The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and therefore there is no greater joy than having an infinitely changed horizon, so that each day has a new and different sun" motivação motivation love stronger strongwoman corpoemente body bodyandmind amorproprio gratidao musculação photo photography treino fitness fitnessmom selflove minhavibe dontstop believe recomeço recomeçar dontgiveup bodymindspirit doityourself façaoseumelhor 40anos 40years gratitude

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HOT OFF THE PRESS! 🔥🔥🔥 Lancashire based designer squiffyprint as worn by Fearne Cotton, Gemma Atkinson and Stacey Solomon is collaborating with us! For every STRONG WOMEN chari-tee purchased £5 will be donated to support us! Isn’t that Tee-rific! 👚 Shop here: lancashirewomen strongwoman ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ mentalhealth motivate motivation girlpower strongwomen girls whoruntheworld bekind everywomancounts muscles stronger tougher strongwomen flex strongertogether womensupportingwomen resilience women girls womankind mothersday tshirt fashion charity strong sustainablefashion charitee

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Dead with pause 180 kg last set 2×7-8 Improve weakness point along with technique Technique should always be improved 4 weeks out. Last week when snowbording fell on my ass and starting pain ( Left Gluteus and piriformis when squating) not passed yet but better feels gymaholic gymmotivation powerliftingmotivation motivation deadlifts stronger athletemotivation powerlifting lifting liftingweights workout barbell weightlifting sumodeadlift deadlift powerliftingtraining deadliftandchill

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I don’t know why i was laughing, i was actually mad because we all know workout minutes are way longer than normal minutes 🤯🙅🏼‍♀️ not here for it

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“Be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. And it’s only when you accept everything you are- and aren’t- that you will truly succeed” It’s only taken me 35 long years to learn this 🤦🏻‍♀️🎉 learning to embrace my strengths and not view them as my weaknesses learning to embrace and celebrate who I am mind over matter 💗 Leg press 207.5kg weights plus bar weight 👊🏼 pt by wholebodyapproach sweatunion sweatuniongym legpress mindovermatter onedayatatime weightloss stronger journey lifestooshort challenges nevereasy justamum