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13 minutes ago

Once upon a time there was a game changing new way to shave with no water no products and no charging necessary! 💡 you can even read while you trim your facial hair 📚 Manmower does NOT need to be used in the bathroom at all 👌🏻 We are the no water, no products, no charging, facial hair trimmer. Razor free perfect grooming - ALL of our models are live on Kickstarter now Link in profile 👉🏼 - groomingforlife beachlife hikerlife environmental savetheplanet designerstubble stubble shavetime shaveitup shaving shaveclub shavesoap reusereducerecycle plasticfree reducereuserecycle consciousliving environmentallyfriendly beardtrimmer kickstartercampaign roadtrips savetheocean invention kickstarter newbrand shaving beard hikinglife mountain campinggear kickstarterproject

4 hours ago

Lying in bed hungover thinking about that goal I set myself in my last post, and how I failed it 🤦🏼‍♂️

4 hours ago

I really do, you know.

5 hours ago

Home is what the heart holds dear. But I just don't seem to like it here. This was my home for almost 20 years but now just feels so unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me. It's true what they say; home is not a place, it's a feeling.

5 hours ago

Does anyone else hate shaving their legs? 🙃😂 Just a quick doodly one made using Procreate and an iPad 2018. Fear of stubbly legs is real, but put on a cool pair of boots and no one will notice Stay gloomy, friends Ellie 👻

6 hours ago

chilled weekend vibes 💆‍♂️

6 hours ago

Getting ready for Saturday night!

6 hours ago

this week has been tough. although i miss the fever dreams, being sick and handling a lot of personal challenges doth butter no parsnips. cue some lame statement about getting back to the gym but it’s a positive activator for health: both mentally and physically. have a great weekend gym fitness progress armsday fitnessmotivation stubble scruff hoscos thescruffyhomo thebeardedway gay gpoy gayscruff gaygym gaylondon home london ldn potd citylife workingout otter humpday gayguy bodypositivity tired poundpuppy snapback

2 weeks ago

Gym Win 💪 fitness

1 month ago

🎵 “You like my hair? Gee thanks, just cut it” 🎵✂️

2 months ago

29 degrees in Melbourne 🌞