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18 minutes ago : Vivere, lavorare , esplorare e divertirsi a Milano. Ieri si è svolta la 48° edizione della Stramilano con partenza da Piazza del Duomo. Hanno partecipato oltre sessantamila runner di ogni età Photo Credit :  giacbosio bridge2mi bridgetomi stramilano stramilano2019 rungeneration runlovers correre milanomarathon duomodimilano ilduomodimilano runmotivation 10km correreamilano run runner sundayrunday piazzadomo maratona marathon instarun instarunners milan milano ig_milano

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I be eating that good good, here’s a reminder of my lunch if you missed it on my story! Hoisin Duck Fucking Stir Fry - get in me belly.

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siempre tendras un compañero que te ayude improvisando para mejorar 🤙🏋️

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"Actions only go by intentions. Everyone gets what they intend. 🙏🏽

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Running the roads at 7am on a Sunday! How do you manage to fit in your marathontraining during busy weekends? For us, it meant a 5.10am alarm yesterday 🤦🏼‍♀️ Another 17 miles in the bag! We were supposed to do 19 but the route was shorter than expected and we were BORED. How did you get on?

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It is very important to make the new generations love the physical activity, that is achieved by playing not demanding

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Beautiful my city

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this was exactly what i came for ☀️ a weekend full of quality time for friends, sports and a lot of cake 😉🧁🍰 all batteries are recharged for the next adventures! thanks _lauraliebt for having me and again: happy birthday girl 😘 • • • weekendvibes qualitytime beachtime lifeisbetteratthebeach northsea triathlontraining trigirl run onrunning runonclouds nevernoton nevernotrunning triathlete beach beachrun weekendtrip ironmantri ironmantraining vitaminsea longrun sundayrunday laufen laufenmachtglücklich triathlon swimbikerun trilife triathlonbabes motivationmonday

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Blessed and happy

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ITALIE - STRAMILANO . 2ème semi-marathon de notre périple et en individuel pour se challenger et voir notre niveau Dernier sprint avant d'atteindre la ligne d'arrivée. Julie a tout donné et est passée proche de son record personnel. Encore un peu de travail pour atteindre son objectif de chrono sur cette distance. Malgré tout, contente de s'etre challengée à 100% sur cette course stramilano2019 stramilano runtrotters runtrip runtasticathlete runtastic halfmarathon medalmonday adidasrunnersmilano letsrun sundayrunday runforlife runningaddict semimarathon milan adidasrunners competition adidasrunnersbirhakeim

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Just your Monday reminder that you can do hard things! What’s one thing you’ve been dying to do but haven’t? Start today. Start saving for that trip, training for that marathon, eating the apple. You got this 💪🏼

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💯💯🙌🏾🙌🏾 “NotLazy”

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Lets get it 💪🏽

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Wore my comfies to the gym best experience ever Monday chest day was a solid session, ended with a tricep focused arm workout, and I’m here wondering why my arms look so big compared to the rest of my body haha

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Cycle Sculpt will leave you on 🔥 the rest of the day 💪🏽💪🏽 Join Jessica tomorrow at 8:10am at FIT Fairhope for a total 👏🏽 body 👏🏽 workout 👏🏽 📸 meaghan_nezat

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Monday Runday 🏃🏼‍♀️ • Messy hair, awkward pose what else would you expect from me? 😂 • Got in a solid five and a half miles yesterday, and it felt great! My anxiety has been at an all time high lately, but luckily running and exercise has always been a tremendous help. I used to be on anxiety/depression medication but am now trying some dietary supplements instead (click link in bio for details and for other things I do to deal with anxiety). My intention is not to give TMI, but to do my small part in breaking the stigma that accompanies mental health and to help anybody who may be experiencing the same thing. • What do you do to cope with anxiety/depression/stress? • girlswhorun fitnessmotivation fitness workout workoutmotivation exercise exercisemotivation runningmotivation runner runnersofinstagram gymlife gethealthy getfit fitfam sweat instarunners foodie foodofinstagram healthylifestyle healthyeating cleaneating runningshoes run nikeshoes justdoit sundayrunday anxiety mentalhealthawareness shape mondayrunday

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No excuses, be active be happy

7 months ago

Sometimes getting intentionally lost in the wilderness is the best way to find yourself again. •

7 months ago

I put on my own cape, climb my own mountains, & be my own superhero because life is what you make of it & I’m determined to live mine to the fullest. • Use code “chatswithkat_give20” for 20% off your outdoorsy gear order from staywildish.

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Do not let the darkness consume the beauty within you, it’s a struggle to shine through but darling you are worth the fight. •