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3 years ago I had an opportunity to exhibit my work bricklanegallery in London. While I was in London, showing at the Tate was Agnes Martin. I feel a whole resonance with her work. Being so close to her, through her work, was one of the most profound and curious feelings which still lingers within me and inspires today. Allow art to stir emotion within you. Forget the explanation. Forget the theory. Forget the criticism. Forget history. tate tateshots agnes agnesmartin abstraction art

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Balloon dogs are something that I grew up thinking of as fun objects. But after discovering the art world, balloon dogs went from a vision of joy and fun, to a vision of wealth and power. It’s funny how discovering something new can totally warp your vision on things you know and turn it into something completely different This is a new screen print on canvas. It is available for purchase. Dm for pricing/info. I also have mini screen prints of the balloon dog available, dm for those as well contemporaryart contemporary modernart hypebeastart artsy artcollector hypebeast art arte kunst modernart artgallery popart moma tate fineart instaart instagood art_spotlight painting illustration millonaire printmaking artistoninstagram artbasel artbrut graff

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art n stuff 🎨

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📷 Don McCullin’s Nikon, which literally took a bullet for him in Vietnam. Last few weeks to see his incredible exhibition at the Tate - words can’t convey what his pictures can. donmccullin

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The 'thief' in the title of William Morris' 'Strawberry thief' design, refers to the thrushes that consumed strawberries in his garden. He was so pleased with this design, he registered it with the Patents Office. Morris was born otd 1834. His beautiful designs are in 'Love & Desire Pre-Raphaelite Masterpieces from the Tate' until 28 April. Link in bio. lovedesire visitcanberra williammorris preraphaelites tate visitcanberra Image: William Morris 'Strawberry thief' 1883, wood block print, NGA

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“The Fountain of Light”, shown at Tate Liverpool in 2007, is a reimagining of an unbuilt monument representing the spread of communism (intended to be built in Russia in 1919). Weiwei’s 23 foot high stainless steel and glass chandelier was installed as a floating structure in the Albert Dock “Fountain of Light” - Ai Weiwei (2007) aiweiwei fountainoflight tate tateliverpool gallery art england liverpool art sculpture chandelier arthistory contemporaryart artist china chineseart museum artmuseum

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Starting to write up some funding bids to push through this very special long-form project Rory & myself have been working on , sitting on , leaving it back , bringing it back. Now feels like for both of us we are in the right place to make this really happen. The plan is for an exhibition / installation / soundspace / honeycombs & way more interesting things that I will not mention yet 😋 It’s going to get there now, I know it. Tunnel vision. We both have lost the password to the.maeckelberghe.archive which we need to update and re-wire. But I’m excited for the family and for everyone to see what we are building. This slide was actually down at the Minnack Theatre. 1950’s-ish I think. So soon I’ll re-wire the Instagram and also make a website for it to sit and hopefully start blowing some of your minds. Yeah Boy ! margomaeckelberghe tate cornwallheritage zennor archive longform film soundscapes slideprojector bookbinding artist documentary artinstillation

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Ldn 2k19 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 📷 eliopesca

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Apologizing now for all the puppy pictures that will be posted of my handsome boy 🐶🐾

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It's not work when it's this much fun! I've been lucky enough to travel the world with my career, meet incredible people and do something I am passionate about. But it's the people that make it. Last night i managed to get our brilliant kitchen team lead by two top gents and talented chef a_laudani and alfiecrewe to come out and take the acclaim of our loyal guests. Well deserved recognition as we close out a highly successful business year in style and look forward to a very busy period ahead with vangough tate spring summer restaurant lunch dinner london

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Landscape * 150 x 200 Oil on canvas 2019©️

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Self portrait 1999-2000 Is the competition looking for a recent self portrait? I tried to enter but made a complete balls of the formi wuz scunnerddinny ken if I can finish submitting the formcan you help me? Eils (squeaks) scottishnationalportraitgallery scottishnationalgallery scottishart scottishartist davidzwirner pacegallery gagosian whitecubeofficial ransomartgallery tate contemporaryartists contemporaryart contemporaryartgallery contemporaryartcurator contemporary_art artreview curator