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my boundaries🌹 ~I will take care of myself first ~i will not allow others to guilt or manipulate me into doing things i’m not comfortable with ~i will stand up for myself and voice my opinions with confidence ~i will not hold myself responsible for the things beyond my control ~i will communicate openly and when i need to, assertively ~i will not let my happiness depend on other people crazyheadcomics ••• (a dear friend sent this to me this morning and it is so important🦋)

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better shots

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Five years ago I accepted a commission for a piece "in the style of Bill Watterson" or as closely as I can emulate it. I still cannot recall why I accepted to begin with, but between focus issues, not being able to "force" art, and intimidation by the project, I repeatedly put it off and forgot about it So I decided I am ready to tackle this. I did recently refund the buyer his $500 for the project (he declined any additional funds for his time waiting). But he did agree to accept the original commissioned artwork at no charge I am now diagnosed/on ADHD meds so this is my first test 🤝 Support jinwicked  art  artist  artwork  artwork🎨 traditionalart traditionalartist draw  drawing ink  inking inkart inkartist indiaink penandink brushink dippen traditionalink traditionalillustration illustration illustrator originalart originalartwork womenartists womanartist femaleartist indieart indieartist independentart independentartist

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Tattoo 2 on one of my oldest and best friends nickaruff 🗡 Thanks for the trust brotha I've had a lot of support over these past few years and I'm excited to be getting to the point where everyone's patience for me to begin tattooing is finally going to pay off! It is surreal to me that people will give me their hard earned money for a piece of paper with my doodles on them, and it is blowing my mind how many people have told me they would wear that same art on their skin for the rest of their lives. Thanks so much for all of the support, trust and kind words. 🖤 vanshighcalibertattoo tattooapprentice tattooartist tattooist tattooer tattoo tattoos ink inked tattooed guyswithtattoos girlswithtattoos art artwork tattooart americantraditional amtrad traditional oldschool oldschooltattoo oldschoolink traditionaltattoo traditionalink traditionaltattooflash classic classictattoo

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Batman tattoo for Wayne, thank you for coming up with this design and let us to do the rest, enjoy the new tattoo 🙏🏼 email : hbsc_bali Fb : instagram : hbsc_bali phone : +62 361 472 6412 Whatsapp : +62 812 3712 2328 HBSC HundredBrothersSocialClub HundredBrothersBali bali traditionaltattooss traditionalclub traditionalflash traditionalink traditionaltattoo americantraditionaltattoo besttradtattoos tattoo balitattoo balitattoostudio balitattooshop inked tattooinbali kutatattoo seminyaktattoo canggutattoo tattoobali australiatattoo australia balibible tattlas balmtattoobali balmtattooindo blackwork batmantattoo gotham

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meettheartist I missed this trend. But I realized that nearly 85% of my followers dont know anything about me. This was really fun to do. It helped me out of the bit of funk I was in. Tell me something about you! I wanna know yall meettheartist artist aspiringartist traditional ink traditionalink instaartist artistsofinstagram artistsofig artistsoninstagram artistsonig aspiringcomicartist procreateart procreate artwork sketchdaily sketchoften drawdaily newartistalert iwanttoknow fun meetme

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chicken nuggets is like my family 🍗 kingcurtis