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Get cash back for literally everything. How can you complain about that?

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Travel frequently for work or recreation? Don’t forget to sign up for reward programs with your airline, hotel, and off-site parking lot. Make part or all of your next trip free! But watch expiration dates. Sometimes you can use them with a partner company, such as a magazine subscription, instead of losing them.

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touchedthey ust be felt with the heart. What place connected most with you? Comment below. travelinspiration beautifulplaces LawalTravel

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The value of travel! ✈️ So tomorrow I board that big bird to begin a solo  adventure travelling round Europe for the next 9 weeks. Here's some reasons why I think making travelling a priority in your life is a very wise and rewarding decision 🌟Meet people from all over the world and make new friends 🌟Learn more about the history and culture of the place you're travelling to 🌟Try the local cuisine and delicious foods that you wouldn't have the opportunity to back home 🌟Get to see amazing sights, views and architecture that are specific only to that exact destination 🌟Generally a great opportunity to get some sunny weather 🌟Relaxation and detachment from work, bills and other stresses related to home 🌟Can be a good chance to try new activities and gain enriching experiences such as rafting, kayaking or hiking beautiful mountains 🌟Develop life skills such as independence, problem solving, social and communication skills (especially if solo travelling) 🌟Gain appreciation of different cultures and can help become more open-minded to different ways of living and understanding the world I appreciate that it may seem strange for a Health & Fitness Blogger to write a post about the value of travel. But IMO, the benefits above that can be gained from travelling make it one of the best ways to shift your mental and emotional health in a positive direction. And from that perspective, it's therefore absolutely relevant First stop ➡️ Venice whytravel ilovetotravel moretravel travelbenefits travelrewards travelmore travel traveling travelmoreworkless travelmoreexploremore moretravel moretravels travelgoals moretravelmorefun moretraveldreams moretravelplease moretraveling moretravelling thevalueoftravelling backpacking adventure explore bonvoyage travelactivities travelgains solobackpacking travelforfun benefitsoftravel eurotrip soloadventure

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❓QUESTION❓”What are your benefits and who all has access to flying on them? . ‼️ANSWER‼️ I always encourage people to at least try to get a job working at the counter at the airport or for baggage claim 🛄 so that they can have access to Traveling! This morning at 4am I dropped my father and my son off to the airport so they can enjoy a “D Dad and Blu” weekend for Father’s Day FREE OF CHARGE! ‼️😒they didn’t give me much of the Itinerary but I do know that there is NOTHING as dope as GETTING UP RANDOMLY AND SAYING “Vay we’re gonna book a ticket to ((anywhere in the world)) today get blu dressed and drop us off” as a flight attendant I give my family the 🌍 WORLD! 🇺🇸LITERALLY! So to answer The Who gets to fly question it’s YOUR PARENTS/ IN LAWS Your Spouse (yes they honor same sex couples also) and your ! Most airlines offer these passes unlimited and for free flyawayWithVay flightattendant SeeTheWorld grandsonlove💙 fatherdayWeekend Aviation freeTravel travelbenefits FLightattendantLifestyle TravelVlogg explore

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Good news! Traveling makes you smart. Not only do you pick up on new languages and improve your understanding of other cultures, but traveling helps you learn about yourself. You will surely run into challenges as you embark on the unknown. You’re likely to broad your own perspective and practical skills along the way travelmore travel travelphotography travelblogger travelholic travelguide travelgram travels traveltheworld traveldeeper traveladdict travelagent travelagents travelagentlife travelagentperks travelagenttips travelagentonline traveltips intelligence growthmindset learn languagelearning culture challenges skills selfimprovement doitforyou perspective travelbenefits bigworld

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Airport lounge reflexions 📍Hamad International Airport [DOH] 📸 amin.travels Although less exclusive than in the past, airport lounges have great added-value for traveler who wish to unwind, snack or have a shower. Not all lounges are the same. Do your homework prior to paying for the entrance fee or choosing the airline you'll be flying business class with. I love airport lounges for the following reasons: 1️⃣ Significant savings on food; 2️⃣ Better sitting areas to unwind during a layover; 3️⃣ Have a shower 4️⃣ Access family room with sofa and TV set doha hamadinternationalairport qatar QatarAirways oneworld aadvantage sapphire emerald status travelhack travelhacking creditcardchurning travelbenefits lounge airportlounge airportlife lifeisanairport relax layover flying travelperks vip airportfood GoingPlacesTogether TravelWithPurpose aa AmericanAirlines RightHere ShareMyPic

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If you're a frequent visitor to Park Grand Kensington when on business, why not open a Corporate Account with us? Not only can you take advantage of reduced room rates but also enjoy early check-in and late check-out, as well as access to our Club Lounge. 💼💻 Corporate BusinessTravel Travel TravelBenefits LondonTravel LondonBusiness PGExperience LondonHotel LondonHotels DiscoverLondon OutInLondon TravelLondon LondonLife HotelLife BestHotel LondonGram LuxuryHotel Londongram Travelgram HotelSuite BeautifulHotels Luxury Hotel London TravelGram LondonByDay HiddenGems VisitLondon BusinessTravel Travel

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Rendezvous with Lady Liberty It’s the worst flag But a great day. constipatedflag flagmondays flagging Lady Liberty was made of copper. Green isn’t her original color. But when copper oxidized, depends how long, it turns to mint green. Hence, her color to this day. It’s the Patina process. I’m learning.👌🏽 travelbenefits The Sea made her Green. 📷: z4thr33 Liberty Island, New York.🇺🇸 LibertyIsland StatueofLiberty travelgram travelUSA discoverusa injured efFORTlessAdventuresUSA efFORTlessAdventuresEarth carpedeim

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You may have heard the saying "Collect Memories, Not Things" but have you heard that adaptability is the enemy to happiness? This is why habitual shoppers get a rush of endorphins and feel happy about their new purchaseuntil they adapt to it and seek their next thrill. On the other hand, travel can provide you with a long-lasting sense of happiness throughout the planning process, during the travel experiences, and well after returning. It's practically impossible to adapt when you're traveling because you are constantly exposed to new people, cultures, sights, sounds, feelings, emotions, ideas, information, and stimulation. Travel is medicine for the mind, body, and soul in so many more ways than any material purchase. Here are just a few reasons why travel traveler travelling traveller traveling travelblogger travelgoals travellifestyle traveladdict girlslovetravel travelholic lovetotravel wellness happiness behappy traveladvice travelbenefits mindfultravel smile healthylifestyle corporatewellness mindset shopping adventure healing thrive ariannahuff hiltonhotels twtravelnews huffpost virginpulse

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The tripsavr Lite package includes: . Unlimited virtual access to the official website at . 1,000 Savings Dollars to be used when booking on the tripsavr 2.0 website Exclusive IR account access with 20% extra discounts . Travel credits on select bookings Opportunity to become a Tripsavr business partner and earn handsome income (optional) If you're looking for super savings on your travel bookings, Tripsavr is THE platform for you. DM for info! 😀 travelsecrets tripsavr tripsaver travel traveldeals travelopportunity travelbusiness travelbusinessnetworking travelbenefits travelista travelbloggers travelreview travelinfluencer influencer travelcollaboration travelthroughtheworld traveldiary travelnotes travelblogger traveltips traveltools travelcommunity travelfamily travelcouples travelphotographers dametraveler femmetraveler travelgirls wanderlust bucketlisters

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If you are looking for a way to boost your career growth, consider traveling a top priority because is offering some extraordinary benefits: You will learn to be open minded Traveling the world is every time a challenge and you will learn to try new things, to experiment with unusual cuisine and get inspired by new customs. You will communicate more effectively One of the most frustrating things of travel is the language barrier, however, by practicing with locals, such a barrier is easy to avoid. While traveling you will gain global competence. You will be more open-minded and conscious upon global issues and international understandings. You have the opportunity to learn a new language. Having bilingual skills is a sure way to set yourself apart from other job applicants or employees. You will develop stress management skills By looking to other cultures, you will learn different ways of balancing between your own work and private life. You will develop creative thinking skills Traveling is an excellent way to inspire creative thinking skills. Whether you choose to travel overseas or in your domestic country, try to focus on its' benefits and take as much as you can from it. wowfare wowfaredeal wowfareadvice travel trips flights trip europetrip europetravel traveltogether traveltoeurope triptoeurope europeguide europe europepics travelbenefits adventure traveltip

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Waiting , waiting and waiting When your flying on flight benefits it means you dont know if you're going to get a seat on the flightso it's all about playing that waiting game which is something I struggle withHowever , I'm getting better with this and leave it to the higher upsIt is what it is Destination: UNKNOWN travellingkiwi travelbenefits waitinggame prayforamiracle unitedairlines goingto destinationunknown soon wishmeluck followdreamyjourneys flightdelays flightgatechange fingerscross solotraveller womenwhotravel memorialweekendescape updateyousoon

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Penny and a perry great way to end the week! travelbenefits

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Da wir noch voll im Wales Fieber sind, wollten wir euch das Land im Südwesten von Großbritannien auch gleich mal vorstellen: ⛰ Wales. Der unverwechselbare Teil des Vereinigten Königreichs, das unter anderem für den längsten Küstenpfad der Welt bekannt ist! Bergige Nationalparks, wie dem Brecon Beacons oder dem Snowdonia Nationalpark, beheimaten hier rauschende Wasserfälle, mystische Wanderrouten und mittelalterliche Burgruinen 🏰🌳. Egal, ob Bergsteigen, Kanu oder Kayak fahren, Klettern, Wandern oder Fischen 🚵‍♂️🧗‍♀️🚣‍♂️🎣 Wales bietet einfach das Nonplusultra an Action! 😏😉 Haben wir deine Reiselust jetzt geweckt? Dann schau dich gerne in unseren ISIC-Rabatten um, die dich auf der nächsten Reise vielleicht schon etwas finanziell unterstützen könnten.🌐 Link in Bio!

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What Are the Benefits of Travel? 01. Travel Sharpens the Mind 02. A Shift in Perspective 03. A Chance to Try New Things 04. Meet New People 05. See the Real Deal 06. Exercise and Sunshine 07. Come Home Renewed Follow us in FB to read more info; bookandflytravel l wcatravel l traveltips travelbenefits

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- 5️⃣ Benefits to Family Travel 🗺 . 1️⃣Gives awesome perspective. Technology has made the world small, but traveling allows us to see our planet for the enormous magnificent place that it is. We want our to see the world and find their place in it 2️⃣Rekindles a healthy sense of adventure. Experiences change us. They shape who we are as we learn from them 3️⃣Increases our compassion. When we meet new people from new places (each shaped by their own experiences) our love for people grows and deeper bonds are formed 4️⃣Makes us adaptable and flexible. We no longer conform to a mundane routine but rather we embrace exciting new rhythms 5️⃣Forms lasting memories. Our may not remember what they received for their birthdays last year but they sure remember the adventures we had What benefits would you add to the list? familytravels familytravelblogger familyofeight wildandbravelittles worldschool worldschooler worldschoolers worldschoolersforlife worldschoolingfamily worldschooling viaworldschooling travelingfamily familytraveling travelbenefits travelbenefit whywetravel experiencetheworld findyourplaceintheworld kidswhotravel kidswhoexplore parennialtravel goadventuretogether theglobewanderers exploringfamilies worldadventures homeschoolcollective bebevoyage tinybigadventure wanderlustmag visitseasia

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Travel is a movement of object from one place to another place Kenapa kita traveling? Terdapat beberapa pendapat mengenai hal ini. Seperti dikutip pada, ada 5 manfaat traveling ✈ Menjadi sarana penghilang stress ✈ Membantu menemukan kembali dirimu ✈ Meningkatkan kebahagiaan ✈ Membantu ketahanan mental ✈ Mempelajari suatu hal baru Apa nih yang membuat kamu ingin terus traveling? Share ceritamu di komen yuk! Photo source: Pexels travel travelbenefits mentalhealth jalanjalan traveling holiday journey

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If you are still wondering whether to travel or not this summer, here are some reasons that might convince you to book your next vacation right away. Traveling is important because it: * Gives us time to heal, reduces stress and helps us regain enthusiasm for life; * Awakens our inner by offering us new, “first-time” experiences; * Discovers places we never imagined existed; * Creates life-time memories; * Is a valuable investement in ourselves. 🧳🗺🛫 awejourney awe traveler travellover map travelaroundtheworld discoverworld travelbenefits challengeyourlimits discoveryourself

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Health Reasons for Travel People are naturally curious and this is why travel is IMPORTANT to satisfy the mind's curiosity. There are also many HEALTH reasons for travel. We seek new experiences to stimulate our minds and enrich our lives.  Most of us live in the same place, with the same people, and do the same things for most of our lives. ImportanceofTravel TravelBenefits TravelHealth

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Today is TravelAgent appreciation day 💛 Thank you endlessly - to our loyal clients who rely on us time and time again to ensure your travel experience is seamless. Here are a few benefits to seeing a travel agent:⁣ ⁣ * Your time is valuable, let us do the time consuming stuff ⁣ * Advice on best times to travel for cheapest rates⁣ * We know the market, you know what you want - together we can build you the perfect trip⁣ * If anything goes wrong, we will make sure you are taken care of⁣ * More exclusive access ⁣ * Lastly, we are awesome 😎 ⁣

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Starting May 6th - September 8th, 2019 you can get 2X Bonus Points beginning on the second stay for all registered Members; plus, an additional 10K on the 10th stay, 15K on the 15th stay and 20K on the 20th stay. That’s a total of 45,000 additional Bonus Points for completing 20 stays (not counting the 2X Bonus Points earned)! Time to earn some more vacation time! vacationmode suitelife thriftytuesday Hiltonwoodlandhills millenialtravelers travelblogger travelholic travelbenefits wanderlust

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As much as I hate farewells, as much as I’m grateful for traveling which gives us the opportunity to meet such super friendly lovely people totally by random and building friendships across the ocean out of nothing. In Russia, Spain, Egypt and soon in Argentina. To many more reunions everywhere in the world you awesome person, stay as you are and see you soon I promise. Have a safe flight😘🇪🇬🇦🇷 travel

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Ah, love. ❤ The most beautiful thing in the world. Or is it? 😉 These past couple of weeks have been a real adventure for us. While in Nottingham, we encountered these magnificent creatures, and we got VERY close to them. And you know what surprised us the most? How natural they were in front of the camera. Striving for that confidence! 😁📷 deerphotography photography ukphotography uktravel nikonphotography lifelessons travelbenefits travelbloggers dreamfollowdo dreamingofbutterflies

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JOY OF TRAVEL This photo taken in the Artic Circle captures one of my top 10 life experiences. We had a long husky ride through the forest in Lapland in Winter. The scenery was exquisitely beautiful and the dogs joyful and spirited. The experience was so intensely different that I can remember it quite vividly. The happiness we felt, the beauty around us, the warmth of the dogs, their happy barking, the cold of the snow, the amazing winter light. Family memories that will last a lifetime. June Gay Psychologist psychologistchatswood lifebeinit stepoutofyourcomfortzone adventuretime bucketlist dreamcometrue joyof travel travelinspiration lapland finland travelinwild travelwithkids placestovisit beautifuldestinations planetearth articcircle worldwecapture worldnomads travelphotography naturegeography naturenurture travelbenefits welivetoexplore welovetotravel welovetravel travelinwild inthemoment seizethemoment livingthedream sharingexperiences motherhoodunplugged

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BENEFITS OF TRAVEL 🌏 Science has explored the benefits of travel and the rssults are interesting. Travel disrupts your routine and introduces novelty to your brain, which improves cognition and helps reactivate reward circuits. You have to think about how to get through new experiencs, unknown places, unfamiliar streets, different customs and rules. This novelty stimulates your brain neuroplasticity and helps to generate creativity, cognitive flexibility, empathy that endures even after the travel is complete. It stimulates a growth mindset that can be psychologically beneficial. Travel also provide relief from daily stresses, where you can regroup and focus on self care. It helps with personal growth and appreciation, and can also benefit mood and intellect. Although wonderful to see Big Buddha's in Hong Kong, you don't have to travel to other countries to gain these benefits - just travel regularly out of your comfort zone. June Gay Psychologist psychologistchatswood psychologydemystified worldprime travelinspiration travelblog psychological psychologytips appreciating appreciatinglife travellessons stressrelief growthmindset personalgrowth perspective moodmanagement emotionalregulation mentalhealthrecovery mentalhealthadvice mentalhealthsupport benefitsoftravel travelbenefits lifebeinit hongkong lantauisland maketheunknownknown comfortzone worldnomads placestovisit

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