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It is with a heavy heart I come to you about SPC Lauren Russell. She has become one of the 20 lost to suicide a day on 04/18/2019. Rest easy soldier, we will take it from here.

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🌍 Happy Earth Day 🇬🇧Today on Earth Day we came to breathe some fresh air and appreciate the nature! Looking around and seeing all this green, gives me hope ! Our planet needs our help and we can all do our part to stand up for it, today and every day! This is the only home we have 🇪🇸Hoy, para celebrar el Día de la Tierra, paramos en el espectacular Parque Nacional de Cotopaxi a respirar aire fresco a más de 4000m de altitud! Pasear rodeados de tanto verde es un soplo de esperanza. Este bello planeta al que llamamos ‘nuestro’ necesita que todos mudemos muchos malos hábitos que lo están destruyendo. Hoy y todos los días, disfruta y trata con cariño a ‘nuestra’ querida Tierra 🇵🇹 Hoje, para celebrar o Dia Mundial da Terra, subimos bem alto para respirar ar fresco e contemplar a natureza. A 4000metros, neste cenário verde e tão bonito, ñ consegui deixar de pensar que, este planeta, a que todos chamamos nosso, precisa, mais que nunca da nossa ajuda! Hoje e todos os dias vamos tentar fazer a nossa parte, ainda que pareça bem pequenina. Vamos disfrutar e tratar com carinho este lugar tão especial que é de todos 🌍💚💚💚 . earthday earthday2019 nature diamundialdelatierra diadaterra diadelatierra vidasostenible natureza naturaleza noforestnolife actonclimate environment floresta wildplanet trek theresnoplanetb wandering wanderlust ecuador cotopaxinationalpark cotopaxi southamerica southamericatrip caminhar visitecuador ecuadortravel_ig ecuadortravel turismoecuador allyouneedisecuador travelgirl

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・ 親戚の中学生と女子ライド😁🚲✨ ・ 初めて乗るので、車道は避けてサイクリングロードを走りました😌 さすが陸上部、運動神経が良く飲み込みが早いのに驚き!😳✨ 私よりも身長は高いけれど、ロードバイクは初めてだから安全の為サドルを下げて乗りました😊 ちなみに、ウェアは赤と青にして対照的にしてみました🤗👚 ・ 道の駅むなかたでソフトクリームを食べ、約40キロの初ライド無事ゴール!😁🚲 ・ ロードバイクに興味を持ってもらえたらとても嬉しいですね😚💕 今度はどこに一緒に行くか考え中です☺️🚲🚲 娘が大きくなったら、こんな感じでサイクリングしたいなと思いました🤗🚲🚲 ・ ロードバイク ロードバイク女子 サイクリング 自転車 cycling トレック trek roadbike kitfit 福岡 cyclingwoman cyclingphots サイクリングロード rapha ソフトクリーム

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Feliç Sant Jordi a tots! 🌹 cada uno con lo suyo trek btt mtb bici esport milove mivida mipasion mountainbike paseosnocturnos bcn platjallevantbcn miniña Aunque cada vez pienso más en comprarme una bici nueva siempre serás mi niña Comprada con el sudor de mi frente, nunca me has dejado tirado, siempre estas ahí, sea la hora que sea, te lleven donde te lleven, sin quejarte, aunke te chirria el cambio pero es tu toke de barrio, de gente pobre! somosciclistas pero somospobres zugastadas Estas publis solo se pueden colgar estando soltero, alguna ventaja tenía ke tener salidasnocturnas bcnnight rutika vidadeopositor opositor opositorlife entreno sindescanso opos futurobombero locos locosporlasbicis Me ha caido el diluvio universal volviendo a casa! Gozada máxima, pero suputamadre que de agua mtblovers

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WaveCel goes through a three-step change in material structure to help protect your head and absorb energy created by angled impacts. Follow the link in our bio to learn more. ⬆️

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❗️Sol, praia, pedal e cerveja Seu grupo é como o nosso?, Após todo pedal querem tomar uma (s ) gelada 🎥 Video by 👉 downhillbiker2k19 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ✉️ Parcerias por direct ou em nosso email: mundociclismobr ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ciclopole where2cycle vanilde_mtb ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ❗️ Use mundociclismo bike mtb cycle bicycle roval xt alivio xtr xx1 nx sramgx srameagle mountainbike bike2019 bikemtb bikes bikelife caloi sense soul trek specialized sworks scott rockshox maisbikebrasil mundociclismo ciclopole vanilde_mtb

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This would have been day 4 of the trek, but the weather proved too dangerous for us to continue (not that you’d tell from the sun) 🌄💨 Just a reminder from Mother Nature of her power on earthday 🌎 disappointing not to see the towers close up but we stopped from afar to take a look

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Easter Sunday.(Palm Sunday for me). My Easter is next weekend 🤪 Nice to celebrate twice 😁 ————————————————————————- • Distance 101 km • Elevation 698m ☀️ 👑 🏆 💪🏻 And for the first time I have been dropped on a ridewith people who road 20 minutes without noticing that I’m not with them. ————————————————————————-

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People always ask me why do I go that far from where I live to ride with United Velo. There is few reasons that I want to point. But before that I want to say. In 2016 when I first started riding I had some bad experience riding with people who was joking about my accent or about my biking skills. I went for a ride with that group only few times and never go back to them. Then I focused on my biking skills. On the next year I joined another group. They were really nice, but lacking some organizing skills. And last year in the spring of 2108 I joined United Velo I felt that those are the people that I want to ride with. And as you see I still ride with them. Here are my reasons why I drive 40 km to go for at least 70 km ride with the club. First because they believe riding together is better than riding alone. Another reason is that I never get dropped off. Rides are always well organized. We always know where we go, we always ride in a great pace line. If someone have mechanical issue or flat we all stop. When climbing always regrouping at the top of the hill. Last but not least they make me smile! Riding with people who respect other people is important. ————————————————————————- Today we were 50 people on the ride + 18 other who went racing. Total of 68 active United Velo members. How many clubs can say that? ————————————————————————- What is your experience riding in a group? ————————————————————————- • Distance 70 km • Elevation 392 ☀️ 👑 🏆 💪🏻————————————————————————-

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SANTA CRUZ TREK + PISCO CLIMBING 2019 A spectacular expedition, combines Trekking Santa Cruz, one of the best trekking routes in the world and the mountain known as the balcony of the Cordillera Blanca, the Pisco 5752 masl, from the summit of this mountain you can see the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca at 360°, it is spectacular Organize your expedition with us and live a unique experience. Contact us: jirkandesexpeditions or infohuaraz *************************************************** SANTA CRUZ TREK Y PISCO CLIMBING Una espectacular expedición, combina Trekking Santa Cruz, una de las mejores rutas de Trekking del mundo y la montaña conocida como el balcón de la Cordillera Blanca, el Pisco 5752 msnm, de la cumbre de esta montaña se puede apreciar las montañas de la Cordillera Blanca a 360°, es espectacular Organiza con nostros tu expedición y vive una experiencia única. Contáctenos en: jirkandesexpeditions o infohuaraz trekking mountains reisen trek adventurer photography potographer expeditionen berg berge montagne montanha montaña caminata climbing kletter travel landscape landscapephotography nature naturephotography paisajes mountain mountainphotography expeditions andes climb Perú perutravel world