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As expected, a beautiful, sunny Easter Monday meant a quieter class last night. Luckily, that meant some pad rounds with the instructors for those who trained. Lots of hard work on show as Sean started the class with a post-easter fitness blast, followed a pad and bag circuit with everyone getting rounds in with both Sean and Steve. Unfortunately, due to holding pads, neither instructor was able to get any pictures or videos, so instead, here's Superlek absolutely destroying a low kick pad! • • • • • ClarkesMuayThai MuayThai Derby MuayThaiDerby Chaddesden Derbyshire Midlands Brothers FamilyBusiness MMA UFC Boxing Repost SiamBoxing LowKick MartialArts Video Power Fitness Gym Kick Thailand Easter EasterMonday Monday Padwork DrillsBuildSkills Workout Training 2019

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We love our community! Even though Taekwondo is an individual sport, it’s amazing the positive energy that comes out when everyone is working on improving themselves together! Want to know more about our martial arts or fitness classes? Send us a message ☺️ yyj yyjfitness fitness martialarts mma tkd taekwondo ufc power reactions improvement growth roadtoblackbelt fitfam community athletictraining crosstraining friends family pt legs fitpro fun happy happyplace kicks kicking positivevibes tribe crew

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Day 37!

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Salam AktivLər ? + . "- 3-5 cmnt ат keç 👑💜 . †⭐Follow Me 😍 . ◼◻◼◻◼◻🔳🔲🔳◼◻◼◻◼◻◼ 🔥💎♻Auto Like♻💎🔥. 💫👤Followers Assistant👤💫 👑 💯 Follow qarşılığı💯 👑 ◻◼◻◼◻◼🔲🔳🔲◻◼◻◼◻◼◻ "- 👉s_a_h_i_b_09 –– aztagram azeaktive azeactive aktiv aktivler baku azerbaycan gt geritakip takipcikazan aktivler💙❤️💚🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿➕➕➕➕➕➕➕ autolike aktivlerazerbaycaninsta aktivitekitabı aktivist aktivite gt takipedenitakipederim takipçi takip takipleş takipci takipetakip azerbaycan imishli ufc gttakip takipleşelim takiphane

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AVAILABLE I think I changed her name to Chanel as of right now‼️😍😂 She’s 12 weeks old and is super tiny! She’s UTD on vaccines and has her health certificate. DM me for more info. Serious inquires only.

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Многие жалуются что нет моих фоток ) только шарики 🎈 ну вот Я )))) ну и конечно шарики 😁как без них 😂 мой телефон заполнен ими sharlandiya.ast sharlandiya.ast Коробки сюрприз в наличии 🎁🎈 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Шары на любую тематику! Кстати скоро 7 мая,поздравьте своих мужчин оригинально 😎 🥳 гелиевыешарыастана девичникастана нурсултан астана genderrevealpartyastana шарсюрпризастана коробкасшарамиастана коробкисюрпризастана шарикиастана выпискаастана предложениерукиисердцаастана мамочкамастана аэропортастана ханшатыр мегасилквей нумерологияастана тортыастана романтикаастана сюрпризастана подаркиастана нумерологияастана юбилейастана ufc баннерастана деньрожденияастана бэбишауэрастана genderrevealpartyastana

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14 for no gi class is awesome. Tuesday and Thursday at 1000am.

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Damn Rate Sugar Ray Leonard's Speed out of 10 😳👇🥊 sugarrayleonard

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Here is a quick way to eliminate that neck pain So much of that pain in the neck that you’ve got (other than the spouse you keep talking about), is simply from muscles pulling your head and neck into some convoluted position The head and neck are controlled by a lot of muscles, and I mean A LOT, however, there are a few that come into play more than the others We all seem to attack the posterior aspect of the head and neck, stretching the trapezius, the levator, and general muscles of the upper back. As great as this feels, it’s opening up more slack and allowing the muscles in the front to shorten up and pull that head even further forward Now you’ve got this 12 pound ball on the end of your neck, sitting way out front loading the posterior muscles even more, and then you repeat the cycle Here’s how you change it. Loosen up the SCM, the Scalenes and then work through the new range of motion to cement it into the nervous system (otherwise you’re just going back to where you were) 1️⃣ SCM Release 2️⃣ Scalenes 3️⃣ Banded Rotation . Have questions? Pain? Need help? Leave a comment Please tag someone with bad neck pain Want to learn how to biohack yourself? The SmashweRx system has been used all over the planet from professional athletes to soccer moms. Step into a pain free life at www.smashwerx.com, or just smash the link in our bio underarmour strengthandconditioning physio massage baseball hockey football strength crossfit ufc powerlifting bodybuilding ifbb fitness ufc fitlife nasm nsca training smashwerx surgery nike csagym hollywood rehab neckpain disc

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Fusing of growth plates!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ To learn more, join our free WhatsApp group! Link to join is in our bio

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