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All our school excursions consist of going to the sets and the final essay is a persuasive writing piece, you have to convince the reader to watch the show that you stan 😂👏 Got this idea from bennysburgers83 strangerthings strangerthings2 strangerthings3 cantwaitforseason3 yasss staystrange xoxo loveyouall paladin cleric bard ranger mage zoomer strangercast netflix muchlove loveyouall mileven hawkinslab love chocolatedaddy followandlike maya_hawke priahferguson gatenm123 finnwolfhardofficial milliebobbybrown noahschnapp therealcalebmclaughlin uncle_jezzy strangerthingstv nattyiceofficial charlie.r.heaton dkharbour ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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~~ unbezahlte Werbung ~~ Mäuschen schläft und Mama experimentiert wieder mal mit ihren Make-up 😅🥰 Auf den ersten Blick gefällt es mir selber sehr gut ☺️ Liquid Lipstick ist von bananabeauty.de in der Farbe yasss Foundation ist die artdeco_cosmetics Get the perfect Teint in der Farbe 16 - Light Bisquit Concealer ist von tartecosmetics der creaseless Concealer in Light sand Lidschattenpalette nipandfab in zarten Rosa- und Lilatönen Bin schon gespannt wie die Kombination hält und was mein Freund davon hält ☺️🤗 unbezahltewerbung makeuplover alldaylook mamablogger nofilter instagood 💄😄🥰

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“I'm a lot more Biggie, I'm a lot more Pac, I'm a lot more Diddy cause I ain't gon' stop, I'm a lot more Oprah, this before she had that yacht” Ayyyeeeee had TOO much fun performing with these beautiful humans for the Broadway Dance Center Student Showcase. Thanks ericj616 for allowing us to SMILE 💀 - - - - - - bdc smile dance yasss symphonyspace

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yasss 🙌🏻❤️

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Yum subliminal messaging works! I suggested that since we keep burning through story points in our sprints, points mean prizes and prizes should come in the form of expensive artisan pastries and voilà! I get to work and there was an Ole and Steen Cinnamon Social in our meeting yasss! 😂👌🏼 yum pastries artisan artisanpastry oleandsteen oleandsteenuk london ldn cinnamonsocial cinnamonroll cinnamon oleandsteenuk icing yummy nomnomnom meetings sprints scrum projects webdevelopment fluffypastry tasty yasss pastryporn nomnom team sprintplanning scrumteam webdeveloper sharing voila

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I am who I am, I am what I am, I do what I do and I ain’t never gonna do it any different. I don’t care who likes it and who doesn’t. style myself basic yasss

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Se llama Sophia Hadjipantel, es estadounidense de ascendencia griega, y se está haciendo un hueco en el complicado mundo de la moda. ¿Su seña de identidad? Sus cejas, a las que convierte en protagonistas de sus mejores imágenes UnibrowMovement Yasss EstoEsYasss

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When your friends notice your gym results 💪🏻 ohyouseeit yasss

9 hours ago

How many types of duck can one person eat?! 🦆 notvegan

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Tip Of The Day Tuesday! Glamies give your facial skin a treat with a facial mask. It hydrates, moisturizes and helps remove impurities as well as helps promote a clear complexion. So give it a try you’re thank me later!

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My very favorite ketofastfood option innout Flying Dutchman mustard fried with grilled onions 🤤 🤤 🤤 💣 💣