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5 months ago

05-09-2018 📝 Post test-Mastery Timetables diadakan pada jam 7.15 pagi hari ini. Masa dberikan bagi RA - 5 minit dan RB - 10 minit ⏱ year5B year5S

1 year ago

Meg's cards from the primary school where she's been a work experience teaching assistant. toocute year5s

1 year ago

grainy but worth the post cuz you a solid friend bruh year5s degens5lyf

2 years ago

Today in maths, the year5s measured their foot in comparison to the BFG's foot 😆 the activity also included collecting data from other students, calculating with decimals, converting mm and cm, and using collected data to answer questions. I was blown away when one student managed to calculate the average foot length of the class 😯 the power of an openended maths task 💡 year5 term3 iteachfifth iteachtoo teachersfollowteachers teachersofigau perthteacher teachingmaths mathsclass mathscanbefun roalddahl roalddahl100 studentteacher preserviceteacher pracstudent teachingideas misstaylor

2 years ago

Year fives unite! Caleb joins a class of year fives in gjakova ( kosovo) the other week. If you look carefully he's there ;) We met some students with some fab English and Caleb even got a text book in the local language. One of the hopes of the headmaster was for a computer room with around 25 working computers for the school. school, year5s, education

5 years ago

Brainstorming ideas Working and playing with shapes to represent places We're gonna create a collaborative aboriginal art style piece based on our suburbs and it's surroundings! year5s iloveteaching teachingrules