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23 minutes ago

. ▷ So good coffee & bake ◁ 桜もちのタルト 文旦とゆず茶のタルト 豊橋の可愛いカフェ クリームの下に桜餡敷かれててほんとに桜もち食べてるみたい 文旦タルトはさっぱり 自家焙煎のコーヒーも ケーキに合ったおすすめを教えてもらえたよ sogoodcoffeeandbake 豊橋カフェ カフェ cafe ケーキ cake 喫茶店 カフェ巡り グルメ groumet 甘党 sweets 食べスタグラム 愛知カフェ instacafe foodstagram foodpics foodphotography photography camera a6000 カメラ カメラ初心者 カメラ好きな人と繋がりたい ファインダー越しの私の世界 ミラーレス japan_of_insta

29 minutes ago

Always amazed at how many beautiful locations to shoot we have on this island! 😍😍😍

47 minutes ago

10 spot ladybird. This ladybird is tiny, only about 3-4 mm in size. They're often quite well hidden and are far less common in the city than the 7 spot Ladybird due to their preference for more wooded habitats. Funnily enough they actually have 13/14 spots on their thorax and yet their name is what it is This particular individual is quite odd in that its spots are very large and even merge with each in some areas. ladybird ladybug beetles insects insectphotography insects_macro macroinsect macrophotography macrogrammers macro macrophotographer wildlifephotographer irishwildlife urbanwildlife urbannature sonyalpha sonya6000 sonya6000club a6000 sigma sigma30mmf14

47 minutes ago

Beautiful Spring Weather in Vancouver

1 hour ago

Two years today, apparently. Happy anniversary eiramnais. Thanks for letting me take pictures of you.

1 hour ago

Those HDNE Chameleon Madhattans 💯💯

1 hour ago

Aren't we just the shadows of ourselves?

1 hour ago

1/2500 | f/1.8 | ISO 100

1 hour ago

Same spot, 1 & a half years apart! 📷 Throwback

1 hour ago

Je ne parle pas francais 🤷🏻‍♂️

1 hour ago

Loving the combo of my a6000 and 12mm for night time city shots