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Notes from The Shadow World. Mystery calligrapher who showed up one summer to grace freeway bridge columns with hers or his work. Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong, 2007. Interesting game of cat and mouse that summer with highway maintenance people scrubbing away or painting over the calligrapher’s work in the morning, leaving a fresh canvas for the artist by the early evening at the end of the work shift. Purely from an aesthetic point of view, however, I think it’s great that highway maintenance people either don’t know, or perhaps know too well, how not to match base colours shaman spiritual photography art artgallery gallery artnet contemporaryart curator contemporaryphotography contemporaryartcurator contemporaryartmuseum abstract abstractart artadvisor painting design architecture interiordesign artsy visualart todaysartreport kunst artemoderna artcollector artoninstagram contemporaryartwork artecontemporaneo artcontemporain

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Attempting to take sexy photos of my paintings. Also trying to to go crazy with updating my website. Indulging in the process.

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bookastreetartist goes Africa! ❤️ 🌍❤️ For our client goetheinstitut_seneg the wonderful & talented lamia.michna from tapeoverberlin hosted a tape art workshop in Dakar. 🐦🇸🇳 🎨 Lamia says it was "a great experience to inspire and get inspired". 🤗💫 For more from TAPE OVER make sure to check out the link 🔝 in our bio.

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Amazing bathroom ❤️

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Tag you life love 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Credits 93.minho

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This was one of my favorite Encaustics piece I made , it is in Portland , Oregon

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Things start happening when you start believing.

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My mother wanted one so I made two