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Sony Picture Classics And Sweetland Films Presents A Jean Doumanian Production A Woody Allen Film Sean Penn Anthony Lapagili Uma Thurman Samantha Morton In Woody Allen's Sweet And Lowdown 1999 They Called Him Crazy They Called Him Irresponsible They Called Him The Greatest Gutair Player That Ever Lived. sonypicturesclassics woodyallen sweetandlowdown seanpenn academyawards theoacars moviegoers movielovers moviefanatic moviegeeks filmnerd filmfreak moviefreaks classicfilm followers followme iloveyou ilovethe90s movieposter

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Oscars in the 80s . 1) 8 year old DrewBarrymore (1983) 2) WinonaRyder and ChristianSlater (1989) 3) GeenaDavis (1989) 4) RiverPhoenix and MarthaPlimpton (1989) 5) DarylHannah and KevinCostner (1988) 6) JenniferGrey and PatrickSwayze (1988) 7) 11 year old AngelinaJolie (1986) 8) DianaRoss and LionelRichie (1982) 9) TomHanks and RitaWilson (1987) 10) BrookeShields and MichaelJackson (1981) A Trip Down The Oscars Lane : I'll be posting some of the best Oscar moments from each year or era. Oscars 2019 Countdown : 6 days to go!

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This is true BUT it also means there’s a lot we can talk about in our next episode 🎧 What do you want to listen to/learn about? Awards szn? The Green New Deal? Let us know, yo👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

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Les mercredis et samedi, c’est SÉANCES JEUNE PUBLIC à la Cinémathèque ! Et à l’occasion des vacances scolaires, c’est double ration ! Cette semaine, au programme du cycle spécial « renard » : 🦊 LES FABLES DE MONSIEUR RENARD, un programme de six courts métrages d’animations pour les plus jeunes cinéphiles à partir de 3 ans) Projections : mercredi 20 février à 16h et samedi 23 février à 14h. 🦊 ZOOTOPIE de Byron Howard et Rich Moore, un « Buddy Movie » animalier produit par les studios Disney et couronné par un Oscar et un Golden Globe du meilleur film d’animation en 2017. (À partir de 6 ans) Projections : mercredi 20 février à 14h et samedi 23 février à 15h. Tarifs : Enfants : 2€ Adultes : 3€ Carte d'abonné annuelle obligatoire (à partir de 12 ans) : 2,50€ jeunepublic renard fox lesfablesdemonsieurrenard courtsmetrages courtmetrage shortfilm zootopie zootopia academyawards disney byronhoward richmoore

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They’ve reversed it. Feel like this tweet might’ve done it. Nice one, Del Toro. Big up yourselves all my double talented DOP, Editor & Make-up & Hair brethren. oscars academyawards

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donnygalella - what can I say? I’m rarely lost for words and even when I attempt to express my feelings, my eyes swell with tears. What an absolute crazy month it’s been! From The Australian Cricket Awards to The Oscars - yes peeps THE OSCARS. We have collaborate to create some beautiful custom made gowns. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to create absolute magic with you. Our angels made our paths cross as this whole journey has been effortless and fun! Sorry for driving you crazy with my opinions but hey, I’m Greek and I can’t help myself. 😂 6 Days to go till we blow the world away with a spectacular gown that was created for thebelindabromilow ❤️ • • • • • • Oscars Academyawards styledbydonny Velanj teamvella redcarpet couture eveninggown

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ACADEMY AWARDS DIPROTES OLEH AKTOR & SUTRADARA HOLLYWOOD _ _ _ _ _ Follow tvonenews _ _ _ _ _ Sejumlah aktor dan sutradara kawakan Hollywood melakukan protes ke pihak Academy Awards. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Sandra Bullock, Christopher Nolan, Guillermo del Toro, dan Alfonso Cuarón menandatangani surat terbuka yang mengecam keputusan pihak Acedemy untuk tidak menyiarkan empat nominasi _ _ _ _ _ NewsOne ViralNews AcademyAwards

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Since it's officially oscarweek and I feel bad about my other video of Maxwell caught in the camera roaming the red carpet at the caresmentoring last week I wanted to share him giving a wonderful interview about officialspikelee impact on the culture and CELEBRATING WOMEN at the nycpremiere of blackkklansman which has been NOMINATED for 6 OSCARS theacademy academyawards including bestpicture bestdirector bestadaptedscreenplay bestsupportingactor bestoroginalmuscicscore bestfilmediting oscars oscarssoblack tanishalavernegrant entertainmentcorrespondent entertainmentjournalist redcarpethost redcarpet maxwell singersongwriter spikelee televisionpersonality mediapersonality baldbeauty dora music

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It's Just That Simple 90sbaby ⭐🎚💯📢

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AutographsForTheAges is pleased that RadhaMitchell signed our copy of FindingNeverland, 2004. Directed by MarcForster, this film 🎞 was nominated for 4 AcademyAwards & won for BestScore. It tells the story of how JMBarrie (played by the versatile JohnnyDepp) came to write the enduring saga of PeterPan. There have been many versions based upon the characters developed by this playwright from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, going back to SilentEraFilms, starring BabyPeggy ( DianaSerraCary). In this story, Radha Mitchell plays Barrie’s wife MaryAnsellBarrie. It is essentially about little BoysWhoDoNotWantToGrowUp. The ImperialCollection understands this notion has gone beyond the WorldOfFantasy & become something unintentionally a tradition in some governments. You can only MakeBelgiumGreatAgain by Finding Neverland as an Eden & not as a PlaygroundForBankruptcy. Also starring KateWinslet, JulieChristie, & DustinHoffman. Thanks to the MostlyBritishFilmFestival. Background fabric from TreasureAndBond, India 🇮🇳.

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Road to theacademy Sale l'attesa per la 91ª edizione degli Academy Awards. Domenica, presso il Dolby Theatre di Los Angeles, saranno consegnati gli Oscar alle eccellenze del cinema di questa stagione. Nei prossimi giorni, seguiteci per pronostici, curiosità, news e opinioni. Qui, la nostra amata Emma Stone, vincitrice dell'Oscar come miglior attrice protagonista in La La Land nel 2017. emmastone lalaland oscar academyawards behindthescenes behindthescenes🎬 ciak losangeles cityofstars miadolan ryangosling dream audition dreams dreamer fools actress celebrity hollywood movie movies goodmorning picoftheday

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• OSCAR NOMINEES The Favourite * Best picture * Best actress - Olivia Colman * Best s. actress - Emma Stone * Best s. actress - Rachel Weisz * Best director - Yorgos Lanthimos * Best original screenplay * Best film editing * Best production design * Best costume design • • • • • • • thefavourite thefavouritemovie thefavoritemovie academyawards oscars2019 oscarnominee film films instahun mik moviescenes ikozosseghungary joke postoftheday👌 letsgetweird moviescene moviememes ikozosseg lgbt lgbtq filmmemes instagay gayuk memesdaily memes photoshop theladbible ladbiblethis memestgram creativebloggers

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Well this is bullshit. What better way to honour film than to not publicly award the talented bastards that film, cut and make-up the dudes that act in the god damn thing. Sort it out. oscars academyawards talentedbastards

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Tüm zamanların en iyi filmlerinden biri olarak kabul edilen Esaretin Bedeli (1994) yedi dalda Oscar’a aday gösterilmiş ancak hiç bir dalda ödül alamamıştır. Considered to be one of the greatest films of all time, The Shawshank Redemption (1994) was not awarded an Oscar despite being nominated in seven categories. oscars oscars2019 academyawards theshawshankredemption timrobbins morganfreeman movies movie film cinema moviefacts til didyouknow trivia uscff icapff uscff2019 icapff2019 interesting interestingfacts hollywood filmfest filmfestival filmfestivals sinema sinemakeyfi ilginç ilginçbilgiler biliyormuydunuz

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Less than a week away from the coveted Academy Awards Ceremony, let’s take some time to talk about the biggest snubs Toni Collette takes another role in a creepy movie and excels in a breathtaking performance in Hereditary, Ethan Hawke also manages to perform amazingly in a dark movie that has a nomination for it’s screenplay, but only works because of his portrayal of the character now two of the most infuriating snubs of the year in my opinion: Bradley Cooper did a remarkably amazing job with the first movie he directs, last year they gave Jordan Peele the recognition, but totally failed to give Cooper the credit he deserves, the screenplay is an adaptation, but he manages to make it one of the best movies and my favourite of the year, just because he has a nomination for acting doesn’t mean he should be left out of the category of best director, and finally a weird choice by the Academy, that had the same faith as The Lego Movie, in the aspect that it got nominations and also managed to get awards in other ceremonies, but gets totally snubbed in the category they deserved the most in the Oscars; First Man was an awesome film that manages to create the ambient with an unbeatable music score, created by the genius Justin Hurwitz that shows that everything Damien Chazelle does, he makes his part to complete the storytelling masterpiece with fitting music, totally deserved the other awards and the Academy seems to have missed the mark with the last two snubs academyawards oscars oscars2019 snubs tonicollette hereditary ethanhawke firstreformed bradleycooper astarisborn justinhurwitz firstman

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🌟This originally posted without the written segment, so you poor people got my weird-a$$ photos with no context whatsoever. Sorry about that, lol. So here it is: Day One chalked off of the best movie marathon of the year—the amctheatres Best Picture Showcase. Three films this past Saturday, followed by another four films this Saturday. In addition to the two-day showcase that has begun, participating theaters also show 24 hour marathons of all the Best Picture nominees. Now, you’re at this theater for a while for this. And movie popcorn can only get you so far before the sheer salt content makes you want to climb a wall. Additionally, most of the food options are not GF, and without additional snackage, I could not go. So my GF snack arsenal included: purelyelizabethgranola, tatesbakeshop GF cookies, sesmark crackers, clementines, and dried raspberries. Of course, there may have been a few reeses Pieces in there somewhere, but I can’t be sure. Find a theater of your own to enjoy the event—and don’t forget your comfy pants and slippers:) When attending an event such as this, my friends, enjoy it well. Onward to next weekend! ♥️🎬🍿📽⭐️♥️ amctheaters hollywood oscars academyawards movies letsgotothemovies moviemarathon awardseason entertainment glutenfreechicago amctheaters ilovemovies glutenfreeblogger glutenfreeblog gfproblems glutenfreelife glutenfree glutenfreechicago celiacdisease celiaclife celiacproblems celiac celiaclifestyle coeliacdisease coeliaclife coeliacproblems coeliaclifestyle

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" A Taste of History " 02/24/2019 the Maker City Artist Hub (lower level ) Fisherbuilding 3011 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit Mi. 48202 with host Iamdashawn Detroit's Trinity International Film Festival Share your visions with Visionaries Movie Director Filmmaker Actor jcpfilms a_bassey antgreen1 daniel_jeffries_ unclenearest kennyburns independentwoman independentfilm filmphotography filmmaking film movies actor moviedirector movieday movieproducer internationalfilmfestival filmfestival actress photoshoot photo photographer worldstar acting actinglife oscars emmy goldenglobes bet starz hbo filmfestival academyawards

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The 91st Academy Awards are in 1 week! • • • Happy TheHitHouse could contribute to the overall campaigns of BestVisualEffects nominees: FirstMan (Paul Lambert, Ian Hunter, Tristan Myles & J.D. Schwalm), AvengersInfinityWar (Dan DeLeeuw, Kelly Port, Russell Earl & Dan Sudick), SoloAStarWarsStory (Rob Bredow, Patrick Tubach, Neal Scanlan & Dominic Tuohy), & ChristopherRobin (Christopher Lawrence, Michael Eames, Theo Jones & Chris Corbould)! • • • Best of luck to all Oscars Nominees next Sunday! Catch some of our work on these campaigns here: (LINK in BIO 🎶⬆️🎶⬆️🎶) • • • Repost theacademy ・・・ Are you ready? Oscars

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Alita: Battle Angel topped the slow Presidents’ Day weekend charts, while HappyDeathDay2U⁠ ⁠ fell short of expectations. Here's a rundown of the top performers at the domestic box office for the weekend of Feb. 15 to 17. What did you see in theaters? 🍿 Movies Movie Cinema Cinephile Film Theatre Hollywood Actor Actress Director FeatureFilm Scene NoFilter IFB Review Vancouver Blog Blogger MovieNight AcademyAwards Oscars Insta SDV IGDaily MovieBlog MovieBlogger MovieReview

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For a large part of 2018 I worked with an amazing team of people to create the bethcarina lookbook. Im super proud to share the book which Beth Carina is handing out together with her amazing handmade Jewellery creations at the Oscars Celebrity Gifting Suite this week Photography: jadehopleyphotography Styling: rosewaterreverie Model: claude8262 Model: georgiaoom_official Jewellery: BethCarina Venue: Clothing: sarahjosephcouture Clothing: my_summerland_home Model: muksportfolio Model: tyler.ogrady_ Makeup: flawlessmakeupartistrycharissa Hair: boutiquehairbydanielle Clothing: whitesass_co Model: kirstyylyyn Clothing: whitesassinterior_co Makeup: l.l.makeupartistry Model: emilygfallon Clothing: sarahjosephcouture Clothing: shop55vcb Fashion Accesories: kittykatmelbourne Model: alexisshamer Makeup: l.l.makeupartistry Model: shmooy01 Location: body_movement_ Clothing: timialaere Clothing: buttaflaizdesign Model: Candice Bennison Model: angel.abanos Model: luan_kaiowa Styling: koko.durant Location: fufu_mermaidbeach

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Would YOU try it? “The Queen is the only person who can put on a tiara with one hand, while walking downstairs. “ Princess Margaret Margaret Tiara listed in my boutique, link in the Bio. etsyshop etsyseller repurposed upcycledfashion etsysellersofinstagram instafashion whimsical fashionable musthave crown headpiece fashiongram stylegram celebritystyle instastyle weddingheadpiece корона фотосессия magical intricate headpiecedesigner fashion weddingcrown tiara lagunabeach bestoftheday academyawards oscars2019

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Listed on Etsy, to purchase click on the link in Bio. It’s made with the pieces of green ocean glass collected last week. Does it look like branches with leaves, was thinking “Green Goddess” but when you google it’s a salad dressing 🤔so I’m thinking Greek Goddess Crown. 😊👑☘️ WHAT SHOULD I NAME IT? fashion goddesscrown freeshipping etsyshop etsyseller etsysellersofinstagram instafashion whimsical fashionable musthave crown headpiece etsyfinds fashiongram stylegram celebritystyle instastyle weddingheadpiece корона magical intricate headpiecedesigner fashion weddingcrown tiara lagunabeach bestoftheday oscars2019 academyawards

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And the Oscar goes to SİMAY KILIÇ! This is her second nomination and first Oscar.🤘🏽⭐️ I know they will pronounce my last name funnily but who cares when you have an Oscar?🤣 PS: This is a real Oscar and yes I was actually about to cry when i held it🤤 followforfollowback likesforlikes f4f l4l instagram instadaily tagsforlikesapp istanbul turkey blogger instagramers lfl vsco vscocam vscoedit bloggerstyle vscoturkey tflers trip travel ff friends academyawards oscars warnerbrothersstudiotour hollywood