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“The harder you work for something the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it” 2017 - T20 awardee 2018 - Promotion 2019 - T20 awardee 💕 again 🙈 Sobrang na touch po ko sa msg niyo ang habaaa. Mamimiss ko po kayo salamat sa 4 na taon, sobrang dami ko po natutunan sa AR Team. Thank you mam dhang and mam telle at sa AR Team! 👏😘 at sa buong ACCT Department salamat guys. Papa God THANK YOU 🙌👏 dream believe achieve

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How to Find and Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore live_your_legend [ TED VIDEO]. Why are you doing the work you do? Statistics show that 80%+ of people don't enjoy their work. Here's what you need to do 🚀 link in bio 💥 Follow FixWillpower for more willpower tips 💥 selfworth motivation meditation inspirationforyou happiness successful instagood paradise lifestyle learn dream transformation leadership awesome learning happy smile thinkandgrowrich passion friendship fixwillpower mindset relax grateful success mind loveyourself mentor achieve tonyrobbins

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When hmoggie tells me to “play with your hair” to get that shot and I dobut then I’m like sooo “over it” and ask her if I can please be done. 😂 ⠀ The truth is you’re not always going to FEEL like it. What separates those who are achievers and those who seemingly cannot is the willingness to SHOW UP even when you don’t feel I like it. Taking control of your actions even though your mind is telling you you can’t, you shouldn’t, or you don’t feel like it can be a struggle and conquering that conversation with yourself takes effort daily. It’s not that achievers don’t feel those things STILL- unmotivated, defeated, or weak- it’s that they have enough self awareness to know that the mind can be our own worst enemy and it’s up to the achiever to dictate actions that override the lies the mind will tell us. ⠀ Cultivate self awareness daily and dictate your actions to override any negative thoughts that inevitably poke through. Because those negative thoughts will never stop. Sorry. They may get better and control you less but they will never stop. That’s just life. ⠀ 💜 ⠀

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Sanoinkuvaamattoman upeita maisemia Skotlannista. Maisema muuttuu auringonvalon ja pilvien mukaan melkein joka minuutti. Kukkuloilta laskeutuu pienempiä ja suuurempia vesiputouksia valkeana janana. Ilma on puhdasta ja raikasta. Usein kuvauspaikkanakin käytetty Highlandin alue on fantastinen. Tällaisen matkan jälkeen muista miten tärkeätä on vain nauttia ajasta ja ympäristöstä. Poissa teknologiasta,poissa kiireestä ja poissa elämän paineista. Tämä aika on se tärkein. * * * * Elokuussa pääsee venyttelemään aivan kaikessa rauhassa lyhytkurssille Helsinkiin. Haluatko mukaan?? Kommentoi alle niin laitan DM:llä sinulle linkin. Yhteistyössä toimivat tslhelsinki ja minä. * * * * * inshot pilatestraining suomalainenohjaaja instructor training lovelife enjoylife startlife entrepeneur boss pilates posture achieve pilatesjanica like tslhelsinki lovemyjob highlands syvävenyttely graylinescotland annaaikaaitsellesi instatravel

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Feeling pretty F-N proud of myself these days. I've earned that right. I'm gonna take a moment and bask in itmaybe make a spa appointmentmight have a cheeseburger.Anything is possible.

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Good Morning I woke to this🙌🏾😃I just wanna say thank you for all the love and support. I wanna encourage others if you have a business or just have a purpose never give up, never doubt yourself , never doubt your abilities. I reached out to my people in the community but when you reached outside the community it’s amazing. 80% was from people I didn’t even know✊🏽 20% was from the people I did know👍🏾. If you gotta vision don’t let anyone stop you for doing what you are here on this earth to do. I don’t care when you Do IT! How you DO IT! Just DO IT! You don’t need a army to blossom you just gotta have a leap of FAITH. To all my hustlers and business minded people keep up the good work. Focus on you and your purpose, it’s enough money out here for everyone. Love what you do and Do what you Love TBBHS SetGoals Achieve

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Day 2 of Starz for our superstars was just as good as the first. Fab comp, fab staff, fab judge, and friendly dancerswhat more could you want ❤️ Ellie - Ballet solo - 3rd Caci - song solo - 1st Charley - song solo - 2nd Isobel - song solo - 3rd Ellie - street solo - 1st Ellie - Tap solo - 1st Lily - tap solo - 1st Charley - Acro solo - 3rd Ellie - song solo - 1st Presentation results 🏆 • Isobel highest novice street • Jess biggest novice contemp • lily mac - judges choice • sense highest novice group Couldn't be prouder, keep that belief in yourself and keep pushing 🌟

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Setting goals and not gonna stop until there reached believe achieve

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👉BELIEVE-conceive-achieve👈 The Power of The Mind is The Strongest tool that Human beings have in hand We can Imagine something, conceive it and Materialise it If you think about it, we can definitely DO IT! Take a look to all objects or tools surrounding you. ▶It All start as an Idea◀ So, IF YOU CAN SEE IT, YOU CAN MAKE Let's start Building my Next Ride! Believe - Conceive - Achieve! LETS GO! LETS MAKE SOME MAGIC! vision believe conceive achieve powerofmind See IT doit makeithappen idea concept development goals goalsmasher ENERGY intentions positive lightwarrior callinglife nextride lamborghini urus

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Good Morning IG! Today is Wednesday and it’s time for wisdomwednesday and I found this and it got me thinking 🤔. I believe this to be true but reality is a very subjective. I do believe that everyone has some knowledge of what they need to do to better themselves but reality is different for different people. Also some people may have the same reality but a different outlook because of their experiences. Moral of the post I tend to think that most unhappiness comes from a lack of perspective. Their are that have been through civil wars in other countries who can muster up a smile. Their day consists of walking miles and miles to school and having to fetch water and they still smile. Yet here we get upset over our Wi-Fi connection 🤦‍♂️. Happiness is a choice and in comparison to what the world goes through I will accept my problems with a smile 😊 Like Share Comment themediaprince theeblackanglosaxon jewelljonesmi londonlamartn vexking prestonsmiles scottiebeam derekinspire

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Posted withrepoststeve_fletch7 🔥🔥🔥⁣ ⁣ With seeing and hearing about so many people who want to lose weight or gain weight for that matter, doing ridiculous things in order to achieve their goals, I will be using the knowledge I have (if that’s any) to educate and help people learn their body’s and be able to achieve their desired results in an efficient way, without the needs for some bullshit diet, pill or shake! ⁣ ⁣ So with that being said, I will be taking on clients for either online coaching or personal training sessions. ⁣ ⁣ If you’re ready to get that body you’ve always wanted or ready to pack on some muscle then give me a message and get started on your dream body ✌️ - - - Repping those new rawironclothing rawirongymwear vests. dream bodybuilding inspire help achieve fit fitness rawiron aesthetic dedication fitspo passion instagramers healthy health nutrition muscle abs sixpack alphalete ghostlifestyle

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I will be glad and rejoice in your love, for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul. You have not handed me over to the enemy but have set my feet on specious places. Amen. Psalm 31:7-8 How great is our God. STAY MOTIVATEDSTAY BLESSED 🏵 motivation motivationalverses empowerment stand keepmoving onlygod godisgreat godisgood lovinglife jesusfirst grace godmotivated verses bibleverse jesuschrist godconfidence lead encouragement faceyourfears encouragementquotes believe love achieve loveyourenemies courage stylishj_ enyoonline becourageous quotes faithbuilder

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Second Chances - some of us need them. I’m blessed to say I’ve found mine. If you find yourself in the same position as me, seeking that second chance. Have you found yours?