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POWER💥 Wat een heerlijke training😃 Vanavond is er even afgeweken van het normale workout programma omdat mijn gymbuddy mandyploeger 👯‍♀️ een lichte blessure heeft. Dus we sloegen de compound lifts🏋️‍♀️ over gingen voor de wat “veiligere” oefeningen. Boven verwachting in waren we beide enorm toegenomen in kracht en behaalde we de ene personalrecord na de andere💪🔥 Mijn motivatie schiet echt omhoog van dit soort trainingen! Ik word zo blij bij het zien van progressie🙌 Nog even dan is mijn summerbody ready summerhereicome fitdutchies fitfamnl legworkout lowerbodyworkout technogym purestrength chasetheburn dutchandfit fitnessinspiration fitnesstransformation healthylifestyle kickbacks bootygainsplease bootyworkout gainz goforit focus achieve pushthrough workforit teamhartfitness happyme

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HHD 😈🍑✌️

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To be successful you have to be earning daily. Create a way of putting in money in your pocket daily by making the best investment of your life via binary trade using bitcoin as a payment method and be assured you gonna earned huge profits.  DM me for updates on how to trade wisely,am a binary trade expert and I help individual trade for a fixed amount. Trade with me and make huge profits after trading. cryptocurrencymarket  forexsignal  investorlife cryptolife  entrepreneurship  bitcoinmillionaires forexnews  cryptomemes  bitcoincharts optionstrading  cryptomoney  tradinglifestyle millionaires  acheive  ether  portfolio  thinkbig coin  cryptoworld  makemoney  rich  forexdaily funnymemes  eth  stylelife  achieve bitcoinbillionaire

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Disappear & get to work👊🔥 tag someone you know who is "disappearing"😉 . 📷 patrickbetdavid

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New WeeklyWakeup Posted. ☝️link in bio for more! This is such a beautiful week to harmonize your energy, let go of whatever is holding you back and create the habits, rhythms and rituals to become who you desire and co-create with the universe something that’s in alignment with your highest self ✨💕🙏

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Results don’t come overnight they are earned by hard work and consistency, here are some of the results that have been achieved by using TKO Online training. I’m included on that👊 if you want to achieve increased fitness, confidence and do it with a personalised program get in touch. toriroseomara chrissmith615 sweetmiester fitness onlinetraining programming programdesign gym nutrition goals achieve weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightloss food tagafriend personaltrainer knockitoutthepark onlinefitnesscoach athlete boxing begginerworkout elite equipment nogymworkout belief circuits running kettlebellworkout

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My newest addition to the family, Georgia. Fun fact: I am a self-taught digital artist. I used to do paintings and when I had my son in January, I found it easier to do digital art because I had more time to do it versus painting and I am sure I found my niche 😎 · · · Tell me what you think about her 😃 digitalart georgiapeach artlife artdaily artdontstop instaart inspire invest dream believe achieve artwork artworld dopeart entrepreneur endofthemonth sale model like share repost blackart

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Have you got fair/blonde hair? Have you been told you can't have a "Fade" or "skin fade" this customer came to me and told me that a "barber" refused to do a skin fade on him as it wasn't possible because of his hair colour this is WRONG‼️ as you can see from this picture with the right experience & technique you can achieve a skin fade💈✂️ thanks oliverbaxter20 see you soon👌🏼👍🏼 barber work skin fade blonde technique achieve

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When you’re starting something new stop asking the people around you for their permission to start. - It’s only going to hold you back and second-guess your decision that you’re about to make. - The only permission you need is from yourself and you must have 100% confidence within your decision. - So don’t take advice from somebody that’s never done what you’re trying to do. - Have a great week and stick to your gut with all your decisions!

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👉Put in the work every day and let go of your impatience. ✨Everything requires time to grow and mature. ✨So many people are into quick fixes, quick success, quick money nowadays. Those things simply do not exist. Or they are scams. You cannot become rich overnight.——————————————————————— 🏆 Motivational quotes 📝 Free content daily to help you succeed 📚 Always learning from the best 💯 Positive vibes 💬 DM for collaboration 📍Seattle, WA 👉👉👉Follow us🚀🚀🚀 ——————————————————————— bepatient noquickfix seattle seattlewa hustle hustlequotes hustlehard mindsetcoach mindpower101 mantra goal dailymantra mindset mindsets entrepreneur mindpower motivations bellevuewa redmondwa lifecoach quotes quoteoftheday motivationalquotes motivation achievement successquotes success achieve successcoach mindsetquotes

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Strength Does Not Come From Winning. Your Struggles Develop Your Strengths. When you Go Through Hardships & Decide Not To Surrender, That Is Strength💯🍸 ~ Follow for more inspiration and motivation 👉 _l_e_g_a_c_y 👈 👉 _l_e_g_a_c_y 👈 ~ respect loyalty successmindset moralsandvalues business motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes inspiration businessmind businessmindset entrepreneur success successmindset millionairemindset billionairemindset nevergiveup achieve dreamer ambition ambitionquotes keepgoing keepgrowing ambitious inspirationbusiness successminded businessminded businessaccount entrepreneurlife

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Another manic day. I actually dont think I stop all day. I've just sat down. My madam came home from her trip this morning and spent the day with me telling me all about her adventures. I was sooo proud. Madison is very confident but she tried everything and loved it. I loose my other daughter tmoz to the same trip. I'm get really nervous and anxious when they go on trips like this but I'm sure she will love it too. Early nights for them both tonight. Madi was shattered. Now for abit of Netflix. sw slimmingworld slimmingworlduk goals targets achieve foodoptimising bodymagic slimming slimmingworldjourney slimmingworldfamily slimmingworldfriends  slimmingworldfood slimmingworldmotivation slimmingworlddiary slimmingworldideas slimmingworldinspiration swinsta swblogger  healthy extraeasy nutrition lovefood healthyfamily healthyeating netflix lovemygirls life momslife

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Лениться - слишком большая роскошь, когда накану стоит  успех в достижении моей мечты!☁️Я не могу позволить себе лениться и не работать на свою мечту, потому что она слишком желанна для меня и это желание всегда  двигает меня на действия. Как говорится: все возможно, было бы желание, а все остальное - просто отговорки! Как понять, что именно является твоей мечтой❓:если ты готов на жертвы, готов идти, несмотря на неудачи и косые взгляды😒, готов учиться и меняться ради этого,то это наверняка является твоей мечтой! Дело твоей мечты - это то дело, в котором ты готов вариться день☀️ и ночь🌛, оно тебе никогда не надоедает(даже когда наступает кризис и ничего не получается) , оно приносит тебе радость😃, ты готов делать это даже бесплатно! В последнее время я живу  мечтой больше, чем когда либо. Каждый день по дороге с работы я думаю о своих мечтах и как их достигнуть Пытаюсь понять, на каком участке пути я нахожусь сейчас и сколько осталось до финиша. Чему мне нужно научится, что нужно ещё изменить Моя мечта, я бы сказала, из разряда "сложнодостижимых" и до сих пор мне сложно представить, как все части моей мечты сопоставить вместе воедино Но в некоторых аспектах моя картинка уже вырисовывается и это меня радует!) Мечтай, действуй, достигай!😎 dream nolaziness act achieve staystrong beconstant bepatient possible love life

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I love this quote! It got me thinking. More often than not we think of our goals, and take steps to achieving them, a natural process. What can sometimes happen though is we keep trying but not quite getting there why? Let’s keep it simple Goal: lose weight Steps: join the gym, walk more, eat less, make healthier food choices How many times have you made this a goal, tried but not achieved your desired outcome? Why? How much thought have you put into what you actually enjoy doing? Do you even like the gym? What is out there that you’ve not tried? What is out there that you’ve not even heard of yet?! Who have you spoken to about what you would like to achieve? Don’t ever think that your goal is out of reach. You can achieve whatever you want to. It’s the steps to get you there that need working in, not what you want! You know what you want! It’s the path that needs to change. DM me for more info or a free 30mins session. Feel free to like, share or comment, happy to help. feelthefearanddoitanyway behappyandsmile lifeistoshorttobeunhappy lifecoach behappy goals goal achieve possitivevibes

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You are my SONshine 👩🏻👦🏻 The moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always have you in my arms even though you are walking now and don’t want to hold my hand 🙄 TooBigForMama ForeverMatching MySon

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DO YOU HAVE A BURNING DESIRE? 🔥 What sets your souls on fire? I don’t mean tickle your balls or maybe I will or maybe I won’t I mean what do you really really want from life that would make you go fucking crazy? To be able to be where you want to be, who you want to be and get what you want I’ve rambled on about being fearless in a previous post I’ve talked about having a vision BUT the real nitty gritty is in the pursuit, through the hard work, the pain, stress, failures and the hardship through this growing process My issue that I’m slowly growing from was keeping that consistency through it all. Actions were short term or non existent I wasn’t happy and realised I never accomplished anything and I had to question myself “is that what I really want?” The answer was no because I realised if I really fucking wanted it I would put myself through the work required Dig deep down to find within yourself what you really want, that purpose for pursuing it will soon be found Don’t play yourself, be realistic think about what you are “shit hot” at doing or how fucking epic it’ll make you feel That’s burning desire right there, find yourself, learn to love yourself. If you don’t love you then change so that you do If you change and people can’t support that then they will probably make an exit over time but over time being comfortable with who you are will attract people that will support you From that comes relationships that’ll make you happy and be a supportive branch to motivate you towards what you really want Be grateful, be humble and push through hardship We’re all going to make it in the end. ⭐️ friendships relationships connection burningdesire wisdom quoteoftheday dailymotivationalquotes motivationalquotes learning education passion goalsetting layseofficial wellbeingwarrior helpinghands newbeginnings fire drive actionsspeaklouderthanwords itsuptoyou health mentalhealthawareness healthy fitness lifestyle dream achieve

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One year is all it takes. One year of hard work, determination, and a focused mind set. 2019 has only began and I have become a completely different person. I was always a hard-working, and determined individual but I was working towards something that I didn’t care about and it reflected in my work, in the results. Now the work that I have embarked on in 2019, has not only been personally important, and meaningful but has geared me towards so many better things. It’s just a matter of focusing on you, what you want, and how you’re gonna get yourself there. Just taking it one day at time, you gotta start somewhere. The biggest part of this post is focus, there are going to be people in your life who are going to be your biggest distractions, or will tell you to re-evaluate your priorities. Come out with us, or don’t be so cheap. When you’re not going out because you have shit to focus on, or you’re cheap so you can save for bigger and better things tomorrow. What you need to remember is the bigger goal. Because it’s the little things you get done and prioritize today that will take you to your final destination. So focus on you, your goals and watch where this year will take you selfreflection selfmotivated selfdiscipline lookingintoyourinnerlens bebetter awarenes focus focusonyou goals achieve greatness biggerpicture bigrewards growth

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Don’t make excuses for why you can’t get it done! Focus on the reasons why you must make it happen. 4 weeks on Saturday I get the chance to make a hood dream a reality. I haven’t had this handed to me I’ve had to work hard for the opportunity but one thing for sure without rachelcasey251185 doing her thing I wouldn’t be where I am right now ❤️ TeamNightmare Undefeated WBU WorldTitle NeverGiveUp DreamBig WorkHard Achieve Motivation Bracebridge Boxing Club Lincoln Fighter WarriorsCode

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When you check your trades just before heading out and they’ve both hit maximum profit (TP) and closed themselves, £698.43 made today and i didn’t even know it, only from two trades too 📈. (Swipe Left to see 📱) - Trial is still available, during the trial you would be using your investment to follow my trades and you would keep al profits during that trial, this is my way of proving my service will benefit you financially before I ask for a small cut for my help, message with “90 days” to find out 📈📱 binaryoption currency investor foreignexchange makingmoney billionaire profits wealth binarytrading pips mining bitcoinmining technicalanalysis eurusd hustler dreams aim passion chaseyourdreams winners enterpreneurship businessquotes ambition achieve growth gogetit goaldigger socialmediamanagement digitalmarketing b2c

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A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it‘s own wings - always believe in yourself 🦋

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📣On. Once you find your way, your path, your purpose! There will be nothing that can stand in the way of you succeeding. Alot has changed for myself and emma in the last 5/6 months and rapidly. We've found a group of like minded people that all in their own way want to be a success and help others become successful along the way Big thanks to emmavbastow for supporting the journey and taking on your own new journey and putting your all into it. 🔥💙

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Remember life is what you make it, if you don’t go after what you want you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask for it the answer is always NO and if you don’t step forward , you’re always in the same place.