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Here are some different ways to voice an A blues progression. It's high up the neck, which works well when playing with a second guitarist, or for some variation when you're playing solo. Hope it's useful!

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P/\55|ㅇN fr우t

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So proud of peyton_stilling for slaying 15,000 plays in a MONTH, y’all 🔥🔥💪🏻💪🏻 I truly can’t wait for you guys to hear the next single! Its even BETTER, as Peyton reinvents and pushes herself constantly newmusic

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We got a lot of new instruments up on the website today including this coleclarkguitars fat lady. Look at that top! Check out the landing page on for new additions.

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Who likes to be slapped 😏

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I actually wanted to learn this song a while ago, because the lyrics are so strong and I really, really love the guitar playing!😍 I hope you enjoy my „ONE MINUTE“ rendition of „Broken Strings“ by jamesmorrisonok and nellyfurtado !😍 songwriting

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Does anyone else just walk the line around the house, feels so great to rock an acoustic guitar and play songs around the homestead!

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Currently writing a script for college so here's something I recorded on break. Hoping to upload a full version to my YouTube which I'll be more active on in May when I'm off for Summer but until then I'll be posting here 🎶 Enjoy 😄 - Finn

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practicando 😊🤟💯

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Edgar Avetyan - Tal Tala | Էդգար Ավետյան ֊ Տալ Տալա 🇦🇲 🆕️🎬▶️ 🔴YouTube Link in Bio

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Un poquito amor❤ .🎬 .▶️ .🔝 🔴 Nuevo Vídeo 🔴 En YouTube

3 months ago

Haciendo prueba de sonido,enamorado del sonido de mi cajón ❤ .🔊🎬⬆️✌

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Aquí hay un nuevo video, una de mis canciones favoritas 🇪🇸 . 🇦🇲 EdgarAvetyan En acústico

6 months ago

I am happy to share my version with you: ✔ Full video available on YouTube 🔴 (link in bio) 🔝🔝🔝

6 months ago

❤🎙🎸🎵 🇦🇲 . 🇪🇸

6 months ago

Ya llegó septiembre , que bien ! hoy dominguito de paseo , descansar, típico feliz día

8 months ago

Սարերի Հովին Մեռնեմ Մեր Հայկական սիրուն գործերից մեկը

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Si yo tuviera la llave de tus ojos cerrados g u i t a r r a v o i c e

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Lav Imacir 🇦🇲🎵