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1 minute ago

Vandaag is de eerste dag van de cursus voorbij. Het was een fantastische dag! Veel geleerd met mooie ervaringen. Morgen laatste dag alweer. Ik heb veel zin in de examen die morgen gaat plaats vinden💕 glitzynails nails spain cursus black acryl acrylnails acrylic

1 minute ago

Всем же нужно с чего-то начинать, да? Вот и я хочу, чтобы обратили внимание на эту работу. –полотно на картоне –15х15 см –акрил + глянцевый лак –золотой маркер – физический и моральный труд – цена: 150грн Вы всегда сможете задать любой вопрос по поводу этой работы, а я всегда вам отвечу. рисование продажа illustration instaart artwork art drawing acrylicpainting acrylic акрил иллюстрация сверхъестественное кастиэль кастиил supernatural castiel spnfamily

1 minute ago

I am thrilled to say that I have been selected to be included in this years "Acrylic Works 6: The Best of Acrylic Painting". These beautiful hard covered books are full of incredible works! Northern Publications has provided a link for preorders if you are interested in purchasing at a reduced cost. For more information and to order just go to the link below. acrylicworks6 northlightpublications acrylic art inspiration painting acrylicpainting create artbook

2 minutes ago

These fun pieces by artbybregelle are all of animals we can now see in the valley as spring is upon us and the hibernating bears and rodents are emerging! The first bears have been seen out of their dens, ground squirrels have burrowed up through the snow and the first mountain blue birds have returned! *all of Jackson does a little spring greeting dance* 😁 ⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ Come by the gallery to see these pieces in person where the light really makes them pop!⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ painting acrylic deer rabbit bunny hare bison bear grizzly chipmunk squirrel womenartists art wildlifeart gold experiencenature wyoming wyominglife wyomingartist thatswy jacksonhole wyoming wyominglife jacksonhole ⁣⠀

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A part of a Nurgle commission.Next few days i will post the whole painted army done with the other painters from orconerostudio

4 minutes ago

"All terrain motocross" NY based artist looking for work in the art field. Willing to travel anywhere. Would love to do cartoons, posters, murals etc multiple layer art makes a person have to look deeper to find hidden images within. Take a chance on a new artist. illustration artauction museum 3D modernart DelphiaOpenCall artcurator publisher rockstarenergy love contemporary wallart illustrator streetart artshowcase artbasel artfair solo instagood tagblender feature director documentary newstyle acrylic Christies NY news artcollector sothebys

4 minutes ago

“Artbot Steals My Day Job” by Steve Stefanko (March, 2019) Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. 16”x 20” x 0.75”Just not today. My newest painting. Original available. DM me if interested. See website for more info. (Link in bio) Share this with your friends if you think they might like my work. ❤️🙏 art artwork arte kunst artist artistsoninstagram phillyartist phillyart originalartwork originalart abstractartwork abstractexpressionism abstract neoexpressionism abstractart painting pintura peinture acrylic acryliconcanvas goldenpaints juxtapoz hifructose artnews paintersofinstagram artforsale artforsalebyartist robots robotexpressionism thanksforyoursupport [If by some chance IG/FB survives the first and second robot uprisings, and this post is still around when our benevolent robot overloads have taken over It was joke! All hail! Please don’t trash or redact my work. I love your work too!]

5 minutes ago

Dressed to impress close up of the details on the latest piece I’ve been working on 🖌

8 minutes ago

Buenassss, que para dejarles otra fotico de la Mora de azulejos 💜💜💜✳️✳️✳️ Está se va para Mexico por eso no le pusimos suculentas, intentamos hacer un "arreglo" de flores secas 🤭 . Esta es una de mis favoritas, no sé si son los colores o los diseños. Me encanta que los azulejos se adaptan a cualquier gusto, desde súper coloridos hasta los más sobrios 😍 . Bueno qué opinan? Les gustó? Que les parece hacer unos portavasos con azulejos?

9 minutes ago

I'm a leftie, but to paint these abstracts I have to use my right hand. There's gotta be some neurological-brain-hemisphere explanation, but it's strange 🧠 abstractart

19 hours ago

I have a new photography store Emmadoes-art on Redbubble - link is in my bio for you wonderful humans! These are some of my favourite new products! Acrylic blocks with my photography inside ✨ ———————————————————— photography scotland photo photographylover camera plants edinburgh botanicalgardens art photographyoninstagram artoninstagram artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram artforsale dailyphoto forsale redbubbleshop artlife creative naturelovers naturestagram homeware acrylicblocks nature acrylic dailyart redbubble aesthetics naturephotography plantsofinstagram

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I updated my blog. This blog post is about my acrylic painting "The Rumbling of Wu Xing" (2017) . ブログを更新しました。今回の記事は、私のアクリル画《五行鳴動》(2017) についてです。 blog blogpost artblog artistblog art arte artista kunst artist artwork instaart instaartist instaartwork artoninstagram artistoninstagram painting acrylic acrylicpainting liquitex fantasyart mythologicalcreatures . ブログ 美術 アート 絵画 アクリル画 リキテックス 陰陽五行 五神獣 謎の絵描き元さん

2 weeks ago

I updated my blog. This blog blog post is about my acrylic painting "The Solar Terms of the Chinese Zodiac" (2016) . ブログを更新しました。今回の記事は、私のアクリル画《十二支節気》(2016) についてです。 blog blogpost artblog artistblog art arte artista kunst artist artwork fineart instaart instaartist instaartwork artoninstagram artistoninstagram painting acrylic acrylicpainting liquitex chinesezodiac animalart . ブログ 美術 アート 絵画 アクリル画 リキテックス 謎の絵描き元さん