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What image is conjured in your mind when you think of "loving your body"? Loving your body is about respecting your body. 🌻🌸 Go to my main account bethparryclark and follow the link in my bio to my to go straight to my new blog LOVE THE BODY YOU ARE IN. 🌻🌸 Or follow the link the my website in this account to learn more about health and fitness. 🌻🌸 selflove loveyourself loveyourbody respectyourself health fitness healthandfitness healthblog gethealthy getfit healthylife healthylifestyle fitforlife activelife fitmums healthtalk fitnessmotivation fitnessgoals fitquote bodygoals nourishyourself nourishyourbody moveyourbody healthyhappylife healthyeating nutrition gymrat gymjunkie

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Give a "💪🏾" if you were active today! By the way ITS NOT TOO LATE Happy Hump day fam Coming off this Easter break has been a doozy! I've been mixed up all week but the good news is, I've stuck to my routine of being active everyday and it's sure paying off! My quads are saying "hello" 👋🏾 because of it! Lol quads quadzilla girlswholiftheavy girlswholift strongwoman ilift activelife legs leggamecrazy

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SWITCH INTERVIEWS. Many BLESSINGS to ALL who took part: raynevez l.1junior piemon_xd CHRIS & HAMZA. Here is a IKKLE snippet of some PEOPLE, talking about our UNIQUE HYBRID SPORT. SWITCH is a combination of FIVE OLYMPIC SPORTS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL NETBALL HANDBALL. NUFF RESPECT winkballvideo They will being showing FULL VIDEO Watch this space & all our MEDIA platforms To hear more loveswitch lovelondon lovejamaica switchsports switchsport switch switchon switchcoach switchmovez switchfamily switchfives switch7s fitness activelifestyles activelife healthylifestyles socialmobility communityclub community inclusion sport fun friendship getyourswitchon switchonyourhappiness london jamaica maroons 🖤💛💚😎🏀🏐⚽️⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♂️🤾‍♀️🤾‍♂️🥅😍🎬

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MENU ONLINE 🥗😅 I have made it easy for you if you want to be FIRST to secure your taste of hail_thekale ready to go salad debut! Simply head online to pre order your option ready for pick up from The Mt Claremont Farmers Markets 730am - 1130am 👩🏼‍🌾 (and avoid missing out) VEG $10 / Spiced sweet potato | Candied walnuts | Lentils | Local spinach + rocket | Parmesan | Sweet vinaigrette (GF - SF) 🌿 MEAT $12 / Sugar free pulled pork | In season slaw | Avo drizzle 🥑 (GF - SF - DF - PALEO) 🌟 Hope to see you Saturday for some free samples, salads and chats 👏🏼🙂

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OPTIMAL healing is achieved when our spine and nervous system function optimally💪 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 fullpotential happykids activelife Chiropractic powerofalignedspine qualityoflife bodyfunction wellbeing grateful positive inspiring wellness spine nervoussystem natural healing singapore singaporesport singaporekids singaporelifestyle singaporeliving harbourfrontsingapore lovelife amazing stories goodvibes fitness Want to know more about how an ALIGNED spine can benefit you?😊 Contact our warm and uplifting team: ☎️ +65 62720709 or 📧: info We look forward to hear from you soon🤗

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This was written on December 4, 2010 and it’s still one of the most powerful short pieces of writing I’ve ever read. It’s by Seth Godin and it’s called ‘The World’s Worst Boss.’ I hope it inspires you as much as it did me 🙂 - That would be you. - Even if you’re not self-employed, your boss is you. You manage your career, your day, your responses. You manage how you sell your services and your education and the way you talk to yourself. - Odds are, you’re doing it poorly. - If you had a manager that talked to you the way you talked to you, you’d quit. If you had a boss that wasted as much of your time as you do, they’d fire her. If an organization developed its employees as poorly as you are developing yourself, it would soon go under. - I’m amazed at how often people choose to fail when they go out on their own or when they end up in one of those rare jobs that encourages one to set an agenda and manage themselves. Faced with the freedom to excel, they falter and hesitate and stall and ultimately punt. - We are surprised when someone self-directed arrives on the scene. Someone who figures out a way to work from home and then turns that into a two-year journey, laptop in hand, as they explore the world while doing their job. We are shocked that someone uses evenings and weekends to get a second education or start a useful new side business. And we’re envious when we encounter someone who has managed to bootstrap themselves into happiness, as if that’s rare or even uncalled for. - There are few good books on being a good manager. Fewer still on managing yourself. It’s hard to think of a more essential thing to learn. - Photocred hubertkang Shot with inside_vancouver

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Bravabody: Easily my favorite color and those scales are like a second skin!

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I am all motivation after a week of spring break Florida fun! If my elimination diet didn't teach me that dairy and gluten are not good for me trying them on vacation sure reminded me. Dairy made me break out and gluten just made me feel like yuck. But it was vacation so I had some healthy food and some not so healthy such as hibachi and ice cream. But I may have learned that it was not worth it Back to getting in some workout and some veggies in my life. This Lululemon top has got me ready for leg day then yoga. I found it at a Lululemon outlet (yes they exist!) I wish we had one in Charlotte but it's probably a good thing we don't 😉 What's your way to get back to healthy after vacay? wellnesswednesday healthyhabits healthyvacation workoutwednesday choosehealth workouttime gymlife legday leggingslife croptop fitspo workoutgear athleisure twopieceset activelife ootd strongirl cltgirl fitfam healthylife fitandhealthy fitgirl healthygirl workingonmyfitness enjoythejourney gymgear workingonmysummerbody girlsthatlift fitclothes cltfitlife

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Desk job got you feeling sedentary during the day? We've come up with 10 ways to sneak in exercise at work! Give em a try and get in some extra movement! 1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator 2. Stand up to take phone calls 3. Do a few lunges while you wait for your coffee 4. Instead of phoning a co-worker, walk to their office 5. Park farther away than necessary and walk to work 6. Run on the spot for a minute followed by a few jumping jacks 7. Put your phone calls on speaker and stretch while you talk 8. Set your alarm for every 60 minutes to stand up and move 9. Take a walk or run at lunch 10. Do leg raises while sitting at your desk exercise exerciseatwork movement activeliving activelife sports sportsandfitness fit fitness fitlife health healthandfitness healthylife healthyliving lifestyle lifestylechange IMPACTmagazine IMPACTmag workout workoutatwork

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Keeping it over 10000 🤗💪🙃

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Hey Chirah Fam! If you haven’t heard of us, here’s a brief background of who we are and what we offer! We are a fitness studio that focuses primarily on resistance training using ARX technology, in combination with TRX bands and battle ropes. ARX (adaptive resistance exercise) allows for fully body resistance training in the most safe and effective way. All sessions are 30 minutes and include an ARX specialist. In order to achieve the best results, attendance is only required 1-2x per week. We are super excited to announce that we are offering a chance to win ONE FREE MONTH at Chirah Fitness with our ARX specialist! In addition, we will throw in a package including a water bottle and XS energy drinks and bars. HOW TO ENTER: 1) Like this post 2) Tag someone who you think would be interested 3) Follow chirahfitness on Instagram 4) Comment for additional entry Winner will be announced Wednesday, May 1st! GOOD LUCK! Winnipeg contest Chirahfitness fitness personaltrainer fitwinnipeg activelife resistancetraining oneononetraining xs exercise beactive wpgnow wpg winnipegcontest training healthylife gym health freemonth

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I’m doing Jill Coleman’s fitness challenge starting this Monday! 6 short workouts in 7 days! ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ I've been a longtime follower of Jill's. And when I say long time, I'm telling you that I have emails dated back to 2014 that I've saved and referenced over the years. ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Not only has she helped me so much with mindset towards my body and a moderation365 approach to eating, she has also been a big influence on my online business and was the first coach I ever followed and invested in. ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ All that to say, I trust her and I know she knows what she’s talking about. In fact, I'm working through her Total Training Experience this year, but I'll be inserting physiqueweek next week.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ I know these workouts may sound intimidating, but a good challenge never hurt anyone! ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ I have to modify to protect my knees and low back by using lighter weights and/or taking out a jump or a deep lunge depending on the workout. And still I always get a good workout. I know you will too!⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Check it out by going to jillfit profile and then sign up at the link in her bio! Let me know if you do. 💪

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They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.

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Join us for a Balance Physical Therapy Ribbon Cutting with SalinasChamber of Commerce ~ Thursday, May 9th 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Ribbon Cutting at 5:30, 143 John St., Salinas Sip Local Wines Savor Gourmet Bites from the Turf Club Meet the BalancePT Team Check out Interactive Demos Learn about our Upcoming Class Series

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All by myself, don't wanna be, all by myself, anymoreand then I wasn't cause people caught me. 😂 📸 hanzoku at sdsrace

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Happy little lifter 💪 Body fat and fat % ⬇️ Muscle mass and weight on bar ⬆️ Was just the news I needed to hear yesterday 😁 Heading into the next 12 week phase with some adjustments to be made but it’s all going in the right direction ✔️ keephustlin motivation trusttheprocess squats morningtraining powerlifting bodybuilding hypertrophy chicksthatlift trainhard trainingface gettingitdone gohard cutphase strength muscle moremuscle buildmuscle activelife goals determination befierce fitness gym focus circuittraining sweatymess challengeyourself

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About to go see avengers endgame marvel marvelstudios The reviews are amazing but sitting for 3 hours and 1 minute is not So I am preparing my body for this endurance event 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️ And lexitherapy is not impressed 😂🐶 yawn Work with intent Move nutritiously Train smarter, not just harder Be healthier 10 years from now BoKnows LikeaBOss healthyBOdy onepercentbettereveryday motionislotion getbetter getworse yourchoice turnPRO activelife health fitness move keepmoving movebetter physicaltherapy physio pt active coach manhattan newyork pain exercise rehab painrelief pain heal

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I'm gonna be switching some stuff up around here! But for the better ☺ 1 - I'm throwing out all my tempting sweets in my house today 😂 2 - I'm gonna start sharing my activewear on my page & not just in my stories. I'm truly obsessed with it and can't contain it anymore 🤷‍♀️ SO, with that said These leggings are the beeeeeest. ✅Pockets, ✅4 way stretch, ✅high waist for coverage & compression, ✅HIDE all those sweaty parts from working out! 💯 Link to shop my shop 😉 is in my bio & comments! ♥

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Feel free to talk behind my back and stay there too😜 Haha, I'm playing👻 I literally love training my back cause I never get DOMS💅🏾The only annoying thing is, you can never see the gains unless someone trains with you🤦🏾‍♀️ gym gymobsession workout sixpack exercise muscle gains gymlife bootygains girlslifttoo activelife goals fitstargram eatcleantraindirty bodybuilding healthyliving fitnessaddict shred personaltraining fitfam transformation sixpack weightraining happy smile fitness health weightraining athleticgirls

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This was literally my mood before the gym. I literally dragged my feet and I tell you what it was one of the best workouts I've done! I pushed myself so hard I nearly vomitted🤢 I mean it's not about nearly vommitting🙅🏾it's not about training at 💯 every time. It's not about training for 3 hours straight😰. It is about being consistent in your training, training at 70% or 60% maybe not so much 5% but at least you're training🙌🏾 It is important to train more frequently during the week even if it's not going to the gym but as long as your exercising frequently you will see the results🥇 gym gymobsession workout sixpack exercise muscle gains gymlife bootygains girlslifttoo activelife goals fitstargram eatcleantraindirty bodybuilding healthyliving fitnessaddict shred personaltraining fitfam transformation sixpack weightraining happy smile fitness health weightraining athleticgirls

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Ab Circuit: I never have days dedicated to abs solely does anyone🤔 But I do incorporate ab exercises at the end of my workouts and the ones below👇🏾 are some of my favs as I feel the burn pretty quickly🔥 Give it a go and let me know how you feel😁 🔸Toe crunches 🔸Cross crunches 🔸Heel touches 🔹x20 each exercise 🔹 x4 Sets 🔹Rest after each set ◽️ ✌🏾 gym gymobsession workout sixpack exercise muscle gains gymlife bootygains girlslifttoo activelife goals fitstargram eatcleantraindirty bodybuilding healthyliving fitnessaddict shred personaltraining fitfam transformation sixpack weightraining happy smile fitness health weightraining athleticgirls

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The ᴍᴇʀᴍᴀɪᴅ on ʀᴇғᴏʀᴍᴇʀ promotes release along the sides of the body by mobilising the spine in side flexion and helps to encourage lateral breathing. ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴘᴏɪɴᴛs: The side bend should be a lengthened position; avoid any compression and feel support from the abdominals. As you side-bend, initiate the movement with your head, followed sequentially with your ribcage. As you return, initiate the movement from your center. Ensure that your hips not lift from their starting position. No need to force your hips down to the carriage, but you should be “reaching” your hips toward the floor as your spine is allowed to move up and away from the hips. The arm push is secondary, allowing for greater movement of the torso. endorphins pilatesreformer mermaid personaltraining fitness wellness healthy life pilates strength balance stretching training therapy workout fitfam fitspo love fit outfit bodygoals fitnessmotivation workoutmotivation activelife bodygoals personaltrainer wellnesscoach pilatesinstructor bodytherapist dancer

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Hey there, so I've finally decided to do a fitness page🙈 This is to basically motivate me to stay consistent but hopefully motivate you to motivate others to motivate me circleofmotivation 👻 More content coming soon so stay tuned, follow and lets enjoy the journey together🏋🏾‍♀️ gym gymobsession workout sixpack exercise muscle gains gymlife bootygains girlslifttoo activelife goals fitstargram eatcleantraindirty bodybuilding healthyliving fitnessaddict shred personaltraining fitfam transformation sixpack weightraining happy smile fitness health weightraining athleticgirls