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Hole 5, The Pines golf course. From the tee aim left of centre down the fairway: the mounds to the right kill distance and often give a very tight line for the approach shot. The approach shot needs to land on the green itself as there is no run the front right verge and bunkers protect the left side. For many golfers, this means the smart play is to lay up short of the bunkers for an easy wedge on scovegolf sanctuarycove golf golfer golfing instagolf treat treatyourself love instagood  follow happy beautiful  friends fun like adamscott gc2018 visitsanctuarycove

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Mitch McConnell: C’mon broski, don’t Twitter feud with me in the digital, online spaces! I’m like totally cool, I promise! *winks creepily at the girls* 🙈🙉🙊 comedynews breakin_Ooze likebuttercomedy latenighttv latenight latenightcomedy conan jimmyfallon colbertshow thetonightshow jimmykimmel monologuejokes monologuejokes😂 comedy comedians writersofinstagram gramcomedy comedywriternyc comedywriterla twitterfued adamscott mitchmcconnell adamscottmitchmcconell meangirls

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Always gonna shed a tear when I watch this scene Also, Happy Birthday to Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza! 💕🍰 nickofferman plazadeaubrey —————————————————— 🏞4pix —> Click for more Visit my bio for other hashtags (Bloopers, deleted scenes, memes) 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 Tags: { parksandrec parksandrecreation amypoehler adamscott chrispratt aubreyplaza benwyatt ronswanson rashidajones nickofferman azizansari treatyoself mood funny meme leslieknope sceneedit}

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) got called out by “Parks & Recreation” actor Adam Scott on Twitter today after using a gif from the show on his campaign account. The account for McConnell’s re-election campaign tweeted the gif in response to Trump announcing that he would make another nomination to the Supreme Court if there’s a vacancy during the 2020 presidential campaign. ——————————————————Team Mitch attempted to clap back and Adam Scott proceeded to respond with a photo of Mitch posing with a Confederate flag. ————————————————- parksandrec adamscott parksandrecreation mitchmcconnell politicalmemes politicalhumor

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Interpretation Loose Impediment/1 - Status of Fruit Fruit that is detached from its tree or bush is a loose impediment, even if the fruit is from a bush or tree not found on the course. For example, fruit that has been partially eaten or cut into pieces, and the skin that has been peeled from a piece of fruit are loose impediments. But, when being carried by a player, it is his or her equipment.

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The length of the swing is going to determine where the club points at the top of the swing. 🔹If you have a short backswing the club should point to the left like Jon rahm. 🔹If the club swings up to parallel it’ll point at the target like Adam scottofficial. 🔹If you have a longer swing the club is going to point more to the right pga_johndaly similar to long drive swings. The swing plane controls the direction of the golf ball if you get the plane and the club face working together square to the arc that will give you the best chance at hitting it straight. golflessons golfinstruction golfcoach whyilovethisgame arizonagolf adamscott jonrahm johndaly golfswings jumpman lululemon weekendwarrior darkknight golf swingcoach lfg tuesdayvibes golfdigest pgatour mytpi summertime golfstagram

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Mr. Weirdo Scott — Dt tAgged Adam falling off of chairs is my spirit animal kbye (Old watermark)

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The current world record is 53 million likes and I know there’s a lot of these accounts and I’m annoying but Adam Paul Scott deserves the world so like it up🤩❤️

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CLUSTERFEST 2019 1. John Mulaney johnmulaney 2. Chelsea Peretti (Thanks for stopping your set to give me this face, Chelsea) chelsanity 3. Ilana Glazer ilana 4. Fred Armisen sordociego 5. Issa Rae issarae 6. Creed Bratton & David Koechner creedbratton davidkoechner 7. Craig Robinson mrcraigrobinson 8. Adam Scott mradamscott 9. Japanese Breakfast jbrekkie 10. Anthony Jeselnik clusterfest sanfrancisco california concertphotography music comedy johnmulaney chelseaperetti ilanaglazer broadcity fredarmisen snl issarae insecure creedbratton davidkoechner theoffice craigrobinson adamscott parksandrec anthonyjeselnik clusterfest

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First man ever to reproduce the BEN HOGAN swing model. AND First man ever to reproduce the TIGER WOODS swing model. I CAN DO BOTH ON COMMAND. How is this possible? I KNOW ALL THE SECRETS. There is no knowledge greater in the game when it comes to full swing technique. I AM THE GREATEST MIND IN GOLF. Imagine what I could do for the world of golf if I had my own academy. Real answers. Real results. There is no more guess work anymore. I can set the world straight 🏌🏿‍♂️ No one does or can do what I do. But you already know that. golf golfswing tigerwoods adamscott rorymcilroy titleistgolf pinggolf mizunogolf taylormadegolf golfchannel pgatour bridgestonegolf callawaygolf scottycameron genius visionary revolutionary

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‘I’m not afraid of cops. I have no reason to be. I never break any laws, ever. Because I’m deathly afraid of cops.’

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Alle 21.15 su Rai5, senza interruzioni pubblicitarie e con il doppio audio (italiano/originale), il film “I sogni segreti di Walter Mitty”. Volto affermato della commedia hollywoodiana, Ben Stiller passa alla regia e veste i panni di un timido archivista di 'Life' che si immagina protagonista di eroiche imprese per conquistare il cuore di una graziosa collega. Con Kristen Wiig, Shirley MacLaine, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Sean Penn. IlCinemaDiRai5 film cinema ISogniSegretiDiWalterMitty BenStiller KristenWiig ShirleyMacLaine AdamScott KathrynHahn SeanPenn

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Cred topthatone What is the ruling? ANSWER ⬇️ Answer: Before making a stroke when playing from a teeing area, a player must not move a tee-marker in the teeing area to improve the conditions affecting the stroke (Rule 6.2b(4)). However, there would be no penalty if a player moves a tee-marker by: Tripping over it, Hitting it in anger (though a Committee could consider this serious misconduct), or Lifting it for no apparent reason. Because moving tee-markers can have a significant effect on the competition, they should not be moved and, if they are moved, they should be replaced. However, if a player moves a tee-marker because he or she thinks it should be in a different position, or deliberately destroys the tee-marker, the Committee may choose to disqualify the player for serious misconduct contrary to the spirit of the game (Rule 1.2a).

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Walter Mitty passa gran parte del tempo sognando ad occhi aperti, in un mondo fantastico animato da gesta eroiche e storie d'amore appassionate. È il film “I sogni segreti di Walter Mitty”, stasera alle 21.15 su Rai5, senza interruzioni pubblicitarie e con il doppio audio (italiano/originale). Regia di Ben Stiller. Con Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Shirley MacLaine, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Sean Penn. IlCinemaDiRai5 film cinema ISogniSegretiDiWalterMitty BenStiller KristenWiig ShirleyMacLaine AdamScott KathrynHahn SeanPenn

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Have you purchased your Gold Coast Winter Escape pass yet? Choose your golfing escape this winter, play 2 or 3 of the Gold Coast’s premier resort courses and pay one easy price. The Palms golf course, Sanctuary Cove Links Hope Island RACV Royal Pines Resort Play two golf courses for $160 per person Play three golf courses for $240 per person Phone 07 5699 9000 to purchase your Gold Coast Winter Escape pass scovegolf sanctuarycove golf golfer golfing instagolf treat treatyourself love instagood  follow happy beautiful  friends fun like adamscott visitsanctuarycove wintergolf golfstagram golfer driveon pga golfpro  linkshopeisland racvroyalpines

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Just breathtaking 😍😍😊 ▪ ▪ ~New York Post: The 'Big Little Lies' table read that had Adam Scott in awe.~ ▪ ▪ adamscott mradamscott nyp

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chilled to the bone* *specifically the jaw bone

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Anyone have any idea yet what Adam’s new show is gonna be? adamscott amypoehler 🏞adamy