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PATCH UPDATE I stopped by the vet to visit Patch little bit after feeding the colonies. I'm really impressed with how well he's looking compared to what he looked like when I brought him in. If you swipe you will see the bill. $537 has been covered, no one has called in today but we did get a $12 donation on PayPal. His bill will be about $36 more by the time we pick him up next Tuesday for boarding fee. PLEASE call my vet at 804-492-4114 and ask to donate to the account of James Cole. If you would like to donate but can't call we have a PayPal link on our bio. Thank you guys so much for any help you can give. 😺♥️🐾 photooftheday catoftheday instacat smile pets coicommunity lovekittens petsagram  instagood furry kitty catsofinstagram weeklyfluff catstagram animal catsagram catlover amfbs petstagram kittens adorable kitten animals lovecats cats pet ilovemycat cat instagramcats

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oh my GOD hes the prettiesr boy EVERTT hes glowing😓😓 pls him soft smile. isnt he cute? ye s he is hes the Cutest

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We love a unique print and this one is amazing ❤️🙌🖤 Send us a message to place an order. All of our prices, sizes, & style information is located in the announcements on our Facebook page and in our Facebook VIP group! shipping is only $3.50 Located inside thecozycornermarket and firstclassmerchantsmall

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Wild sea lion on the rocks 😂🐾🌊 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow 👉 frenchie_hub Follow 👉 frenchie_hub Follow 👉 frenchie_hub • 👇TAG YOUR FRIENDS👇 DM for Credits or Removal frenchiegram frenchielife adorable aww frenchies frenchieoftheday puppy frenchielove frenchieofinstagram chihuahua paw frenchiephotos bulldog dogs frenchbuldog frenchieofig minipincher frenchiehub pupp cutedogs frenchiepuppy frenchiesociety millionaire doglover pet baby cute frenchiesofinstagram rich

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Olá amigos! Já que é dia de tbt, vou colocar uma foto minha com o mano, do dia que fomos na praia em fevereiro, porém não pudemos ir p mar pq nos dois estávamos doentinhos 😭! Gente, meu mano floquio é muito atirado, minha mãe chama ele de “bitch” 🙈 doglover petsagram photo animales instapet dogoftheday naturephotography follow beautiful world kitten dogsofinstagram dogstagram design travel wild adorable animalkingdom army dark like animalphotography happy giraffe followme wildlifephotography

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Jugando! Jugar afuera es importante: los melos tienen por lo menos 1 hora al día de tiempo afuera (sin contar las actividades en el colegio) en el que en días soleados montamos bici y en días nublados como hoy jugamos en el patio || Playing outside! Playing outside is important: the twins get at least 1 hour daily of outside time (apart from their school activities) where on sunny days we go bike riding but on cloudy days like today we play in our yard 🌳🚴🏻‍♂️ CachimelosPlaying CachimelosJugando CachimelosFun TwinBoys