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2010年收到封叫life 電郵,每一句都由真的只是有時候開始,2019年我嘗試影番封電郵出黎,不日連載! "真的只是有時候,莫名的心情不好,不想和任何人說話,只想一個人靜靜的發呆。"

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*Spotlight week* A closer look at "Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks" (Vancouver Canada, 2014) ➡️swipe➡️ Spanning 745 feet between a 24-story skyscraper and the Vancouver Convention Center, this monumental artwork was installed for the TED Conference’s 30th anniversary. Stay tuned for more sculpture spotlightweek publicart vancouver TED TEDconference monumental floating fiberart digital software lookingup aerial janetechelman netting fiberartist layers luminosity sky outdoorart

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Damn seagulls

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又是一個簡單又刺激的Drop ⚠️綁布腿屈膝內勾 ⚠️角度不對很容易失誤喔! 今天花式第二組教這個!結果居然全員失敗😂😂她們都累趴了!居然有人做完第一組就累得以為可以擦墊子下課了😂😂 下次我們繼續奮鬥喔! VAerial 空瑜天后 aerialyoga aerial aerialhammock aerialballet Allyoga flyingyoga flyyoga 空中瑜伽 空中瑜珈 花式空中瑜珈 空中芭蕾 플라잉요가 空瑜天后 瑜珈老師的日常 娃娃老師 空中瑜伽師資培訓 空瑜老師 空中瑜珈師資培訓 空瑜主任 空中ヨガ Variation aerialac robatics aerialfitness aerialpassion airhammock Taiwan

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Pivot irrigation fields cover the landscape north of Copeland, Kansas, USA. Powered by electric motors, lines of sprinklers rotate 360 degrees to evenly irrigate crops. Created by dailyoverview, source imagery: maxartechnologies

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Mermaid Monday 🧜‍♀️ Lounging by the lagoon or caught in a net, our mermaids will make a splash at any event! Bookings

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Flying with the eagles of Mongolia 🇲🇳 Discover the west Mongolia landscape from high perspective as these majestic eagle do. Our eagle hunters reach height In the Altai rocky peaks, their mountain horses and their dexterity take them anywhere. This is part 4 of a short video on the world of eagle hunters. The full video in 16:9 4K is available on ,had to split it in 1mn to share it on IG 🎶Music : Armand Amar - prémonition mongolia visitmongolia eaglehunters epic_captures sceniclocations awayn trav3lr welivetoexplore natgeotravel natgeoadventure offthebeatentrack landscapes landscape_captures dronevideos drone aerial aerialphotography djicreators dji iamdji dronephotography dronestagram droneoftheday fromwhereidrone thedroneu phantom4pro bee2be

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the flight path of moths around a light. further proof that aint nothing i won't loop! cantstopwontstop

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Opening Night: Thursday July 11. Beautymark a tale of travels. Of the beautiful, magical and timeless. Step right up and get your tickets 🎫 BEAUTYMARK CABARET: BiG SuRCuS 2019 Thursday July 11 Friday August 9th Saturday August 10th 8pm At the mystical henrymillerlib (or for YOUR private bookings and unique hosts ) 🔥 🖤 . Hair by brush_hair_studio 🖤 .photo perezidentxx17 🎼 beautymark curiosities circus ragtime oldtimey liveshows cabaret california bigsur carmel monterey centralcoast sanfrancisco elegant performance firedance emcee aerial producers events eventhost oldhollywood bellydance medicinewoman

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Posted withrepostaerial.aalis 💜☀️🌻NEW CHALLENGE ALERT🌻☀️💜 Day one of Flyingintothesummer My Hottie Split 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ Hosts: aerial.aalis airyogagirl Generous Sponsors: - vayumudra (15% off during the challenge with the code vayu15) invertikaofficial pointoutpolewear madhippieskinproducts kinyogamats shashi_europa succulentaerialyogi gocleveryoga toplus_bodyfit purequosa Poses: 💜Hottie split 💜Fire flip . 💜Shining back bend . 💜Cool strenght pose 💜Sunny open heart 💜Energic balance 💜Explosive flow How to play: 👉🏻Repost this flyer and tag some fellow yogis to join 👉🏻Follow all hosts and sponsors 👉🏻Set your account to public so we can see you posts 👉🏻Post photos each day using the hashtag and tag all hosts and sponsors 👉🏻Be respectful of your body (all modifications and variations arey awesome!) 👉🏻Be creative with your poses and have fun! yoga antigravityfitness aerial myyogalife aeroyoga aerialyoga hammock aerialyoga aerialyogagirl igyoga aerialhammock yogapractice practicedaily yogi flyyoga airyogagirl yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogainvolo antigravityyoga instayoga airyoga yogaitaly yogaitalia yogachallenge aerialchallenge

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A timelapse of 35 years & this how we grew from A small place to big city. Though there are soo many disadvantages of this but something costs so many things Timelapse of time . From 1984 to 2018 . Emerging Patna Emerging city . City Of Hope . Saty tuned . biharunexplored bihar patna ekbihari patnabeats google earthengine love aerial

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Very first kickass training on my new trapeze went really well, I'm feeling comfortable on it and also very inspired. Also I'm really excited leaving for a month of performing to Croatia within only a week that means this week is dedicated to build up my strength and stamina 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 But this is what I signed up for, this is what I dreamed about, this is what I wanted so let's do this 🤩❤ Leotard from movedancewear Trapeze from alexander_aerial_acrobatics Performing in Croatia by Find me flying for entire month of July in cultureclubrevelin 🦋 aerial aerialhooptricks aeriahoop aeriallyra aerialist aerialinstructor aeriallove aerialife inspiration motivation imstrong art artist artistlife lyrahoop lyra spinning lovetodance lovewhatyoudo dowhatmakesyouhappy jigsaw aliensplit trapeze dancetrapeze aerialtrapeze trapezeartist ahaliensplit

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Built in the 14th century, the “Tour De La Chaine “ and “Tour Saint-Nicolas” are emblematic of La Rochelle. interestingfact, a huge and heavy chain used to be stretched across the harbor mouth between these two towers at night. They would constitute the majestic gateway to the Old Port of La Rochelle. The Saint-Nicolas Tower served as a prison during the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The Tour De La Chaine was used as a powder magazine and after this, remained empty for 3 centuries. These two towers are now an inseparable part of the La Rochelle port and you can appreciate the majesty of these two old ladies in this drone shot at sunset.

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📍 B’sorah

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📍 B’sorah

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📍 B’sorah

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This is one from the air of the abandoned stadium. I always like to scout the places I go with a drone before I head in. It really helps with perspective of where I'm headed. Also, it gives beautiful images like this! • • • [Have A Seat] • • • DJI Mavic | 4.73mm | F2.2 | 1/8000 | ISO 400 • • • photography photo camera art picture photopage portraits landscapes BK BKphoto BKphotography artist drone stadium abandoned exploring urbex aerial football atlanta overhead djimavic mavic dji wideangle

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• 🏰 Beverly Hills 🎥 Mavic 2 Pro Need shots? DM me!

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AnnaLee is the type of person who is steadfast by your side through everything: the ups, the downs, the crazy adventures, summer road trips, and late night phone calls. When we would dream of our future husbands, I knew she deserved the very best and still remember my unbridled excitement when she first told me about Jared. I had protectively high standards for the man who captured my friend’s heart… but he met every one of them. Seeing him interact with AnnaLee, you can’t help but think that they were designed to compliment one another. After long anticipation, the wedding day arrived - a beautiful beginning to one of the most amazing gifts given to mankind: marriage. AnnaLee and Jared - Ethan and I have no doubt that God will use this gift for His glory in ways unimaginable.

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