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Adding my ankle weights to my pole climb, still looks froggy, soon my muscle will be there. Reverse ayesha with some leg variations and transition to cupid boots are killing me but I love every minute. jojackjonas your song request, enjoy 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 Billie Ellish Bury a Friend poletrick spinpole poleshapes polemove poletrickoftheday polecombo flexible polelife poledancer poledancersofig polesport aerialaddict aerialist poledance backbend bendybitch muscle corestrength polefitnation polefit polefitness poledancenation goodvibes musicislife dontkillmyvibe neverquit star ethereal magic

1 hour ago

My favorite shots from the show Pt 2! Another shout out to nataliefieldsphotography for these amazing shots And a huge shout out to my lovely Tambourine Ladies This routine wouldn’t have been the same without you both 🥰👏🙌🎭🎪🔥✨

1 hour ago

Some of my favorite shots (Pt 1) from this weekend’s performance in 🎭There’s No Business Like Cirque Business🎪 Thank you nataliefieldsphotography for capturing these moments Playing Saraghina from Nine with my tambourine ladies was by far my favorite piece yet🥰✨🔥 I will be a little sad to let her go

2 hours ago

"Two people can see the same thing, but observe something completely different. Observation is where real learning comes from. Seeing is the physical process; observing is seeing + our own thoughts. When we observe something, we make connections in our mind and develop a deeper understanding of something." 📸: boudoirbybecka boudoirbybecka aeriallyra circuseverydamnday aerialaddict observe dare2move makeconnections boudoir adventure contortion findyourself motion fitmom art happyinpineapple dance

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Today, be the badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday คลาสที่ครูเผ็ชสุดดด julius_julz_julius สตู passion_studio_bkk มีใครให้เผ็ชกว่านี้ไหมคะ 🔥🔥🔥 julienteam julienpoledance pole poledance contempdance contemporarydance contemporary poledancing polefitness exoticpole exotic dancer aerial aerialyoga aeriallover aerialaddict poleart poletrick poledancenation poledanceclass polepassion thai thaigirl chairdance floorwork striptease

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I have some exciting changes coming up for me in my professional/work life. I'm nervous in all the right ways. I truly believe you get what you give in life. I've spent years working my way to where I am now. And the universe has truly provided ❤💫 livewithintention trusttheprocess healing selflove strongwomen strongissexy aerial aerialaddict aerialist aerialsilks aerialsilkslove silkslove changeisgood aerialyoga polenation alwayslearning yogalife yogalove yogaeverywhere everydamnday aerialtricks polecommunity polestrong aerialnation

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~Nuevo challenge de aeroyoga ~ letsstrikeayogapose airyoga aerialchallenge No podía perderme lo por nada aprendo mucho con los challenges y los disfruto un montón 🙌🙌🙌 se me acumulan los retos ~ New challenge from aeroyoga ~ strikeyogapose I could not miss anything, I learn a lot with the challenges and I enjoy them a lot 🙌🙌🙌 I accumulate the challenges •Hostos: • airyogagirlhannahtuxbury •Sponssors: vayumudra stretch_u sow.eden.organics queeniekebrand gabrisbijoux 💎Day1 split ✔ 💎Day 2: Pincha 💎Day 3: Budda pose ( toe stand) 💎Day 4: Inverted stag(any variations) 💎Day 5: handstand any variations 💎Day 6:Standing backbend aerialyogafun aerialgirl volar aerialyoga aerial aerialaddict yoga Pilates aeropilates airpilates aerialpilates antigravity antigravityyog flyingtrapeze antigravityfitness fly flyinggirl silk silkygirl

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At Aerial Arts Academy we love to encourage our students to discover and explore their own style and artistic expression. That's why we are incredibly proud to host, not only 2 showcases a year, but also 2 friendly competitions and various other events, providing an encouraging platform for students, and pole dancers and aerialists all around HK to be their courageous selves on stage Enrolments for our June 22 showcase opens soon. Keep your eyes peeled or contact us for more info mondaymusings aerialartsacademy mondaymotivation hkig 852 hongkong aerialarts cirque poledance hkpoledance aerialaddict

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Прекрасная, желаешь освоить магию воздуха? Тогда записывайся на индивидуальное занятие по воздушной гимнастике🌬 ⠀ Главные заклинания, которые ты освоишь: • гибкость и растяжка; • баланс и сила; • грация и лёгкость. ⠀ Записывайся в Direct или по телефону +380639701954📲 Приходи по адресу проспект Победы 63Б (ст.м. Берестейская)🏆 ⠀ darklordaerial freakcircuscorporation aerialsilks aerialdance aerialist aerialnation aerialtricks aerialcircus aerialaddict aerialbeauty aerialfitness aerialarts circus circusarts circusinspiration circusstrong circusperformer coach trainer воздушнаягимнастика воздушнаягимнастикакиев воздушныеполотна воздушныеполотнакиев воздушныеполотнаобучение гибкость растяжка баланс киевспорт

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So I downloaded this photo editing app yesterday that allows you to merge pictures and blend them in whichever way you see fit so I decided that I would try to capture my experience of Marrakech and merge it into one. Souks & Silks pretty much sums it up tbh! ❤️ capturethatmoment

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First time dropping this bad boy on rope!🎉 hannah_aerialist thank you for posting your video on silks to help me remember the wraps! Also, I agree with you that this drop should be called the "rocket roll"!🚀👩‍🚀

23 hours ago

🎪 Currently obsessed with this simple exit to hand wrap 💪Tourniquet is a place you find yourself in so often on silks🌈 so to come out of it in this dynamic way 🙂 is so pleasing 🥰 Its also not as harsh on the shoulders or wrists as it looks 👌❤️

1 day ago

I had my first performance in 2019 last night, it was in an Italian theatre dontcha know! Thank you planetfitness_senigallia for everything, thank you for welcoming me with open arms and thank you for understanding my really terrible Italian aerialist tessuti silks fabric aerialdance danzaaerea aerialbeauty aerialnation pepearts aerialistsofig flex circus aerialists telasaereas tissu senigallia planetfitnessXL pepearts cirqfit aeriallove aerialsilks aerialjunkie circuseverydamnday cirquegoals aerialismycanvas dancer irishaerialist irishfitfam aerialaddict aerialacrobat

2 weeks ago

Bruise compilation 1 Call me weird, but I’ve been collecting pictures of my bruises from hoops for a little while now. While they are unsightly and I am really am not looking forward to wearing shorts this summer (I’m sure I’ll be getting weird looks from concerned onlookers), I am also extremely proud of them. To me, they are badges of honour— symbols of my hard work and dedication to my new obsession. These purple/blue/green blemishes remind me that I use my body to do some pretty incredible things. And, while at times painful, remind me how efficient my body is at healing itself. I am thankful I have been blessed with a strong body that is capable of doing all I ask it to (and more). bruises lovehate aerials aerialhoop lyralove lyra aeriallyra hoop aerialhoopfitness hoops circusart lyratraining aeriallove training girlswholift girlwhotrain kelowna circus aerialhoopfit aerialist aerialhooplove circustraining fitnessmotivation nopainnogain gratitide fitwomen fitfam aerialaddict dedication