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1 hour ago

Exited I’ll be taking my new act “I no speak Americano” to Germany soon! 💖 Please forgive my dress tag 🤦‍♀️ promise to remove it before I take stage 😂 aerialhoop aerialhooplove aerialhooptriks lyra lyrahoop aeriallyra lyralove hooptricks aerialbeauty aerialyoga aerialnation aerialinternational aerialdance aerialtraining aerialbeauty aerialtricks aerialarts aerialistofinstagram aerialaddict aerialfitness aerialhooplove aerialperformance feelfestival aerialgymnastics aerials lyra lyrahoop bristol germany🇩🇪

2 hours ago

คลาสคลายเครียด หลังจากเจอวันแย่ๆ คนแย่ๆ มาเต้น มาเจอคนที่รักเรา ทำอะไรที่เรารัก ก็ดีเหมือนกันนะ ขอบคุณครู julius_julz_julius. You are the best teacher who always take care of me ka and thanks all my class mate to make me laugh so hard on the day that I didn’t even want to smile. julienteam julienpoledance pole poledance contempdance contemporarydance contemporary poledancing polefitness exoticpole exotic dancer aerial aerialyoga aeriallover aerialaddict poleart poletrick poledancenation poledanceclass polepassion thai thaigirl chairdance floorwork striptease

4 hours ago

New Class Alert I’ll be teaching the community Aerial Yoga class Sunday’s at 5:30 airfitwinnetkacome hang with me Class is only $10 and a great for beginners! Hope to see you there

4 hours ago

glad to be in the air, clearing my mind of everything that is exhausting me and just be present in my practice

7 hours ago

30coredays Day 19 straddles, pikes, maybe a little of both⁉️😅 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How to play: 🤳Follow the host airfitnow 📸Post each day’s core exercise using the hashtag 30coredays and tag airfitnow 👯‍♀️Copy and paste this caption into your posts so others can play along 🤸‍♀️No hammock? No problem, all exercises can be done on your mat 💪Transform your core and HAVE FUN!

9 hours ago

You won't live forever. There is no reason not to go after what sets your soul on fire 🔥 📸 mad.hela

11 hours ago

Cardio and flying! Get on it! Bungee is a go at integral. Our first term is in progress keep an eye out for our next term booking to get in on the action!

13 hours ago

It's that time of year! 15% off all aerial products over $49 and free shipping! Use code at checkout: EOFWIN S H O P Aerial Silks, Hammocks, Lyras and more ⇢ Free Shipping on all orders over $49 and AfterPay available up to $1500. Aerials Australia PtyLtd is Australia’s leading aerial store for commercial and personal aerial equipment, servicing all countries worldwide. We are proud to supply our products to many major aerial and yoga studios and branches, circuses, events - making aerial easy! • You can be assured our equipment is ALWAYS of the highest quality. We regularly load test and certify our products and will always stock only the best and trusted! • aerialsilks silks yoga aerialyoga aerialsaustralia aerialfabric aerialarts aerialhammock hammock lyra aerialhoop aerials circus circuseverydamnday aerialist aerialistsofig aerialistofinstagram aerialsling aerialdance aerialart flexibility aerialfabric aerialfitness aeriallove aerialbeauty aerialaddict aerialtricks aerialsport aeriallife aerialfit aerialgymnastics

13 hours ago

I was tired and my form isn’t perfect in this but when I was in LA, I had the chance to briefly train with Brett womackandbowman and learned a couple new sequences to work on. This is just one of them. Brett was awesome and is insanely talented and I hope to be able to come back sooner rather than later for a proper traincation. I’m so excited to play with dynamic silks skills. 😍 Thank you so much for your time that day Brett!

14 hours ago

In nine months of protrack I can’t say this Californian learned how to dress for Vermont weather, but I did learn some other things, bro. My final act from this year at necca_circus is now on my website, where you can see some of them (link in bio) My heartfelt thanks to aerialrope elenaday12 sandrafeusi michaelduffycircus 1a37 finn_ann the_rainbow_yeti for helping coax this bubbling brew into being, alums of The Audacity Project for helping me find patience in moments of nothingness, Q Filmworks for videography, and Veronica_blair_aerialist rachelstricklandaerial for just fueling me in so many ways. Also, my old and dear friends and fam who RALLIED to come show me love at shows in Brattleboro and NYC. UGH that was the most incredible surprise! How am I so lucky to have you all? Can’t wait to see what mysterious turns this piece takes this summer. montreal, allons-y aerialsilks aerialfabric aerialrope aerialstraps aerialflow aerialaddict aerialnation necca_circus aerialistsofig aerialistsofinstagram aerialtricks circusaroundtheworld circusarts circusschool circusperformer aerialtissue cirquegram cirqueway cirqueduinsta gripstrength circusinternational aerialist aerialtricks aerialartist dancersofinstagram aerialdance aerialsilkslove circusfitness circusstrong

15 hours ago

Brain teaser 🧠belay entrance from evelynvioletear silks class tonight. I love belay poses but the entrances always confuse me. 😂 Must practice this 100 more times at open gym this week 🤔

16 hours ago

Oh how I love it yet oh how painful 😂