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18 minutes ago

Hurray for fun little trapeze drops! Also: My shoulders were beat after 6 minutes of planks and lots of beats during trapeze class before handstands. But I love being on my hands and practicing is fun no matter what (even if my face doesn't show it 😶) handstand handstandproject handstand365 handstandlove handstandseverywhere handstanding handstandaddict handstandjunkie handstandnation 365handstands inversions ilovehandstands aerials aerialbeauty ilovecircus aerialnation circusschool circusstrong circus circuseveryday trapeze circusfit circuslife

19 minutes ago

¿Sabias que también impartimos clases de telas para los más peques? Esta disciplina les ayudará a ser más segur s de sí mism s y además aprenderán a trabajar en equipo. 🙌🏼 ¡Ven a volar con nosotr s! 💗 Info: 8471-2320 danzaentelas danzaaerea aerialbeauty aerialist aerialistofinstagram splits flex aerial fitness aerialyoga airyoga telas aerialfabric aerialphotography aerialphotoshoot costarica úmukgrecia úmuk úmukcr umukcr yogacostarica poledancecostarica fitness aerialtissue lyra acroyoga

24 minutes ago

Man, this red silk is vibrant in the sun! Almost makes me wish I was on a sailboat instead of imitating one

44 minutes ago

Last class of this 12 week semester 😭❤️💪🎪 This strong group is moving on up and I’m so proud of each and every one of you! 💪 Thank you for keeping me challenged, inspiring, and teaching me so much. 🙏 Thank you for a great semester. It was a pleasure to coach all of you. Keep training and kicking ass. 💪🎪 See you soon 🤓🎪 . aerialcoach

46 minutes ago

An amazingly difficult split. Hard on the front hip. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• aerialist aerialistsofig circus circuseverydamnday dancer AerialNation lyra cerceaux aerialhoop aerialsport aerialhooptricks lyralove lifeisbetterupsidedown lowaerialhoop aerialdance aerialbeauty circusinternational aerialhoopdance aerialdancer cirqueduinsta lyrasplit

1 hour ago

Sooo I decided to relaunch soul dancer, with all my video tutorials and errrthang. Some are already up, I’m working on getting them all up again. I thought this video would be fitting as a first video back 🙌🏻 I miss being in a studio environment and performing without all da dramz poledancersofinsta poleflow polefreestyle flowkween polewear poleclothes poletrickoftheday polevideo poleislife spinpole polefun polepassion lovepole pdtrick instapole aerialbeauty polecombo polespin pole❤️ polepractice polemoves badkittyusa badkittypride badkittybrazils

1 hour ago

In strength and flexibility I try to be balanced with the exercises I am working, but they never feel even. Here’s to the left side splits and this simple pose that is easy to make as well as my right side. Now, to start performing both sides equally 😅😅😅 cirqueway circuslife cirfit circusinternational cirquedusoleil artistedecirque cirqueartistcirque gymnasticsbodies gymnasticsfeatures gymnasticsshoutouts équilibre équilibriste handbalancing whereihandstand handstandeveryday handstandseverydamnday handstandwhereistand handstandnation handstandheroes aerialistsofig aerialistsofinstagram aerialbeauty aerialinspiration aida aidacruises aidanova aidanovamomente yoga yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday the_handstand_gallery handstandnation cirquegram

1 hour ago

©️ All my life I wanted to fly Like the birds that you see way up in the sky Making circles in the morning sun Flying high in the sky 'till the day is done (I can't break away) Like a in his fantasy Punching holes in the walls of reality All my life I wanted to fly But I don't have wings and I wonder why (I can't breakaway) -Big Pig 〰️〰️🖤〰️〰️ Fiending for some hang time and hoping to get back to you all soon! 〰️〰️🌙〰️〰️ come fly w/me sky-lab mondays in april 6:30pm 〰️〰️🖤〰️〰️ • • • JaclynsHealingJourney ComeFly Skylab AerialNinja AerialYoga AerialBeauty Aerialist AerialNation FlyGirls SurryHills LiveAnElevatedLife HangTime WeHeartAerial AerialInspiration YouCanFlyWithUs LifeIsBetterInTheAir WeAreAllMadeOfStardust

1 hour ago

Throw back to feeling tha LOVE with aerialartshawaii last year! It was our first sold-out show on the Big Island. I cannot wait to see what they are brewing up for this fall. 🥰✨👏🏼✨👏🏼✨ Miss all of you talented and beautiful souls I’ve met performing the past few years in Hilo!🎈 I absolutely love to watch you grow, transition, expand, and transform in all that you do, even if its only behind a screen! 😘 aerialist aerialeverydamnday aerialdance aerialsilks strongissexy aerialperformer aerialbeauty aeriallove cirqueduinsta aerialstrong islandaerialist loveisintheair hilopalacetheatre hilo hawaii aerialartshawaii

1 hour ago

🌙Looking forward to sharing some crescent moon with you next weekend at Aerial Rising Stars! Tickets are still available, PM me for details🌙 🎥 3fatesmedia

2 hours ago

Here's my playful side lyralove for this SheWolfTribe yogi tonight 💚 thank you ainsley.aubergine for the fun class! I will be back for sure Video cred moongardenstitches . ✖️ SheWolf Tribe: sultryabyss in.ecstatic.motion 💫 SPONSORS: goamagicfashion yogisurprise namasteasfuck artjuna_collection wamaunderwear sylvestermcnutt pogamat danceweaver ✖️ • HOW TO PLAY: 🐺 Follow all hosts and sponsors 🐺 Repost this flyer with the caption & tag some friends to play along! 🐺 REPOST NO LATER THAN MARCH 13TH FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A PRIZE FROM sylvestermcnutt 🔥 🐺 Tag all hosts and sponsors in your daily posts using SheWolfTribe 🐺 Make sure your profile is set to public so we can see and enjoy your posts! 🐺 Most importantly- channel your inner wolf, stay fierce, and bask in your magic! • ✖️ Now for the line up! A pose that makes you feel Day 1 ✨ Magical Day 2 ✨ Playful Day 3 ✨ Fierce Day 4 ✨ Euphoric Day 5 ✨ Brave Day 6 ✨ Powerful Day 7 ✨ Accomplished Day 8 ✨ Wild & Free ✖️ • * * * SheWolfTribe shewolf lyra hoopyoga lyrayoga aerialhoop circus aerial aerialist hoop aerialarts aerialyoga aerialnation lyrahoop trapeze aerialistsofig aerialhooptricks cirque aerialbeauty training aerialdance aerialfitness

3 hours ago

Flying trapeze has been on my bucket list for years and I finally got to try it! It was an incredible experience!

3 hours ago

I haven’t felt like posting, but dreamingafairytale told me to post something. ⠀⠀ So, here’s a photo from the amazing sir_a_wr

3 hours ago

ABRIL GUACHIN CON TODA! 🔥 Aprovechá esta re energy ariana ♈ y comenzá tu año astral entrenando en el aire ☄ Taller de ARO y TRAPECIO FIJO 💪🏻 ATR para TODES MIÉRCOLES 20.00 hs. 📆 SÁBADOS 16.00 hs. 📆 En circo.aereo.urbano 🎪 Acevedo 460 - Villa Crespo - CABA ☄ En el Trape el mostri de emanueljf323 💖 aerial aerialartist aerialcircus aerialclasses aerialbeauty aerialboy aerialguys aerialimpro aerialperformer aerialphoto aerialtrapeze añoastral aries circo circus circusartist circusfit circusinspiration circuslife trapecio trapeciofijo trapeze trapezefixe

3 hours ago

Throw back to one of our first shoot locations in Melbourne Location hunting is never easy, especially when you live a few thousand kms away in WA & its your first time to the state, but after a day of exploring we found this absolute gem of a place! Sometimes it can take hours or even days to find that perfect location to shoot at, so never underestimate the work that goes on behind the scenes to make everything perfect 💚🌿📸 If you want to shoot here, get in touch and we can make it happen explore beoriginal gem

4 hours ago

We have been rated a Top Studio from our ClassPass students! 🥰🥰🥰

4 hours ago

One of my favorite hair and make up ever. 👽💋 thanks hypegenies and cirquenoir 💥

4 hours ago

🔝Nuestras 💥full💥 clases de acrobacias aéreas🔝 - ⛋En abril abrimos nuevos días y horarios! Clases a la mañana, y muchas más propuestas de clases diseñadas, únicas y creativas! - ⛋No necesitas experiencia, te iniciamos en la disciplina. Te garantizamos un progreso seguro, un cuidado de tu cuerpo y una correcta guía para desarrollar tus capacidades. - ☡Activa notificaciones☡ - - - danzavuelo danza_vuelo aerialsilks aereal aerialbeauty training strong acrobatics acrofit fit fitness lifestyle workout nuestrapasión love circus cirque circusinspiration artesescénicas teatro performance acrogirls danzaerea girls traininglove workoftheday acrotela handstand gimnasiartis altorendimiento

5 hours ago

Do you boo. Anytime you don’t speak your truth in fear of what others think or fear of the outcome. (Aka gripping your dream) you strengthen the distrust in your intuition. You wreak havoc on your heart. The truth isthe people that are meant to be in your life will love, respect & admire you for communicating your healthy boundaries. This is a huge declaration to the universe that you value your time and energy, therefore bringing you more of what you need. Ditch the distractions, babe, you have great work to do To get my FREE Masterclass, How to Go Full Time as an Aerial Yoga Teacher, go to Day 9 Flips and Tricks Challenge with levitated_lisa is Straddleback Flow! 💎🦄 aerialyogagoddess Xoxo MP🌸 aerialflipsandtricks aerialyoga aerial yoga aerialhammock aerialbeauty aerialist aerialsilks goddess aeriallife aerialarts aerialists aerialfit womenempowermen manifestation raiseyourvibration ladyboss lawofattraction spiritualcoach bosschick lifecoach kundalini tantra kundaliniyoga vibratethecosmos meditation bossbabe kundalini

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✨💎Linearis Collection💎✨ 8”Tiffany Blue-Lilac on Gunmetal MatteBlack w/Turquoise Satin LaceUp Vegan Glitter Heels™ ✨✨ Original Design by GlitterHeels®️Link in bio✨ glitterheels tiffanysglitterheels GHLinearisCollection aerial aerialhoop lyra aerialist aerialbeauty aerialnation allthesparkles circus heelsaddict bendy inkedandinverted heels stripperheels lilac polegear poledance pinup pleaser burlesque linearis madetoorder poledanceheels poledancer dancer tiffanyblue acrobat contortion

5 hours ago

I look forward to the day that this is easy for me again - aerial deadlift to cup grip iron x. Training your body post pregnancy and post Cesarean is a challenge that requires a lot of hard work and patience, but it’s worth it. 🙂💪🏽💜 acrosilver polefitness csectionrecovery newmama fitmama aerialfit polesport polesportcanada poledance polefit aerialdance aerialfitness strongwomen aerialsplits aerialmovement aerialbeauty fitgirls fitmom poledancersofig csectionmom poledancenation polesport poleathlete polecanada poleartist bodyweighttraining bodyweightworkout strongwomen fitnessmotivation pdironx