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When your friend asks if you want to play on their weird aerial apparatus quick before they take it down, of course you say yes! Thanks jessflyingyogi for always sharing your awesome flying things ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Working outside on the patio in this BEAUTIFUL weather. I'm excited to be putting the finishing touches on the flow for my Aerial Pilates class tomorrow morning twistedbodies. It's so much fun to work on new ways to challenge clients - can't wait aerialist aerialpilates pilates aerialhammock aerial aerialhoop aerialsilks aerialsling aerialcircus flyingintofriday friday favoritethings pilatesinstructor fitness fun challenge pilateschallenge pilatesbody pilatesfitness twistedbodies

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ABRIL GUACHIN CON TODA! 🔥 Aprovechá esta re energy ariana ♈ y comenzá tu año astral entrenando en el aire ☄ Taller de ARO y TRAPECIO FIJO 💪🏻 ATR para TODES MIÉRCOLES 20.00 hs. 📆 SÁBADOS 16.00 hs. 📆 En circo.aereo.urbano 🎪 Acevedo 460 - Villa Crespo - CABA ☄ En el Trape el mostri de emanueljf323 💖 aerial aerialartist aerialcircus aerialclasses aerialbeauty aerialboy aerialguys aerialimpro aerialperformer aerialphoto aerialtrapeze añoastral aries circo circus circusartist circusfit circusinspiration circuslife trapecio trapeciofijo trapeze trapezefixe

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Taking the trust of others and putting my trust in them ❤️ What life is made of in every sense ❤️ . Thanks to unicorn.biker for trusting me after doing this move for the first time 😅 and thanks to the_unicorn_poler for showing us a cool doubles move to try ❤️ . Ah also thanks to unicorn_fitness_academy for my class that I won in their Facebook competition ❤️ . aerial workout polewoman strong strongwomen strength strengthtraining tattooed tattooedwomen thisgirlcan training unicornfitnessacademy ufa thebarn worthing lyrahoop circus hoopdoubles aerialhoop aerialhoops aerialhooptricks aerialduo bestbuds trust aerialcircus aerialbuddy

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:: paulos | circus :: : What an opening night! Only just finished going through all the videos and photos on my phone. Swipe right to see some of our favourite moments from the circus and check out my stories for videos! : It’s hard to pick and out and out favourite act, but the juggler, the balancing act and the laser shows were among our top three! (Sorry I didn’t catch the performers names!) : If you’ve been on the fence about visiting pauloscircus then please can I encourage you to go! We took out 9, 6 and 2 year old and they were utterly captivated. No one moved a muscle through out the entire show, they absolutely loved it, as did we! The show is at Melbicks Garden Centre until Sunday 31st March so go and check it out! : gifted bloggerreview pauloscircus circusact aerialcircus aerialshow lasershow balancingact clowns circus daysoutwithkids daysoutwiththekids thingstodowithkids familyfun familytime familyevent thingstodoinsolihull thingstodoinbirmingham solihull birmingham coleshill

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After a week off it feels go to be back on the sling 💕 I’ve been working on this sequence for a couple weeks now and I am diggin it! 🙌🏼 Being a full time instructor now I’ve been thinking about creating more workshops but I don’t know if people in Fresno would be interested What kind of yoga or aerial workshop would you like to take? Perhaps I can make it happen. Any and all feedback appreciated. ☺️ aerialsling aerialarts aerialeducation calarts aerialhammock workshops fresno yoga aerial aerialcircus aerialdrops aerialflexibility aerialchoreography aerialdance fitwomen fitinspiration

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Nowhere in my practice plan for today did it say "stand upside down on one shoulder". It was one of those days where the plan unintentionally went out the window and gave way to improvising and discovering new shapes. Ok, so it's not polished and smooth but that's life - most importantly it was fun! 🤩💪❤🙃 aerialhooptricks aerialhooplove aerialhoop lyra lyrahoop aerialdance aeriallyra aerialfitness aerialist aerialistsofig aerialbeauty circus aerialcircus aerialfit hoop

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Can't wait to go back

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Who else does the Voodoo? Beautiful Kellie does! ⭐️ Kellie Sky has been performing aerial for 10 years, after a degree in physical theatre she took her performance into the air: climbing, wrapping, twisting and spinning up high, this is where she feels most at home. Performing with various companies such as shambolic sideshow, flying eye, B-collective, pazzaz circus, Warner bros & Dartmoor events. Kellie is touring this summer with Airteko for Sea Shepherds. As well as performing Kellie runs Teardrop Aerial & Circus teardropcircus : teaching and adults as well as teaching with bandbazi regularly. From chic ballrooms to muddy fields, trains to churches, Kellie has performed at an eclectic mix of venues, and now she is back at The Spire with Voodoo and we are might pleased! See her in action on 30th March ⭐️ aerial circus silks rope aerialsilks brightoncabaret twistedcabaret voodoovaudeville whatsonbrighton brighton hove brightonevents aerialrope aerialcircus dancer performer cabaretlife thespire thespirearts

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Yes nailed it! Well done rachel.mckellow Week 2 of the spring 1 month aerial foundation course, getting into the swing of things. So much being achieved here, it’s great to see the progress being made by all the students. repost Like the look of this ? We’ve a few spots left on the 1 week Easter Dancers Intensive course. Have a look on the website, this one includes a film show reel. 13-17 April aerialcircus aerialcircusarts aerialcircusskills aerialist circuseverydamnday circusinspiration aerialfun aerialfitness aerialfitnessteachertraining circuslife aerialartist trapeze aerialsilks aerialskills hoops flyingtrapeze aerialdance aerialistsofig aerialistsofinstagram fitnessmotivation circusfun circusaroundtheworld cirqueduinsta weheartaerial circus250

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quick, act desperate! 🥀

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A beginners arabesque, I’m excited to look back on this in a year and see the progress!

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Spin spin spiiiiiiiiinnnnnn. Playing with shapes on the trapeze

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Cada mañana despierto con el deseo de avanzar a veces logro hacer saltos cuánticos, otras veces solo recorro un milímetro sin embargo, cada milímetro lo celebro porque sé que todo suma! Estuve dos años sin poder sostenerme en los empeines por eso te digo: no desmayes vamosbien aerialhoop aerial aerialist aerialcircus

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Repost raleigh_who_hoops ・・・ Ballet inspired Lyra! Because I have been obsessed with combining all my flow with ballet now for some unknown reason. I don’t ask questions I just follow my heart! 😻💜 raleighwhohoops 💜 Purple Tie Dye Romper custom made by thetiedyehippie 🥰 thetiedyehippie 💙 Skater Skirt in tie dye print by coquetryclothing 😻 coquetryclothing aerialhoop lyrahoop aerialring lyra balletinspiration aerialistsofig aerialistsofinstagram hoopersofig hoopersofinstagram aerialnation aerialdance aerialbeauty aerialmovement aerialartist aerialperformance circuseverydamnday movementmeditation hooplove balletlove pointeshoes aerialist aerialcircus aerialhooptricks

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LONDON: This Saturday 💥👊💥 I'm performing Contra at jacksons_lane and it's our U.K. Premiere! Super proud to see the show with it’s finished lighting design this week + to be working with such a strong female team; Kat from Jacksons Lane on sound, Katie on lighting and Nicole on producing and Ursula Martinez directing. Moving onwards and upwards towards a less gendered performing arts world! Contra features rope, nudity, a roll of cling film and explicit references to sexuality, mythical reptiles and more 🐍 Get your tickets at: • • • theatre circus standup comedy feminist circuslife touring ontour tourlife circusnext lavillette paris france rehearsals show performance rope aerialcircus circusaroundtheworld circusarts cabaret onewomanshow london theatrelondon showlondon jacksonslane thingstodoinlondon

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If you had a talk with me in the past few months you probably heard me talking about balance as my new fetish 😅 . But actually, this 'fetish' was present in my life ever since I was a ! 🙋🏼Known for my extreme character, finding it wasn't the easiest task 😏, when I started practicing aerialarts I realized that balance is not something you find and put in your pocket It's an endless journey in which you keep on searching 🔎, sometimes you catch it, play with it for a while, then you let go and move on to the next balancing challenge. The best part about it? The journey is endless and full of new discoveries 🐚🦄 . 📷: dinduekphotography aerialsilks aerialyoga aerialhammock aerialsling aerialcircus israelphotography aerialcircus ocean telaviv telavivbeach tlv purim2019 purim

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Knee belay on the left by me, waist belay on the right by justsilksthings , both from a crochet with a double twist behind your back. ✨ Please tag if you try! I work hard to think up these things 😆 • I’ve already posted 2 of these pairs of knee & waist belays from the same base wraps, and I have more coming up. Follow along if you’re interested in theory things! 🎪 silkssquad silkssquad ssentries waysintobelay aerialbelay silksbelay waistbelays belayentrance kneebelay aerialcombo silkscombo aerialist aerialistsofig aerialtricks aerialacrobatics aerialfitness aerialsilks aerialcircus aerialtraining aerialartist circuseveryday lifeofanaerialist aerialistsbelike circusinspiration aerialpose igaerialists aerialaddict aerialsilksaddict iloveap

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Attention, changement de date pour notre prochain spectacle : Il aura lieu le Dimanche 14 Avril à 18h ! Le spectacle sera suivi d'une scène ouverte pour les artistes qui souhaitent s'essayer à la scène. RDV sous le chapiteau " Tous en Piste " le Dimanche 14 avril à 18H au 115 boulevard Charles de Gaulle, 92390 Villeneuve la Garenne. acrobatics arts cirque acrodanse dance show performance amazing beautiful students acrodance lovesports sportif artist acrobat dancers style photooftheday instacool happyness aerialhoop aerialcircus aerialists fly aerialbeauty aeriallove aerial