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2 hours ago

I'm off to join the circus now 🎪

3 hours ago

You got me So crazy

4 hours ago

Want to improve your pole and aerial skills? Well Edie’s strength or aerial conditioning class will do the trick! 💪🏼⠀ .⠀ Edie has extensive knowledge in the dance💃 aerial 🎪 and fitness industry 💪🏼. ⠀ She knows just how to tailor the exercises to help with flying and nailing pole and aerial moves with ease! 😍⠀ .⠀ All Edie’s strength students say “her class is a lot more fun than slogging it out in the gym” ⠀ .⠀ You’re guaranteed a laugh with Edie and who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️you may even get an 8 pack and peachy booty 🍑 🤩⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ lyra lyrainspo danceinspiration danceinspo poledancelife poledancefitness heelsdanceclass motivation motivationalquotes aerial aerialhoop aerialtricks aerialistofig aerialfitness lyrahoop lyralove strength strengthtraining danceclass dancingclasses motivational aerialclasses lyraclasses flexibilityclasses exoticdanceclass lapdanceclass getripped poledanceclass toneitup getstrong

4 hours ago

I love this reverse wrap standing shape I got from aerialannette and iksnizrug and working on my single arm hangs ✌️and I love how I hit the shape right when the music changes (completely by chance) 😎🎶

5 hours ago

Pronta pra voar 😅 😅 😅 😅 Segunda e quarta às 20h. Terça e quinta às 19h. Planos Mensais: 1x na semana - R$ 150,00 2x na semana - R$ 210,00 3x na semana - R$ 300,00 4x na semana - R$ 380,00 Agende sua aula experimental grátis pelo telefone: 21 9 9697 7076 2handsbrasil aereo2hands alessandrapinho aereodanoite aerialtricks aerialist aerialista acrobacias acrobacia acrobacia_aerea tecidoacrobático aerialsilks circuslife trapezio trapeze lira lyra acrobatic aerial acrobaciaaerea borapendurar circus circo niteroi icarai riocricket love instadaily instalike followme

5 hours ago

I've begun a minor obsession with foot wraps. I feel this insatiable need to conquer them, regardless of how absolutely painful they can be. This is a version that's less Daunting, a version that is different from the one I fell from 😬. I haven't mastered it yet, but by golly SOME DAY I JUST MIGHT. Thanks for the support and constant inspiration from my aerial squad, you know who you are! 📸 dawlipop aerialsling aerialaddict aerialnation aerialhammock aerialtricks aerialsilks aerial aerialyoga yoga yogamindset curvyaerialist curvygirlyoga

6 hours ago

Straddle! Here’s me upside down pretending to be an aerialartist . I have always admired the aerial dancers. Whenever I had seen the artists climbing the silk up, and then wrapping themselves creating some crazy, stretchy, bendy shapes, and then spectacularly dropping down, I was out of breath. Taken by: london.boudoir .🖤 shibari aerialsling aerialgirls ropes ropebunny loveflying almostaerial aerialrope upsidedownworld aerialtricks straddle exoticpoledancer offdutystripper yesastripper strippersofinstagram exoticdancer bodypositivitymovement legsfordays longlegsdontcare pleaserheels stripperheels basementideas naturalbody nophotoshopneeded blackandwhitephotos noirphotography

6 hours ago

quick, act desperate! 🥀

7 hours ago

Wake me up when it’s Friday. Anyone else feel like this week is dragging?

14 hours ago

2 days until the showcase and the nerves are definitely starting to sink in 🙃 May be my first time performing but I hope it’s one of many! Anyone free Saturday night please come along & show some support to me & my incredible tribe family 💕 Thank you ben_porter_13 for the picture ❤️ boyfriendsoftribe 😜 aerialhoop aeriallove aerialtricks aerialist aerialarts aerialartist lyra lyrahoop birdy firsttimeperforming alternativefitness poledancer bodyconfidence girlswithmuscle girlswithpiercings girlswithtattoos beyou ownit loveyourself tribefitnessdancestudio fitness pointedtoes builttoamaze happydays