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ComicCast - Issue 144 "Monday Night Mayhem!" This week we randomly discuss pro rasslin', GameOfThrones petition, Pattinson as Batman and new comic reviews including WarOfTheRealms. YouTube: OutrightGeekery Podcast: comics comicbooks ComicCast podcast marvel dc dccomics dcu batman superman avengers avengersendgame WarOfTheRealms DetectiveComics image darkhorse captainmarvel captainamerica BlackWidow daredevil hulk giantman antman aew wwe mitb GameOfThrones

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He’s got you mad he won it. He’s gonna get you mad when he cashes in. He’s gonna get you happy when he loses. He’s gonna do he’s job, and do it well. WWE ] WWF ] NXT ] JohnCena ] UnderTaker ] thedemon ] RandyOrton ] ShawnMichaels ] romanreigns ] DeanAmbrose ] SethRollins ] Sheamus ] JeffHardy ] MattHardy ] SteveAustin] Sting ] CmPunk ] DanielBryan ] WrestleMania ] AlbertoDelRio ] BrockLesnar ] WWERaw ] WWESmackDown ] CMPunk ] BeckyLynch ] RondaRousey ] CharlotteFlair ] HBK ] ShawnMichaels AEW

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On June 9th Kazuchika Okada will return to Osaka-jo Hall as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, which coincidentally is also the same date and place the "Rainmaker" last held the title before losing it to Kenny Omega last year. Ten months later, Okada would regain the championship by defeating Jay White for the belt at G1 Supercard in MSG, then would go on to a first successful title defense against SANADA at Wrestling Dontaku. At the 6/9 Dominion event Okada may possibly face his biggest challenge to date, when he is set to defend his title against a man who has made a career out of winning championships all over the world, Chris Jericho. Y2J, or as he would call himself "The Painmaker" in the video shown at the end of Dontaku, knows Japan very well from his many travels since 1991, having wrestled there for FMW, IWA and New Japan through the years. Jericho recently wore IWGP gold at the expense of former Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito and had a five-star match with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome, who ironically is the same guy he'll be facing in a rematch of sorts in four days at AEW "Double Or Nothing" in Las Vegas. At 48 years old Chris Jericho is still at the center of attention in the pro-wrestling world. Also, at 31, Kazuchika Okada is considered by many to be at the top of the wrestling universe. Fun fact, when Jericho was Okada's age in 2002, he became the Undisputed World Champion in WWE. So, it will be interesting to see what transpires when Okada and Jericho meet in the ring for the first time next month in Osaka for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The clash of generations and styles should make for one of the biggest and best matches in the modern era of pro-wrestling. With Kenny Omega possibly lurking in the shadows. Dominion njdominion ChrisJericho Painmaker Y2J Lionheart AlphaClub BreaktheWallsDown Judasinmymind Rainmaker KazuchikaOkada IWGP heavyweightchampion CHAOS Okada WrestlingDontaku WrestleKingdom13 NJPWworld NJPW newjapanprowrestling 新日本プロレス AEW DoubleorNothing WWE puroresu Japan 🗾 prowrestling  プロレス クリスジェリコ オカダカズチカ

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It looks bad but does it need to look pretty? Horrible name but does what it says. Personally, I like the idea of the 24/7 title. Brings back the fun of the hardcore title and you never know who's gonna turn up for a shot. Never know jimsmallman could be the next 24/7 champion, he does work for wwe nxt uk. podcasts podcast wrestle wrestling wrestlingpodcast mwrpodcast wrestlingnews britishwrestling wwe wweraw wwesmackdownlive nxt nxtuk impactwrestling roh aew indywrestling supportindywrestling supportindependentwrestling

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ACARA DOUBLE OR NOTHING AKAN MEMILIKI KONTEN DEWASA AEW telah mengumumkan bahwa acara Double or Nothing akan mendapatkan rating TV-14. Artinya acara ini akan berkonten dewasa untuk usia 14 tahun ke atas dan tidak cocok untuk anak-anak. Sebelumnya kru AEW mengatakan bahwa acara mereka akan berbeda dengan WWE, dimana konten mereka lebih dewasa. Sebelumnya WWE menggunakan rating TV-14 saat Attitude Era, setelahnya mereka mendapatkan PG-13 (Bimbingan orang tua atau untuk usia 13 tahun keatas) dan terhitung Juli 2008, WWE menjadi acara dengan rating PG (Bimbingan orang tua, yang berarti acara ini cocok untuk semua umur selama bagi anak-anak dibimbing oleh orang tua). sumber: AEW tnt warnermedia tntdrama tonykhan cody codyrhodes kennyomega youngbucks chrisjericho aew allelite allelitewrestling theelite elite doubleornothing wrestling prowrestling sport fight gulat olahraga

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Whilst you were all watching GOT 👀 ** Disclaimer - I have nothing against anyone, woman, man, or other whom wish to view said show I did it all for the relevant and trending hashtags 😂😂😂 ** 💎 iwantmoreclothingltd 🎥 savoureverymomentrush_athletics

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Please go check out wrestlegramm The best thing goin! I have been a wrestling fan since I was 5 years old . Ric Flair! Woooooo! The Road Warriors! I use to paint my face like the Ultimate Warrior and tie shoe strings around my arms and run around the house. In the 90s I started following New Japan, All Japan , and Noah . My wrestling videogame collection is awesome I have import games from Japan I can't forget AAA and CMLL in Mexico. Monday night wars WWE RAW vs WCW Nitro . That's why I love wrestlegramm because it has everything a wrestling fan would want to look at . Pictures , Videogames , articles, toys , and MMA. It really takes me back to my childhod. Thank you wrestlegramm wrestlegramm wwe wcw mma impactwresling bulletclub aew nwa newjapan alljapan aaa cmll nxt uknxt mmmm dakotakai 😍 ray3473 gamersunite

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What's my finisher called

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To be completely honest, I really like the idea of this new title, it gives all the ‘jobbers’ a chance to shine and that they can all be used on tv also I like the name of 24/7 title sounds weird but in a good way. So yeah thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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🔥🔥 Lions Spirit DVD 🔥🔥 Witness the event & match that had the wrestling world talking. Pre order the DVD for £10 via PAC HangmanPage AEW WrestleGate

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Skips is All Elite 💪

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24/7 Championship has been announced. Same rules as the Hardcore Championship (Falls Count Anywhere, can be defended anytime and anywhere, anyone can compete for it). Title looks sort of 'eh' but the concept is great. wwe wrestling worldwrestlingentertainment wrestlingnews mondaynightraw raw smackdown smackdownlive nxt nxtuk wwenxt wwenxtuk wwelive 205live wwenetwork wwe2k19 wweactionfigures professionalwrestling prowrestling aew allelitewrestling impactwrestling roh ringofhonor njpw newjapanprowrestling pwg

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The only thing keeping me from the PWP Championship is time. Use it well Phoenix