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N a m i b i a 🐾 I’m so excited to be going back to Namibia again this year - it’ll be just over seven years (!) since I was last there. I love the amount of open space in this largely arid but always breathtakingly beautiful country. This time I’ll be staying mostly around Etosha, but I’m hoping to make this a more regular destination of mine for the foreseeable future. I’ve tracked rhinos in many different places over the year, but nothing like this experience with wearewilderness and savetherhinonamibia. I loved that we had to walk for some time - and that we weren’t allowed to get particularly close, the intention being to keep the animals from becoming habituated to people approaching them on foot (as this makes them more vulnerable to poaching). After Namibia I’ll be heading straight to London for the rememberingwildlife launch of Remembering Lions, where I look forward to meeting many friends and colleagues I only know through social media. And then: India! (By the way, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Remembering Rhinos, the first edition is about to run out - so get onto it right away!) 👣 connectionsandperceptions lifethroughalens africanportraits african_portraits africanwildlife africanature africananimals rememberingrhinos rememberinglions rememberingwildlife visitnamibia namibia etosha etoshanationalpark

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An amazing capture of a pod of hippos sleeping in a lagoon carpeted with Nile cabbage in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. This aquatic plant is carried on the backs of hippos to lagoons such as this one. These lagoons are often long distances away from the river. 📷 Photographed from a microlight aircraft by patrickbentleyphotography Africa onlyAfrica exploreAfrica NomadTours AfricaTourism Zambia SouthLuangwa WildlifePlanet AdventureTravel AfricanSafari WildlifeTour AfricanAdventure hippos lagoon AfricanNature AfricanAnimals AfricanTravel AfricaGeoPhoto CheckoutAfrica ThisIsAfrica dronegram

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Happy hour at Amboseli, Kenya. But happiness didn’t last very long as soon another elephant parade arrived and chased them out, I guess led by a dominant bull of the same group. amboseli kenya kilimanjaro elephant safari bigfive big5 africa landscape landscape_captures animalportrait wildlife wildlifephotography naturelovers naturephotography animals wildanimals africananimals kenyasafari natgeokenya natgeohub natgeotravel saveelephants savetheelephants elephantlove loveelephants elephantparade wildanimals animal

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raw_africa_ • • ✨ Featured Member : ss_shutter ✨ • ✨ raw_community_MEMBER ✨ • ✨✨CONGRATULATIONS Please add membership to your bio as it entitles you to be featured in any of our more than 76 pages using just the members tag. Plus are on your way to become a VIP 15 features by RAW makes you a VIP MEMBER. If you already have 15 features please contact raw_members ✨✨. • Selected by: rmediratta • Cc: RAW_Community_Owners . • chefjanekristina_nicolina • • Join us in our fresh, creative and supportive community. Please follow raw_community. • Please check out raw_kingdom for more of our RAW_community pages. • raw_featured raw_community . • africa safari nature animals visitafrica visitafrica travelafrica igersafrica africantour thisisafrica africatravel africanature naturelovers africansafari africanwildlife africanimages africananimals africalandscapes africanadventure africaphotography travelphotography naturephotography africanphotographyraw_africa_ss_shutter raw_featured_ss_shutter

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A brief moment from an extraordinary safari at tintswalo_at_lapalala. Jono and Danica were lucky enough to spot this cheetah and his brother in the 40 000 hectare concession. Cheetah have sacrificed size for speed and competition with other predators, combined with habitat encroachment put them under immense pressure. Seeing them in the wild is a privilege! • • • • • africansafari africatravel travelafrica africa wildlife safari wildlifephotography nature animals naturephotography africanwildlife travel bigfive travelphotography travelafrica wildlifeplanet africanamazing animal africananimals safariphotography photography african sunsets travelgram natgeowild adventure blessed perfectshot

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This zebra escaped a hungry clan of hyenas, but not before they could strip the skin from his backside. This is not an easy way to go as infection will surely kill it, much slower than the hyenas would’ve! wildestafrica

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💁 How y'all doin' today? 😎😏 ⠀➖⠀ ⠀➖⠀ 🤝 Credit to mario.paul_wildphotos ⠀➖⠀ ⠀➖⠀ 💎 Tag us on your pics to shoutout your puppies! ⠀➖⠀ ⠀➖⠀ ⠀➖⠀ igscwildlife dswt animalsanctuary helptheanimals staywild africananimals wildlifeaddicts animalprotection saveourplanet endangeredspecies bekindtoanimals conservation wildlife animalrescue saynotopoaching africanamazing animal animalsofinstagram animallovers animals southafrica animalelite

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Ostrish are the largest living bird in the world growing up to 2 m! I am sure you've heard that they bury their heads in the sand when they are scared, but did you really believe that? 🤔They obviously don't as they wouldn't be able to breath but they do dig holes to store their eggs there. 🥚 Several times a day, ostrish puts her head in the hole in order to turn the eggs. 🐣 So it can be confusing and look like they bury their heads in the sand! 😋 namibia namibia🇳🇦 etoshanationalpark namibiatourism namibiatravel etosha namibiaphotographer namibianature wildlife wildlifephotography wildlifeperfection wildlifephotos wildlifeonearth animallovers discoverwildlife protectwildlife africananimals wildanimals wildanimal safari africanwildlife wildlife_vision naturephotographer nikonphotography nikonwildlife wildlifeplanet animalplanet natgeowild wildonplanet animalonplanet wildlifeplanet wildlife.hd wildlifeperfection animals.admiral animalelite animals_geolife etoshaexplorer etoshanational

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My pride

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Greetings from Great tanzania adventure. Let us be thankful to our clients, friends, relatives & followers who bring us Happiness. Wishing you all a wonderful week. For travel services contact us. Follow officialgreat_tanzania and join us on a safari to witness some of the most exciting and unusual wildlife in Africa animals cheetah wildlife africawildlife mammals wildlifeconservation wildlifeonearth wildlifeprotection wildlifeaddicts wildlifelovers instawildlife live_love_wildlife wildlifeperfection krugerthroughmyeyes africageophoto africanimals sabisands etoshanationalpark etosha tanzaniasafari greaterkruger africanwildlifephotography krugerexplorer natgeoafrica wildafrica okavangodelta africananimals sanparks africanamazing africageo

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The mysterious serval caught beautifully on camera. What do you think of this animal? 📷 Picture by mlorentz23 ✥ ✥ 🦁 Follow: Africanimals 🐘 Hashtag: africanimals 💰 Donate: See bio

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Y para el post de esta noche y porque lo eligieron con mayoría de votos les presento a esta salvaje criatura llamada Simbakubwa kutofaafrika, un ambicioso carnívoro gigante cuyo nombre significa “gran león” y que patrulló el continente africano hace unos 22 millones de años y que de existir hoy en día sin duda se coronaria como el rey de las fieras. Sin embargo, este tétrico “rey león” estaba mucho mas emparentado con las hienas que con los felinos, sus dimensiones eran terroríficas pues se calcula que podría haber sido mas grande que un oso polar con un masivo cráneo casi igual al de un rinoceronte, y ni que decir de las afiladas cuchillas que tenia por dientes que trituraban carne y huesos por igual. Pero pasando a una de las curiosidades te cuento que, tras su descubrimiento en Kenia 🇰🇪 los restos fósiles del monstruo permanecieron escondidos durante décadas dentro de un cajón del Museo Nacional de Nairobi y no fue sino hasta el año 2013 que fueron prácticamente “desenterrados” por segunda ocasión (y casi por accidente) pues se iniciaba una investigación sobre los hyaenodontos y su obscuro andar por el mundo. Así que no cabe duda de que el león no es como lo pintan, pues como ves también ha tenido cara de hiena, ¿habían oído hablar de este bicho? • Ilustraciones de Mauricio Anton y Hodari Nundu • • • africa african kenia leon hiena hienas animales animals leones muyinteresante muyinteresantemx descubrimientos curiosidades fauna africananimals animalessalvajes animalestiernos animalesexoticos animalesfelices reyleon elreyleon lionking thelionking thelionking2019 antesdedormir buenasnoches monster monsters

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The central night frog (Astylosternus ranoides) was found on Mount Oku summit trail quite late at night during a torrential downpour and the path down had turned into a mud slide. These frogs have hook shaped bones at the end of their toes, these break away and pierce the skin and become claw like structures when the frog needs to defend itself, they are capable of scratching human skin frog frogs frogsofinstagram amphibian amphibians amphibiansofinstagram nature wildlife wildlifephotography naturephotography animals animalsofinstagram travel travelphotography instatravel instanature fieldwork herpetology animalkingdom animalphotography naturegram instanature instaanimal instafrog astylosternus wolverine oku cameroon africa africanwildlife africananimals

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Una cebra del Grevy fotografiada en Samburu. La verdad que está especie no resultó del todo fácil ya que cuando parabamos el coche el animal nos daba la espalda y se alejaba. Al final encontramos este ejemplar a la sombra y se dejó fotografiar bastante bien. La diferencia entre esta cebra y la que podemos encontrar en Masai Mara se encuentra en el grosor de las rayas, en esta especie mucho más finas y pegadas. Gracias a alpasin.ecoturismo por este pedazo de viaje. A zebra of the Grevy, photographed in Samburu. The truth is that it was not quite easy because when we stopped the car the animal turned his back and walked away. At the end we found this specimen in the shade of a tree and we could take photos quietly. The difference between this zebra and the other one which we can find in Masai Mara is in the thickness of the rays, in this species much thinner and stuck. Thanks to alpasin.ecoturismo for this great travel. esolympus ig_discover_nature ig_bestshots samburu africa africananimals splendid_animals  africawildlife zebra wildlifephotography  naturelover_gr wildgeography global4nature bestanimal animals_gr animals_sultans wildlife_vision  exclusive_wildlife extreme_wildlife naturyst youngwildlifephotographers inspirenaturenow  nakedplanet youngnaturephotographers africanart samburu masaimara ig_discover_nature ig_bestshots wildlifephotoworld somosnaturaleza naturephotoportal exclusive_shot kenia

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This WildlifeWednesday we’re taking a look at the amazing cheetah! Did you know that the cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world? They can reach a top speed of around 113km per hour! You can’t beatah the cheetah 😉 They’re the only big cat that can’t roar, and unlike lions and leopards who usually hunt at night, cheetahs do their hunting during the day 🐾 Image timeandtideafrica

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Have you been following our SafariSundays? This last week we explored chiawasafaris Old Mondoro Camp, showing you the ins and outs of this incredible place! If you missed out, head over to our Story Highlights for a tour of Old Mondoro! 🐘