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當我們討論憂鬱/總說那是藍色的/但為甚麼沒有紅色的憂鬱/清透如夕陽乾淨的血/流遍整片天空 每次發佈一張相片都要想很久該打些甚麼, 從不是嬌情的人不喜歡表達自己, 但是不是不告訴別人甚麼, 他們就真的甚麼都不知道。 . 你說我變了。從前我是不管別人的。 我說我也不知道。 不覺得心裡有別人,但曾幾何時,也不再只有自己。 . 每當一個人的離開, 感覺就像樹落下了一顆果子, 可能不會感到難過,但卻感受到那確確實實的離去。 (不知道自己甚麼時候會刪掉這些文字) model captchina shotoftheday discoverhongkong exploreeverything justgoshoot lifeofadventure makeportraits lifewelltravelled analog photographyislife agameoftones silhouette photographysouls photographyeveryday photographylover shotwithlove pixel_ig portraitphotography artofvisuals meistershots discoverportrait portraitmode portraitphotography pursuitofportraits agameoftones agameofportraits

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What if I tell you all the things I’ve done? ✨ sabylynn_

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Sam & Caro riding to the 601 W 26th Street check point for monstertracknyc

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she often felt lonely  Despite a crowded room She liked to stay up late And tell stories to the moon She danced in what little light The stars allowed to be seen And she often kept herself awake For the night time was but a dream. In frame gaurisharma.official ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° portraitsofficial moodyindia  portraitstream  portsinspired portraitigers  portraitsofficial  phoneonly  phoneit portboxindia  shotonmia1  moodyports  portraitis pursuitofportraits  agameofportraits  portraitsinda ourmoodydays  portraits_ig  portrait_mood  mos agameoftones  theportraitcentral  portraitsmag moodytones  moodyfilm  bleachmyfilm mobilephotographer  xiaomiglobal  official_photographers_hub  portraitsofficial  streets.of.mumbai  sonyalpha canon_photos  natgeo  mumbai.portraits modelzgalery

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我最喜歡小動物了,金普頓的叢林派對有兩隻老鷹🦅飯店也是主打Pet friendly ,可以帶寵物入住高級飯店囉。  榮幸這次受金普頓大安酒店邀請來參加開幕派對 現場有很棒的叢林裝置藝術及華麗的燈光互動 也品嚐了美酒佳餚,視覺及味蕾都得到滿足 還有一種感受是最重要的就是嗅覺啦! 金普頓大安酒店有著他們獨特的香味 選用美國精品香氛品牌的味道 使人感到非常放鬆與舒適 讓我度過一個愉快的夜晚 🙏🏻 kimptondaanhotel 金普頓大安酒店   portraits_mf portraitpage bravogreatphoto portraitgames portraitmood moodyPorts potrait_vision PortraitVision portraitstream pursuitofportraits creative_portraits portraitphotography agameofportraits discoverportrait igpodium_portraits portrait_shots portraitkillers portraitsociety portraitpainting aovportraits portraitsmag pursuitofportraits makeportraits portraitcentral earth_portraits

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On the set of the "Textures" video shoot, with Manchester recording artist abnormal.sleepz - 🔌 What has been your all-time favourite Abnormal Sleepz project so far? (For us it's The Meditape Two) Comment below. 👇🏾📍

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I ❤️ portraits shotbyguapo - Watch the RAW file in my story

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Are you in a creative funk? Do you need to build your portfolio? Do you want to meet and mingle with the industries best? Are you human? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to be Here. The creative Mixer On April 13 where we have taken the industries best and brought them all to one place. Photographers such as Rob Hall and Keydrin Keylo Franklin , Kerwan Celestine, Sam Serrato will all be there along with the fantastic Bella Ortiz . Tamber Rhynes-Dupree and Juan Castano will prep our models and turn them over looking flawless. There will be opportunities for you to shoot, pick some brains, and for those of you wanting to take back more than just shots Bella will be offering mentoring sessions for Photoshop and her Retouching 0. panel doports bravoportraits portraitsmag portraitsquad savageframes portraits_vision portaitmoods vscoportrait ig_mood discoverportrait portraitphotography portraitvision postmoreportraits portraitpage igpodium_portraits portraiture makeportraits portraitvision_ makeportraitsmag expofilm agameofportraits portrait_perfection portrait_shots portraits_ig portraits_mf vscoportrait dfwports sonyimages lrsphotog godox cheetahstand

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Houston | Class of 2019 We are currently scheduling senior sessions for the class of 2020. Reach out to the studio today to schedule yours.

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Special effects department creating a summer storm on a movie set. 30HP (?) Ritter fan.

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Sou sentimentos e o resto é consequência disso.

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📷 ・ model eri_hosoda_y photographer kazuphotography 撮影依頼受付中! イントラ用写真・プロフィール写真 宣材写真・ジャケット・アー写 ポートレート撮影・コスプレ等 商品撮影・アパレル撮影等! ご依頼、ご相談はDMより承ります! 作品撮りもしてます! ・ ・ portraitpage portrait_vision portraitmood bleachmyfilm agameofportraits moodygrams portraitgames pursuitofportraits featurepalette theimaged portraits editorial fashionphotography artphoto conceptual visualart photoshooting photosession photomodeling artofvisuals ig_color canonimages makeportraits nextvisualportraits portraitmoody lovers_nippon_portrait portrait_perfection

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Waiting, waiting, waiting.

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Garmisch and Zugspitze this weekend. Saarbrücken the next to feed some Alpacas and maybe Paris since I live about 4 hours away. Taking full advantage of living in Europe for the next 3-4 years. 🙏🏼

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CCTV, 2019.