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red rocket

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Ryan Brougham 4 passengers small airliner Ryan Aeronautical [USA] Ryan Brougham aircraft M’s aircraft photo gallery

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Доброе бодрое и очень радостное утро! Начинаем день в Жуковском, где сегодня идёт буксировка Ту-144 на новое место стоянки с территории ЛИИ им. Громова. ту144 ту144сверхзвуковой авиация ссср самолет самолеты plane spotting airplane aircraft instaplanes avporn zhukovsky жуковский лиигромова легендаавиации russia tu144 туполев

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etihadairways A380 final approach at London Heathrow 😍 By 👤 ©️ aviatorlondon ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ 🌎Airline: etihadairways 🇦🇪 . ✈️Airplane: A380 📍Location: London ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ VIDEO BY ©️ aviatorlondon ➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖✖️➖ AVIATI0N2 BY CHARLES aviation pilotlife aviationdaily instagramaviation instaplane airplanes avgeek aircraft megaplane aviationlovers 380 airbus aviationphotography pilot plane aviation_lovers aviationdaily a380 london

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My favorite view that always reminds me to keep exploring, keep traveling and keep learning.

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PelicanPilotTraining Do you wish to become a pilot in the United States , convert your foreign license to FAA or become a flight instructor for building your flight hours? - 👉🏿 pelicanpilottraining ✅Pelican Flight Training is the place to be We offer professional pilot programs, individual courses, exceptional time building packages & instructor training to local and international students for both airplane and helicopter training. - 👉🏿 pelicanpilottraining 🌏International students may have the opportunity to practice in the US to build hours and improve their professional skills as an FAA certified instructor. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ⚠️ If you want your picture reposted tag me ( aviationlovers737 ) in the description of the image ⚠️ Business inquiries by DM ❗️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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The Lockheed F-94C-1-LO “Starfire” (original s/n 51-13570) on display outside at the Iron Range Veteran’s Memorial in Chisholm, MN. The F-94C was the first jet operated by the Minnesota Air National Guard, and flew with the unit from 1954 to 1957, when it was replaced by the F-89C Scorpion. This aircraft was flown to the Chisholm-Hibbing airport in October 1959, and went on display shortly after. Quite interestingly enough, she is actually marked to look like F-94C 51-13560, which is the one on display at the mnangmuseum at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The last image is what she looked like when she arrived and went on display in the 1960s (not my image; an old postcard) aviationphotography airplanes fighterjets f94cstarfire starfire 1950s coldwaraviation coldwar chisholm minnesota mnang minnesotaairguard 179thfightersquadron MN exploremn captureminnesota aircraft gateguard veteranmemorial

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This miniseries will be: blackandwhitephotography swipeOrama WestonAirFestival WestonAirFestival in WestonSuperMare 2018 Pentax PentaxK1 SigmaPhoto Sigma120400 It was a good day and I regard these airshow days as practice to use my camera in ways I don't usually do - but i'll be honest, it's a challenge, flinging the massive telephoto lens around and trying to track, focus and expose moving targets In 2018 I had wandered up the BreanDown promontory which means some different angles on the airplanes aircraft - some worse some better - distance was an issue for some of the flight demos and less so for others. Next up are two versions of the always amazing RedArrows RAFRedArrows aerobatics display.

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هواپیمای توپولف ۱۴۴ Первый взлет первого в мире сверхзвукового пассажирского самолёта Ту-144 31декабря 1968 г. Кадры из фильма "Взлет" 1969 года. Музыка: TM-Battle Sirens. / Take-off of the world's first supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144 31 December 1968. Video from the film "Take-off" of 1969. Music: TM-Battle Sirens. legendary_aircrafts aviationhistory aviationlover aviação aviation aerpolane fly supersonic aircraft tu tupolev tu144 instagramavia instagramaviation авиаистория авиация ту ту144 туполев гражданскаяоборона

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These weekend plans are hard to beat ✈️

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Airbus Industrie A330-900neo F-WTTE

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- HIRING - Interiors professionals - Mechanics and Leads From general interior work to full modifications. Wide bodies to Regional Aircraft. Reach your full potential at Ascent Aviation Services. Providing competitive compensation and benefits package, challenging careers, advancement potential, and a safe pleasant work environment. As an Ascent Aviation Services employee YOU are our most valuable resource. Call today for career opportunities, 520-616-5276 or submit your resume on-line at aircraftmechanic avgeek aviationlovers aircraft plane airport aviationdaily aircraftmaintenance boeing aviationgeek travel aviationphotography fly flying planespotting planespotter instaaviation megaplane instaplane photography pilotlife flight spotting work jobopening instagramaviation aircrafttechnician mechanic

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Repost fsx_uk with kimcy929_repost • • • • • • 🎫flight AF417 🇫🇷➖➖ 💺 as flown in december 2013 📣 From 35 degrees to 0 degrees in a few hours! B777-228ER engine GE90 airfrance boeing parischarlesdegaulle lfpg buenosairesezeiza saez flight time 13H20Min ✈F-GSPJ (18 years old) in the old livery ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ My second long haul flight, returning from this amazing country that is Argentina, on a 13 hours journey. Air France relies extensively on its 777 for its long haul routes. Air France has almost evenly grouped its B777-200 into two categories: Best and Beyound Business with 280 seats (40 Business, 24 Premium Eco and 216 Economy) Best and Beyound Loisirs with 312 seats (28 Business, 24 Premium Eco and 260 Economy). join our alliance flightsimalliance avgeek takeoff aircraft plane avporn flightsimulator fsx planelovers airlines captain aviation travel voyage avion pilot aviationgeek buenosaires aircrafts airfranceklm

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Repost virtual_787pilot with kimcy929_repost • • • • • • the mighty cfm56 engine last weekend in Nantes, at the moment I can't fly because my joystick is broken, the new one will be coming in a few weeks, let's hope I can fly again when it arrives!😍😎 aviationgeek a320 cockpitcrew cockpitview avgeek planefan aircraft planes avions flightsimulator airplane easyjet planelovers airlines airbus planesspotting avporn aviation   aviones instaplanes  pilot  aviation planesdaily airport aviationgeek p3dv4 aircraft aviation sky cockpit pilot flightsimulator p3d a319 virtualairlinevirtualairlinepilot

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. 暑假巳經開始左啦,你搵左工未? 香港機場地勤服務有限公司(HAS) 將會在旺角擺設招聘會,有興趣了解航空業既你唔駛山長水遠就可以認識到機場不同崗位的工作同了解其詳情,我們還有限定的小禮品派發,咁好既機會千萬不要錯過啊! 想知更多詳情記得留意以下既地點時間啦: 日期和時間: 2019年7月17日 11:30 – 17:30 2019年7月 18日 10:30 – 16:30 地點: 旺角優才發展及交流中心 (九龍旺角奶路臣街38號麥花臣匯3樓) 如有疑問,請致電或WhatsApp 91904717查詢。申請者亦可以將你既履歷傳送到recrutiment 申請你有興趣的職位。 hkig hkia groundhandling hkboy hkgirl aviationlovers aviation airport passengerservices aircraft aircraftloading 地勤日常 地勤 hkdse2019 hkdse 畢業 中學文憑 groundstaff welcometoaboard passengers 畢業生 地勤忙什麼 地勤人生 搵工 路一直都在 機票優惠 旅遊優惠 加盟獎金 機場 航空業

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This was Shell Australia’s BAe 125-700B VH-HSS back on 10/09/1982, parked outside the qantas Hangars with B747-200 VH-EBS in the background (Commonwealth Games Brisbane 1982 Titles). This morning, Shell International’s brand new Dassault Falcon 8X VQ-BXD arrived sydneyairport, sporting the same livery colours as 37 years ago. The Falcon 8X is SN449 and it was delivered on 06/05/2019 - Swipe for more images ✈️💙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ MyNikonLife nikonaustralia D500 📷 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ sydney_insta f7x falcon7x dassaultfalcon dassaultfalcon7x bae125 avgeeks aviationgeek aviator aviators aircrew skylovers aviationdaily aviationlovers planespotter planespotting aviation aircraft instaplane instagramaviation aviationphotography

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Repost fsx_uk with kimcy929_repost • • • • • • 🎫flight EK6➖➖🇸🇩 A380-861  engine GP7270 emirates  airbus dubai  omdb londonheathrow  egll flight time 7h01Min ✈ A6-EDH (7 years old)➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ The world's largest A380 operator with an impressive 103 units is still awaiting from its order of another 59 aircrafts. The airline flies with them on daily 40 destinations, mainly as a connection through Dubai from European destinations to Asian/Eastern. The A380 features 516 seats with 14 First class, 76 Business and 426 economy (615 without first class). The airline is notorious for providing a high class service from economy and especially to first, where an onboard bar and on board showers are availble! join our alliance  flightsimalliance  avgeek takeoff aircraft planes avporn flightsimulator fsx planelovers airlines captain aviation travel voyage avion pilot aviationgeek simulator  cockpit airbusa380 superjumbo

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. 🖤 🤷🏻

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Boeing 777 Fuel Tank Venting for Entry. - A short clip showing fuel tank venting for fuel tank entry in progress. This process is left to run for about 24 hours to make sure all remaining fuel in the tanks after defuelling and dribble draining (the clear plastic hose hanging down from the wing) is evaporated and vented for safe entry into the fuel tank. aviation aviationgeeks aviation4u aviationlover aviationlife aviationdaily aviationporn avgeek avlife aviators pilot pilotlife piloteyes airlinepilot planelovers planespotter planespotting aircraft planes airplane_lovers boeinglovers boeing777 boeing instagramaviation instaaviation instapilot airlinesfoodresearcher airlinesfoodadvisor aviationauthor

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Another classic B6 tail! jetBlue Airways Airbus A320 wearing the Bubbles tail on final approach for 13R at New York’s JFK International Airport (KJFK).

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Die GermanExpress VA bringt ihre Passagiere immer pünktlich und sicher ans Ziel. Möchtest du ein Pilot bei der GermanExpress VA werden? Dann Registriere dich unter: You want to be a Pilot of GermanExpress VA? Join us! Picture by Finn Peterson p3dv4 777200lr b777200lr aircraft airplane airplanewindow strobelight rudder elevator engines flightsim b772 pmdg777 sunset sky boeing germanexpress ivao blueskies sun alwaysthreegreens rexskyforce3d rex5 mdpc eddl airport sunnyday stunning virtualairline düsseldorfairport

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SGS 1-26 at Tidewater Soaring Virginia

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