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Nëse do te jesh njëri i mirë, së pari duhet të jesh me veten, pastaj me të tjerët.

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🇲🇽 + 🇦🇱 = this 🥵 - - - - - - - - - mexican albanian

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Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce ourselves again since we've only been "blogging" on Instagram for <2 months. I'm Jennifer and my husband is Toni and we have one daughter. Anyways, I'm just going to list some fun facts about us: 1. Toni and I met 7 years ago in July 2012 in a pretty interesting way (I'll get to that). We got engaged 10 months later in May of 2013. Married in March 2014. 2. We opened this blog the first time in 2016 with no idea what our personal style, goals, or ideas would be. That didn't really work out and we stopped posting after a month or two. 3. This was opened as a couples blog (hence the name twodears). Now we're a family lifestyle blog. 4. I'm a grad student in psychology, Toni runs my dad's business. 5. I have my undergrad degree in psychology as well, and Toni in sociology/business law. 6. We live in Anchorage, Alaska- it's cold and dark in the winter but we love it in the spring/summer. We think about moving. 7. Toni is originally from Albania. I am half Albanian. We met due to being albanian , as I mentioned in a really weird way. Wait for it. 8. Toni was the admin of a Facebook group called "you know you're Albanian when" I was in this group (people would post funny things that are true for Albanians). Someone had made a fake profile of me and was talking to a million guys on there! I had to message the admin (ahem TONI), and ask for him to remove the profile. To which he replied : how do I know YOU'RE the real Jennifer? 🤔Soo we skyped. Talked non stop (slept on skype). I got flowers a month later and then almost weekly after that (he even sent them while I was on vacation)until he came to Alaska 5 months later to see me (and came back 3 months later and didn't leave❤️). By the way, still getting me flowers all the time! 🌻 9. We got pregnant with Sofia by accident! She is the best blessing! (and yes we want more , since we didn't have consecutively I've found myself being asked if we just want one 🤷🏻‍♀️). We hope to be blessed with more! 10. Let's chat! Tell us how you met your significant other? Or how did you end up with your first ? Or what do you do for a living?! (please no pitching!)

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Soo we've been trying to practice patience when it comes to Sofia being a big girl and doing things "all by herself"! Can you tell? Instead of rushing out the door we slow down, file our nails, read the newspaper, and let her take her sweet time. Haha no. We don'tbut it sort of feels that long sometimes doesn't it? It's another 3 minutes that feels like eternity when you're running behind. So today, were reminding everyone to stop and smell the roses, or in all reality sit your butts down and wait with grace. Be mindful. Life moves way too fast to not notice little accomplishments (like learning to zip a zipper!). 💕

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Tag your friend that is looking at the phone wile u talk 👈😂

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Thank you 🙏 see u next year

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