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4 months ago

Dry January continues Do you know how many calories alcohol contains? Its 7 calories per gram A pint of beer has a 170 calories. If you have a packet of crisps or a few handfuls of nuts with your nice drink that's another 200 calories and before you know it you have eaten almost a small meals worth. In addition alcohol makes you more hungry so you are likely to eat more and it goes on To help keep your weight healthy its a good idea to reduce alcohol There has been some studies showing that a little a day ( a small glass 125ml) can be healthy, i'm not sure having alcohol daily even a small amount is a good idea What are your thoughts? alcohol alcoholstruggles alcoholbottles alcoholdetox alcoholmaybe alcoholgram alcoholstagram alcoholrecipes dryjanuary healthybody healthymind healthy health ruthkander yourdietmatters

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Its dry January ☕🥛🥤 🥃Are you going to manage to avoid all alcohol this month? 🍺What will you have instead? 🍹Have you drunk too much over the holidays? If you drink too much alcohol regularly it can affect your body in nasty ways. see my picture for information and this great link to a fact sheet all about the effects of alcohol. Now tell me if you are going to have a dry January? happy like instadaily food instalike lifestyle instafood london alcohol alcoholhunt alcoholstruggles alcoholalternative alcoholsavesme alcohollove alcoholdetox alcoholiday alcoholinks alcohol247 alcoholshop alcoholmaybe alcoholgram alcoholstagram alcoholrecipes dryjanuary2019 wine beer cocktails whiskey ruthkander yourdietmatters

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The amount of romantic points you will win for making a picnic happen will astound you. It’s a classic date option for a reason, it’s super convenient! At the Botanic Gardens Wollongong, you’re within proximity to the Uni, meaning you can whisk your significant other away between classes (take about a fairytale romance). Embrace nature and enjoy the experience. datingwollongong tinderdate daydate uniNight wollongong alternativedate firstdate activitydate useprotection makegoodchoices hookup picnic alcoholmaybe friends UOW romantic youknowyouwantto

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On one hand, moderate amounts have been linked to health benefits. On the other hand, it is addictive and highly toxic when we drink too much of it. The truth is that the health effects of alcohol are actually quite complex. They vary between individuals, and depend on the amount consumed and the type of alcoholic beverage. Alcohol alcohollover AlcoholTherapist alcoholblogger alcoholicproblems alcoholfreenight alcoholdeal alcohols alcoholandgains alcoholhumor alcoholoverdose alcoholmaybe alcoholfixeseverything alcoholicdrink alcoholparty alcoholinkart Alcoholics alcoholic alcoholiday alcoholfreefun alcoholcandles alcoholicboba alcoholdeliveryjakarta alcoholawareness2017 alcoholproblems alcoholsuper alcoholunderpainting