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4 minutes ago

I just love teaching- tonight I had warriors just kick ass tonight At one point I almost wanted to cry- tears of joy. I’m not a real mom but my students are my babies,I love each of you so much So many are not on FB so they will never read this- but I’m one proud momma. Shoulders, hips, glutes, Knees, toes- everyone so beautifully aligned and powerful I got goose bumps Love you my warriors Xoxo  your coach- hips Train fighters warrior alpha motivation nutrition fitness kitafit sharpei empowermentcouragehipreplacement gratitude

6 minutes ago

Love the life you live Live the life you love 💙 ••••••••••••••••••••••• 📸:

14 minutes ago

So this is pretty much you giving you the wake up call you need ☎️ . You are more powerful than you even realize 🔥🔥 . Disregard other people's opinions , and don't let their fear and negativity determine your course of action! Follow your dreams relentlessly 🚀👊👍❤