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Crystals, pendulums and setting intentions are all all part of the witch archetype, which aides in your personal development journey. Just like adding tools to your toolbox, we are dedicated to giving you a FOUNDATION of techniques that can strengthen your understanding of self while we guide you on your personal development journey. What foundational questions do you have about the archetype? It’s time to REACH FOR THE STARS? Why? Cause you can! You are capable You are enough You are powerful You are unique

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The Bell in Buddhism is representation of [wisdom]+++,ringing the bell is a method to evoke Wisdom anD Compassion .Bells ,gongs,Tibetan bowls or wind chimes and such sound instruments are symbolism of good luck and spiritual awakening all over Asia.Altar Cloth made for Matt 🌸from New Zealand,it's such a wonderful feeling when things I'm making traveling so far 🙌🙏✌️Thank you for looking 🌳 phurba dorje buddhistbell altarcloth swastika sayagata pattern practitioners

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Hey witches. Planets are in the perfect phases and the time to get a free pentacle by heart_of_the_norse_witch came. Win in a three easy step: ⠀ - Follow the heart_of_the_norse_witch ⠀ - Check and like my Etsy shop (link in BIO) ⠀ - Like this post ⠀ - Comment this post and tag 3 friends⠀ On 31th August I randomly choose the winner and send this pentacle to him(or her) to any place on Earth. witchcraft wicca witchyvibes pagan celtic norserunes vegvisir triquetra triskelion triplemoon witch ostara imbolc giveaway samhain mabon beltane lughnasadh witchythings witchcrystals altar altarcloth vikings witches tarot tarotcloth pentacle wiccanaltar paganaltar witchessociety

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My new globe sphere just arrived. It goes perfectly with my Earth healing cloth made by my business partner. At the North Earth element I have Moss Agate for Earth healing. At the East Air element I have Turquoise for peace. The South Fire element has Aquamarine to bring rain to put out the fires in the Amazon. And at the West Water element I have Larimar to enhance and encourage those water energies to help our beloved Earth. At the bottom I also included my Green Aventurine healing palmstone. 🌎🙌💗 CrystalGuidance StitchesAndStonesKC altarcloth crystalgrid crystalhealing Reiki crystals globe earthhealing prayforamazonia prayforamazonas prayforamazon healingtheearth mossagate turquoise aquamarine larimar aventurine crystalhealersofinstagram healersofinstagram witchesofinstagram crystalsofinstagram

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This is my protection crystal grid kit 🧙‍♀️💫 You could set this up in your house and activate it to specifically help keep your property safe. A grid like this could be set up long term, or you could set it up for protection from someone who is directing negative energies at you and use it as a shield. Add a circle of salt around your grid for an extra layer of protection! This kit includes some powerhouse crystals: 💎 Selenite generator. While selenite may look fragile and ethereal and is a very soft crystal, it's metaphysical properties are powerful indeed! It's an energy purifier and amplifier. It protects and cleanses and brings peaceful and harmonious energies in. It will also help cleanse the other stones in your grid while the deal with negative 💩💩💩 💎 Smokey quartz for grounding, protection, clearing your aura and calming anxiety. 💎 Black tourmaline - THE stone of protection! Any protection grid should have black tourmaline in it! It's highly protective, gives strong grounding and is an energy purifier. 💎 Black obsidian arrow heads to shield from negativity, clear the aura and for psychic protection. Add in the symbolism of the arrow, a weapon used for centuries to defend and you've got a powerful line up crystalline energy! I've photographed this grid on a pentagram gridding mat which would add another layer of protection in there too! [image description: a selection of different crystals are laid out in a grid formation on top of a felted crystal gridding mat.] crystalmagic crystalgridboard crystalgrid crystalgridding metaphysical metaphysicalprotection grystalgriddingmat altarspace altarcloth selenite smokeyquartz blacktourmaline blackobsidian crystalenergy pentagram pentacle

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Danni Sherman arrived at Transfiguration Church in Blythewood about an hour before the 6 p.m. liturgy on a recent Tuesday. Unlike other early birds, however, she wasn’t there to pray or go to the sacrament of reconciliation Click the link in our bio or copy this link: catholic catholiclife catholics catholicfaith churchlife catholicchurch romancatholic catholicism altar altarspace altars altarcloth altarserver nevertoolate

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In preparation for our initiatory module with cissi_williams in Glastonbury next month ✨ I have assembled my tools in readiness to deliver Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing courses starting acornretreat in September as a Master Trainer and Advanced Practitioner 🙏 In the picture you can see the altar cloth and Meza cloth lovingly made to my bespoke request 💗 by plainnavyquiltingsupplies The crystals and stones were selected from the amazing range 💫 dolphinminerals The Florida and Rose Water and small rattle were supplied by the online company Sacred Essences. energymedicine shamanichealing initiation glastonbury altar altarcloth meza crystals floridawater rosewater sacredessences

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🌿 💚 My Love, my Michael, my partner. He is always there for me, he is my Two of Cups 💚 I love our undying, lovingly strong relationship, our flexibility together, our commitment, our combined strength. Our relationship is based on a love that is inspiring, emotionally fulfilling, and built from mutual attraction, admiration, and respect. It is one that is unified: "We're in this together." We'll always have more to learn from and teach each other 💚 🌿 Seahorses mate for life. Such tiny creatures, and yet so complex 💚 💚 Deck: Anima Mundi Tarot 🖤 Cloth by jackalopejane 🌿 Day 22 oracleofaugust challenge by_moonlight_tarot animamunditarot thecreepingmoon meganwyreweden twoofcups seahorses mateforlife commitment commited longterm mutualrelationship longtermcouple indietarot indiedeck altarcloth backpatch witchybackpatch dailytarot taroteveryday

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Sometimes the spread be like that (holy reversals Batman)

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Congrats to twiztdskitz You have 48 hours to claim you free altar clothPlease DM me with your info😊 Thank you to everyone who entered my first giveaway! Your stories of helping people are amazing and so thoughtful. This won't be my only giveaway, I'll do more in the future. Also, keep an eye out in about two weeks for a ton of new listings in Nikes Victory!😊 This will be the biggest listing I've done sigi sigithewitch nikesvictory etsy etsystore altarcloth altar altarcloths wicca witch pagan wiccansofinstagram witchesofinstagram witchcraft pagansofinstagram

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Sending some goodness your way. 💜 Be cleansed 💜 Be blessed 💜 Be guided 💜 Be good Love and light!

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Clearly we are in a zodiac and constellations kinda mood these days! ✨ Our zodiac wheel altar cloth depicts the traditional zodiac signs, also known as houses, beginning with Aries as the Ascendant and running counter clockwise. Use this chart to map your own sun and moon signs, or any important date in your life.🌙 . We have chosen a pastel lavender with gilded writing for this design. This piece is soft and supple and it will be a beautiful addition to your altar or sacred space.🔮 . $12 at , search “Zodiac Cloth” to find them quickly! 🙏🏼🖤 . tamedwild altarcloth zodiac constellation witchy witchythings pagan

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Hello! I am hosting a give away in which 5 lucky folks will win a free satin scarf of their choosing as well as a free 3 inch button with a hand drawn doodle as the art The rules are simple! All you have to do is: 1) Follow me and 2) like and Comment on the drawing I post each day for the next five days. (Today’s drawing is the crow spirit so go and comment on that one. ) No emoji comments! You MUST type a comment with WORDS IN IT You must comment on ALL 5 DRAWINGS TO BE ENTERED TO WIN For an optional Extra entry each day tag a friend who you think of when you see the drawing The five winners will be chosen randomly on monday the 26th! you can join any time up until then even if youre only learning of it now This giveaway is limited to US participants. Swipe to see the scarves you can choose from! GA giveaway scarve scarfgiveaway artgiveaway peachypalettegiveaway scarf witchy witchyaesthetic tarotcloth altarcloth

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This past Sunday we held the FIRST COACHING CALL of our membership! It was all about overcoming self-doubt, building confidence, strengthening your practice, using crystals for healing & transformation, reviewing the Sigil Creation and Basic Witchery courses and asking what YOU want to see next! Our membership closes AUGUST 23RD and for just $35 a month you can invest in YOURSELF & receive over $1200 in materials not including group coaching & videos from guest experts - reserve your spot today!

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🍃One-of-a-kind Ancient tree altar cloth🍃 . Trees are significant in many of the world's mythologies and have been given deep and sacred meanings throughout the ages.🌳 Human beings, observing the growth and death of trees, and the annual death and revival of their foliage, have often seen them as powerful symbols of growth, death and rebirth.🌿 . ✨Available✨ illustration ilustracija illustratorsofinstagram witch witchcraft witchesofinstagram occult occultart spirituality intuition altar altarcloth oneofakind handmadeslovenia handmade witchy ouroboros magick magic triplemoon oldtree tree pagan

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🌿Каждый пентакль из серии "Витражей" связан с историей несуществующих в этой реальности храмов. Но слухи доносятся, что такие пентакли - это окно в другой мир, и каждый витраж связан с особым местом силы в иномирье, где можно найти источник мистических сил. 🌿"Изумрудный" - первый! Храм, которому принадлежит этот витраж, давно утонул в зелени. Его стены оплетены лианами, а солнечные лучи пробиваются сквозь проемы окон. Это храм природы, леса, жизни - храм, где духи празднуют свадьбу Бога и Богини на Белтайн. 🌿Лунный - мистический храм в неведомом месте, полностью окутанный темнотой. Но когда над куполом проходит полная Луна, ее свет пробуждают радужную палитру на окнах и мир преображается и предстает в другом свете и цвете. Таинства, которые проходят в этом храме, остаются только с тем, кто их проводит - ибо красота храма Луны сковывает уста молчанием 🌿Пламенеющий витраж - храм, затерянный во времени. Он видел великое пламя, и оттого видел, как ранее несвязанное становится единым. В нем сокрыто пламя великих саббатов, и пламя увядающей жизни 🌿Готический - храм средневековья, где на стенах красуется слово "Анаркья", и множество символов, понятных только тем, кто посвятил жизнь тому, чтобы найти ответы на вопросы об устройстве мира, о том, как работает магия. В этом храме душа каждого раскрывается иным образом, проходя, как вещество в алхимии, все стадии очищения, чтобы засиять всеми красками мира и приблизиться к божественному 🌿А какой ваш любимый витраж? wicca witchcraft wiccanpriest pagan paganaltar wiccanaltar witches magick pentacle pentagram altarcloth altar ninepentacleworkshop викка алтарь магия ведьма пентакль пентаграмма

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New altar cloth 🔮 love it!

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Dear Star Family, our new face masks are now available on our website! We have teamed up with MetaMask to create this stylish and efficient air pollution mask! They’re made out of a proprietary nano-coco-carbon matrix filter from New Zealand, an extremely thin nano technology filter with exceptional breathability and 99.9% protection from PM 2.5 micron airborne particles like dust, ash, smoke, pollen fumes, exhaust, mold, bacteria, spores and pathogens! Check out our website for more info! If you want you mask in time for Burning Man let us know with your order and we will do our best to have it shipped out Monday or Tuesday! Blessings ✨

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Soaking antique linens tonight. Soon I will hand-dye them. These were given to me by a very close friend. They were inherited from her great great grandmother. They are carefully hand stitched and in good condition. They hold the magic of many hands. I will have small altar clothes available, and one large runner that would be beautiful over the shoulders during ritual. Reserve now for custom colors or requests witches witchcraft hereditarywitchcraft traditionalwitch intuitivewitch intuitive psychic empath modernwitch fatwitch feministwitch altarcloth handdyed dipdye shescrafty craft textileart bizthewitch chicagowitches urbanwitch feministart vintagetextiles antiquelinen modifiedvintage witchesofinstagram tarotreading artistsoninstagram chicagoartist northsidechicago mixedmedia

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Today's Deal: Chakra Lotus Altar Cloth 36" x 36" FREE With Every Order! Energy Clearance Sale still happening. Get 35% off! Shop ⬇️ reikirisingarts Link in bio!

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20 yrs laterI made this Altar cloth in August 1998. Dedicated myself to the Spirit of Direct Experience 🤔💖☮ I also can remember the 'Me' I was while making itmy hopes and dreams for the future, the excitement of co-creating with the Unknown. I feel the releasing of a well worn cycle. Like the Rune Thurisaz/ Thorn I stand within the threshold of 'the next' and feel my Attention and Intentions spiral around the last vestiges of old habits. I am very content that my Guides nudged me hard enough to push open the hidden "What's in it for me?" I am reading Carolinne Myss's work Anatomy of the Spirit. My own studies of the Hermetic Kabbalah made incorporating the Sephirothic Information she includes much more meaningful. Its been a circle within a circle lol 🙃 I am chewing on my former Goal Driven self. There is no point but that doesn't mean its aimless 😘 practice practice practice is life 🤲 good bad ugly, practice. Practice the Magical Art of Being you. In all time and space, in private and public places. So yeah, my 20 yr Witch advice boils down to 3 -know your own heart -follow it implicitly -be fearless blackthornandivy ogham runes druid volva witchesofinstagram awen selfinitiation altarcloth magicsymbols crone sacredheart

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🔮One-of-a-kind Raven altar cloth for pendulum divination🔮 . Using pendulums for divination is a technique that is over 5000 years old. It started in the ancient Orient. The pendulum is the main instrument used for this area of divination, although wooden rods are also used. This practice became very popular in the Middle Ages and was a favored practice of divination through to the early nineteenth century. It is used to better understand your intuition, and to speak with your subconscious mind.✨ . 🌿Available🌿 illustration ilustracija illustratorsofinstagram witch witchcraft witchesofinstagram occult occultart spirituality thirdeye divination pendulum pendulumboard pendulumdivination intuition altar altarcloth oneofakind handmadeslovenia igslovenia raven crow

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My worst nightmare came true…still to this day I’ve been afraid to be really seen online for a while. Because of this fear I was only posting in certain areas that I was a witch. Places I thought no one from work, my neighborhood, or even acquaintances would see. I have no shame for what I am, but I didn’t want to deal with the judgement or having to explain myself. Plus, I thought if I tried to come forward as a person with expertise, I’d be shamed and discredited.  What I was really afraid of was this visibility, this exposure, this judgment would mean I the end of my business, my relationships, and my life - I was really afraid to be abandoned. I posted a video a couple days ago that made me anxious with the comments. I hesitated to post the nextbut I pressed post. And then it happenedI went viral, accidentally, on this one particular social media platform. I went from 6200 followers to 25,000 in less than 12 hours and now 34,000. Mind you, I’ve gone from 0 to this in just 2 weeks. Then the hate began to roll in. They called me a fraud, called me names, called my beliefs stupid, and even gave thinly veiled DEATH THREATS. All of which were behind screens without ever really knowing me. I sat with a heavy chest, adrenaline, and sweating when the first comments started to roll in. I second guessed myself. I feared the worst. You know what happened to me? NOTHINGother than my own fear and anxiety. Since that post people have joined my membership, others have reached out on other platforms to ask for legitimate help, and I even received great news from a sigil client. My fear lingersbut in this moment I CONQUERED it anyway. I did it because of the deep work my craft allows me to do. I feel dedicated and protected by it. I did it because I choose to do the work on myself everyday. I didn’t get abandoned because of the work I’ve done on cultivating my relationships and support network before hand. My fear has no proof nowno validation. So I ask you, what do you think lies on the other side of that fear you’ve been carrying? Who are you? What could you accomplish?